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  1. I look not good for Klimkait, she is probably ejected national team for fail a anti doping test!!
  2. I'm really not a fan of the Canadian situation, and specifically of the Deguchi sisters... They don't have anything Canadian, they have privileges that others don't even have the right to have .... and they don't participate in any Judo Canada training camp or any Canadian Elite 8 Championship... I hope a change in coaching staff, because Sasha Mehmedovic is cleary biased ... he protect any time Christa Deguci and he criticizes Klimkait, his stupid comments in 2014 at the Youth Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games, same since last couple years ...
  3. Christa Deguchi have health issue since couple week !
  4. Judo Canada reactivates the Judo Canada Membership validation tool. I doubt this is reliable information if a Judoka still competes in IJF WT. Example judoka like Kelita says, membership is active for the 2022 season, she retired this year. Judoka like Antoine Bouchard, CBP and Kelly Deguchi find not membership... Link for this tool: Judo Canada member identification tool – Judo Canada You need only First / Last Name, and Date of birth for lookup.
  5. I have some report like this, Christa Deguchi also drop to 52kg. follow her sister. Also have some report then Klimkait up to 63kg next years...
  6. I discussed with a friend who is close to Judo Canada, according in his opinion Klimkait will move up to 63kg, she had a lot of trouble in the weight cutting this year ... For Christa, he has doubts about her. She has not yet made a decision about her future. He really believes will retire. The preliminary starting list for Paris Grand Slam, Canada is participating, and all the members of the Canadian Team ''Grade A'' and did not participate in the Olympics are participating except Christa.
  7. Start from 1h00, I don't know if I understood correctly, Klimkait and Deguchi are in the 63kg class for Paris 2024 ??? ‎Judo Chop Suey Podcast: Interview with Josh Hagen on Apple Podcasts
  8. Isabelle Harris in the 63kg will be one to watch in the coming years, she has a lot potential. Christa Deguchi gives me the impression that she is stopping competing for Canada. She is the only grade A of Judo Canada Team will not compete at the GrandSlam in Paris, otherwise Canadian Olympic team for Tokyo 2020
  9. Is not weird, the manner in which she thanked her fans in June was a farewell and not continue for Paris 2024 ... but her sister stay in Canada Team for now
  10. I can confirm that Gill is lying publicly, saying that his team did not force Jessica to move up to the 63kg category, this is bullshit... essica lost the support of Judo Canada in 2017-18, with the loss of her SR1/2 status for Sport Canada cards... IMO ... the impact of Klimkait's bronze medal have more impact for next girls canadian's judoka vs any Deguchi's medal ( incluse any olympics gold medal...). Klimkait is 100% Canadian unlike Deguchi's nothing canadian.
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