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  1. Because the actual ranking is too useless because have only 2 GS, 1 Grand Prix and 2 World Championship Also the fun fact, zero Senior World Championship have full point for Paris 2024, unless if 2024 have World Championship (ijf already confirmed the intentions held a World Championship in olympics years)
  2. Catherine Beauchemin-Pinard propably retire after 2022 World Championship, Arthur Margelidon is downward, same for Crista Deguchi, Kelly is not a big deal ... 2 or 3 medal if CBP continue to Paris 2024 or Deguchi go to 63kg ..
  3. On other topics, The Preliminary entry list for World Championship I hope is more to add like Coralie Godbout in -78KG ..
  4. Judo Canada has big problems of management and credibility, go see the National Team Ranking ...
  5. Is so sad Klimkait decline her selection TBH ... because the level of competition is very low (is worse then Panam imo ...). Still, I'm not impressed by Deguchi Sister ...
  6. Is better then 2018 Canadian Broadcast by DANZ ihmo
  7. Canadian Judo Team Named for 2022 Commonwealth Games – Judo Canada
  8. According to the last entry update for the next two IJF World Tour events (Hungary GS / Zagreb GP) Christa will not participate in the GrandSlam Hungary, she was before this week's update, but she will participate in the Grand Prix Zagreb. For me Christa is B Plan, It will be VERY difficult for Duguchi to qualify in the -57kg if Klimkait have no major injury. Klimkait is more constant than Deguchi since last 3 Years.
  9. Come on IOC, the stupid rule of one athlete by category in Judo, Wrestling and Boxing need remove and use Size Team base allocation like World Championship Exemple Team Size, Max 16 Athlete AND max 8 Man and 8 Woman's Max 2 by Event.
  10. Christa is withdraw, is so weirs ... Jessica Klimkait participate a Going to Gold "OTC" next week
  11. Only 1 medal this week end, is Jessical Klimkait Deguchi, CBP, Kyle Reyes, Louis Krieber-Gagnon all lost their bronze medal final in Days 2 and 3. With the results of this weekend, I confirm that the choice and the process of Judo Canada is right for Tokyo 2020. Klimkait is more consistent than Deguchi since the end of 2019
  12. Head coach Ben Titley out at Swimming Canada after 10 years | CBC Sports This a very bad new
  13. COC work on Vancouver 2030 Bid before exploring bi-host a possibility a Toronto/Montreal 2036
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