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  1. Stop say Klimkait go up in 63kg, is not true ...
  2. I forgot to mention : Antoine Valois Fortier is named coach of the senior team for the Paris Grand Slam and the Malaga Open, It's strange that it's not Cantin or Mehmedovic...
  3. Some news from Judo Canada Daniella Krukower from Argentina, 2003 World Champion; -63 kg was hired as an assistant national coach. Currently is Januz Pawlowski have this position. IHMO, Pawlowski will be Head Coach for women's team and Sasha Mehmedovic will Head Coach for men's team. Currently, Sasha was the coach of all the Canadian team except Jessica Klimkait (Pawlowshi) and Antoine Valois Fortier (Nicolas Gill)
  4. Do you believe in the possibility that Deguchi will drop the category?
  5. Usually the qualification period start at first Grand Slam after May 1, 2022
  6. Kazan, IJF Qualification start in may
  7. Update on this topics The IJF has published the first calendar draft for 2022 Master 2022 Host still to be confirmed but the 2022 Masters was awarded to china in 2019.
  8. ok, on other case, have a exemple a player drop weight category ?
  9. Sorry for the bump ... But this kind of comment makes me piss off ... Dechuchi didn't sacrifice anything, she even got alot exemptions from Judo Canada. She has nothing Canadian in her, except her father. FIY it is her fault that the selection policy has changed, because she trains and is based in Japan. Judo Canada asked Deguchi to come to Canada right after the Antalya GS, so that they could both do the quarantine and preparation time. And ... she refused, and Judo Canada proposed to both of them to use the World Championships as a qualifying event, both accept ... And the fact, the Deguchi's level is not top this year, his defeat against Eteri Liparteliani at GS Tbilisi year had put me in doubt about his level and not sure Deguchi would have won the 2 of 3, the last fight between the two is a DQ for Klimkait...
  10. Do you think his style fit in the 57kg division? because the -57 division is the most competitive female side.
  11. Very good editiorial on Bilodid situation if she move up on -52kg or stay on -48kg.
  12. No, they say that we will have 3 good girls in two divisions for the 2022 world championship, And Klimkait will have the momentum for the next year on Deguchi on H2H fight.
  13. I hadn't seen this news in June, Alpine Canada has a plan to rebuild their HPP in Ski Cross, Alpine and Para Alpine, since Sochi is very bad shape Alpine Canada | News | “Made For Canada” strategic plan launched to make Canada a world-leading ski racing nation
  14. Avez vous le budget dans chaque Fédération qui proviens du Public ? Parce si on prend exemple le Canada, qui est loin d'être exemple parfait, depuis 2005 on mets argent ou on a vraiment des chance de medaille avec le programme A Nous le Podium, qui donne de résultats depuis les 12 dernier année
  15. Any update about the IJF World Judo Masters 2021 and 2022 that were awarded to the Chinese Judo Federation? Because Doha is the 2020 Master held January 2021 Alot cancellation several international competitions in china, it is not sure that the next Master will be held in China.
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