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  1. You're going to be absolutely shocked. A Bahraini/Moroccan doping. Same as Mikhou, blood transfusion.
  2. 11 career marathons, all of which were in South Korea, so at least more legit than the Kenyans who compete for Bahrain and then test positive
  3. Men's Marathon Oh Joohan 2:08:42, formerly Wilson Loyanae of Kenya
  4. @thiago_simoes Has there ever been quite a rise in a MAG program like Taiwan? They were nothing until 2017 and now they qualify for the Olympics as a team and have 3 individual event finalists
  5. 2017 Universiade brought Taiwanese MAG from literally nothing to contenders for years to come
  6. It did not help that he was in lane 7 and the actual Czech was in lane 8
  7. Now the commentator says Jan Volko is from @hckosice
  8. Universiade is entirely self-funded by all athletes in all countries most of the time, hence why there aren't many Africans in general
  9. Veronika Domjan is announced for the Discus final as Slovakian @hckosice
  10. dia 1 sesion matutina viernes 5 de julio.pdf Men's Long Jump: Andwuelle Wright 8.25m (0.7)
  11. Men's 1500m: Rabii Doukkana 3:34.87 Men's 3000m Steeplechase: Bilal Tabti 8:21.88
  12. Women's Long Jump: Brittney Reese 6.95m (0.7) Women's Discus Throw: Whitney Ashley 63.64m
  13. Will Claye 18.14m (0.4) for 3rd on the all-time list in Men's Triple Jump
  14. Jamaica is sending their A team in Athletics!
  15. @thiago_simoes You said the women's competition is more close to the elite level than the men's, but I'm still excited that Canada has a men's world junior champion (though maybe you aren't so excited considering who got silver)
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