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  1. Rip Christa ... If Klimkait stops with many false attacks, she will have the advantage over Deguchi .. BTW, i don't want to see Christa/Kelly in Paris 2024 ...
  2. Canada seed a very good team for World Swimming Championships (25 m) NAME CLUB PERSONAL COACH Kisil, Yuri Whitby Dolphins/HPC-Ontario Ben Titley Knox, Finlay Scarborough Swim Club/HPC-Ontario Ben Titley Liendo, Josh North York Aquatic Club/HPC-Ontario Ben Titley Pratt, Cole Cascade Swim Club Dave Johnson Andison, Bailey Perth Stingrays Aquatic Club Ray Looze Cieplucha, Tessa Markham Aquatic Club Matt Kredich Mac Neil, Margaret London Aquatic Club/ HPC-Ontario Mike Bottom Masse, Kylie Toronto Swim Club/HPC-Ontario Ben Titley McIntosh, Summer Etobicoke Swim Club/HPC-Ontario Ben Titley Oleksiak, Penny Toronto Swim Club/HPC-Ontario Ben Titley Pickrem, Sydney Toronto Swim Club/HPC-Ontario Ben Titley Sanchez, Kayla Ajax Aquatic Club/HPC-Ontario Ben Titley Savard, Katerine Camo Natation Greg Arkhurst Smith, Rebecca University of Calgary Swim Club Mike Blondal
  3. This is a fake news but there is something strange with Klimkait lately, she is not at INS-Quebec/NTC (it is mandatory for all card members of Judo Canada) and Jessica would not participate in the first Ontario event of the Judo Canada tour only CBP is participate, that's the thing that is not normal. On other topic, Judo Canada just update Staff Coaching on, and Jean Pierre Cantin (U21/Junior Coach) is not longer listed ...
  4. I hope with arrival of Daniela Krukower, Judo Canada separate coach for Women's and Men's team, like before departure of Michel Almeida ...
  5. The international competitions of the IJF have started again in a few weeks. As expected, the results of the Canadian judoka are very weak ! In the world junior championships only Godbout, Ryder and Arencibia won a fight but lost their second fight Paris Grand Slam, only Kelly Deguchi placed 7th in the 52kg but Francois Gauthier Drapeau have very good fight vs Matthias Casse (2th in WRL), but a lot injury in this event, Gabun from Canada and kaja kajzer from Slovenia have same injury ... Baku Grand Slam will be the return to the competition of Sandy El Nahas, not other Judoka from Tokyo 2020 or A Team ... I don't know about the GS in Abu Dhabi if Judo Canada will send a team, probably not. But I know that CBP will make its return to the Paris Grand Slam probably the same for Jessica Klimkait and rest of A Team. C. Deguchi, I still have no news... in my opinion, it could be the same reflection as CBP, all will decide this year if she still has the motivation to continue until 2024.
  6. I hate this format the best of 2 run, the best format is 2 best run of 3 ...
  7. Salt Lake City's bid is dead if Vancouver-Whistler files their bid because LA 2028. Vancouver-Whistler will be the favorite bid. The IOC will not award the games to a European or Asian country if it has a North American bid
  8. The Canada preliminary for Baku Grand Slam is out, again a lot of judokas have not participated in Tokyo OG, but Sandy El Nahas participates. Again not Christa, and also just one woman is register..
  9. It's true, the priority for the COC is the Vancouver-BC 2030 bid, which was confirmed during the Tokyo 2020 debriefing conference. And the Quebec government is not interested in supporting any sporting event ...
  10. Forget Montreal-Toronto Bid, COC consider a Vancouver 2030 before a Montreal-Toronto Bids
  11. The IJF would like to hold world championships every year including Olympic years. The first edition in olympics years would be in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2024
  12. I believe that Nordic Canada is behind this request, Canada has 4 male and 3 female athletes, but no skiers are eligible due to lack of FIS Point
  13. This is not true, the team events do not necessarily add quota sport program, the qualifications of team events are based on the individual results.
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