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Doping Cases and Bans 2019 Thread

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46 minutes ago, monte88 said:


the Olympic quota for us? Kamil Rybicki POL (8th place)


he was 7th place and yes I assume he will receive the quota even though you better wait for the official confirmation, but I'm something like 95% sure about it.


I was checking the result, it should go to the Azerbaijani guy who had "3 wins" (against 2 wins of the Polish guy) but UWW has some stupid classification points and tie breaking criteria. Rybicki had two wins by fall and superiority (against 2 relatively weak guys though) and while both of them had 10 classification points, Rybicki wins the tie by having more "fall wins".


feel sorry for Gadzhiyev he beat 3 World and Olympic medalists "narrowly" while Rybicki only had to beat Egypt and Mexico. but that's it. you got lucky sometimes.


and the bronze medal goes to Daniyar Kaisanov of Kazakhstan

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Update from the aftermaths of the blood doping raids in Seefeld, earlier this year: Two German riders who both have competed in former editions of the Tour de France seem to be linked to the blood doping network. Names are not disclosed yet. Clear so far: One of them is still active. According to German media the accusations are related to the seasons 2012/2013 (at which time Andreas Klöden was still active ;-)).


The only English source I found:



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