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Ski Jumping 2016 - 2017 Discussion Thread

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hckosice    891

Outstanding performance by Domen Prevc

Daniel Andre Tande, Domen Prevc, Stefan Kraft


Domen Prevc is the "Man of the Hour" among the world's best ski jumpers. In Lillehammer the 17-year-old took his third win this winter and he now leads the overall World Cup with 320 points, clearly ahead of Norway's Daniel Andre Tande (258 points) and Severin Freund (228 points). Daniel Andre Tande (NOR) and Austria's Stefan Kraft came in second and third in Lillehammer.


Domen Prevc on an extremely high level


After the third win of Domen Prevc this winter it's clear that the 17-year-old Slovene is the one to beat. The youngest of the three Prevc brothers is consistently jumping on an extremely high level and can only defeat himself at the moment. "It went really well for me today and I'm very satisfied with my jumps. The conditions were good and it was the same for all the competitors today. Sure, I'm the dominating athlete right now, but I know that it can change tomorrow or next week", Domen Prevc said after his win.


Peter Prevc clueless


Things are looking totally different for his brother Peter Prevc at the moment. Last winter's highflyer is struggling right now and for the second time this season, after Klingenthal, he seemed clueless. "I really don't know what's the problem at the moment", Peter Prevc said after his disappointing 30th place in Lillehammer on Saturday.


Tande and Kraft very strong


Daniel Andre Tande of Norway and Austria's Stefan Kraft are getting better and better. Second-placed Tande was happy after the competition: "I'm very satisfied after it didn't go that well for me yesterday when I didn't find the right feeling for the hill with the strong tail wind. That's why I was a bit nervous today. But I showed that I'm jumping on a high level right now, although I had a small mistake at the take-off in the second round. So there's still room for improvement for tomorrow. Today's result was the best for our team this winter and it's great to see that the others are also jumping better and better."


Stefan Kraft is also gaining momentum: "I'm very satisfied. Today I achieved what was possible. Domen and Daniel and very, very good at the moment. So far I didn't really like this hill, but that changed today and now I'm looking forward to Sunday's competition."


Polish duo strong again


Again very strong, again as a duo and again with no podium result: Kamil Stoch and Maciej Kot of Poland came in fourth and fifth today. It's only a matter of time, maybe less than 24 hours, until they can achieve their first podium finishes. The level of the Polish jumpers is very high, but so is the level of the competitions. This winter everything has to work out great for an athlete in order to be on the podium.


Eisenbichler best German again


Behind the remarkably strong Norwegian Andreas Stjernen, Markus Eisenbichler was the best German in seventh. "I made a stupid mistake in my first jump", Eisenbichler said after the competition. With the seventh place he achieved yet another top result, but, like in Klingenthal, he lost an even better result due to a mistake. But still Eisenbichler is the discovery for Germany this season. Severin Freund in 11th, Karl Geiger in 12th, Stephan Leyhe in 15th, Andreas Wellinger in 17th and Richard Freitag in 24th showed solid performances, but currently they are not capable of fighting for the top spots against athletes like Prevc, Tande and Kraft.


Vincent Descombes Sevoie of France achieved another Top 10 result in eighth. Descombes Sevoie is having the best winter of his career and is currently seventh in the overall World Cup. 


The second competition in Lillehammer already starts at 3:00 pm CET on Sunday.



Full Results Here


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hckosice    891

Takanashi back on top

Sara Takanashi ahead of Daniela Iraschko-Stolz and Jaqueline Seifriedsberger

Takanashi ahead of Iraschko-Stolz and Seifriedsberger


Sara Takanashi is back on top. The three times World Cup overall winner came back after 92,5 meters and a fourth place after the first round with a fabulous effort to 98,5 meters and scored 250,7 points. Daniela Iraschko-Stolz, who was still in the lead after round one, scored 244,1 points with jumps to 95,5 and 94,5 meters and came in second. Teammate Jaqueline Seifriedsberger put the cherry on the top for the Austrian team, scored twice 93,5 meters and finished third with 237,0 points. Takanashi said: „I am so happy today. My second jump was very good and it feels good to be on top of the podium again.“


Austrian battle

The two Austrian ladies where happy as well: „We´ve had a nice battle today. Especially my first jump was great and it feels really good sharing the podium with a teammate“, said Daniela Iraschko-Stolz. Jaqueline Seifriedsberger added: „I am very satisfied with this weekend. Yesterday I was a little unlucky with the conditions. I hope we can continue like this in the new year.“ Yesterday´s winner Maren Lundby just missed the podium by 2,1 points and finished fourth.


Russians with strong performance

Right behind her Irina Avvakumova lead a strong Russian team in front of the home crowd with 225,5 points and place five. Teammate Alexandra Kutsova, only 25th after the first jump, used the nearly perfect conditions in Nizhny Tagil with her jump to 95,0 meters in the final and finished 11th. Anastasiya Barannikova and Sofya Tikhonova came in 16th and 24th and scored as well.


Morat impressive

The 15 year old French girl Lucile Morat performed her best World Cup result so far finishing 6th and missing out the fifth place by only 0,1 points. Ema Klinec once more was the best Slovenian on the 7th place, leaving Yuki Ito and the best German Katharina Althaus behind her. Sarah Hendrickson made it back to the top ten finishing on 10th place. Maja Vtic, finishing 13th behind Yuka Seto, rounded up a descend result for her Slovenian team together with Nika Kriznar on 17 and Spela Rogelj on 23. While Svenja Würth could be happy with her 15th place, teammate Anna Rupprecht paid her 14th place with some pain. She fell after the landing in the final round and injured her knee. Rupprecht will fly back to Germany with her team on Monday and will be examined in Munich.


Pesatova with knee injury

Even worse the competition ended for Zdenka Pesatova from the Czech Republic. She also fell and suffered a knee injury. Anyway, she is also planning on leaving the hospital on Sunday night and go back home with her team as well. Romania´s Daniela Haralambie meanwhile proofed her good shape and finished the last competition before Christmas 18th. Manuela Malsiner was the best Italian like already on Saturday coming in 19 just ahead of Canada´s Taylor Henrich. Julia Kykkänen saved two world cup points for Finland finishing 29th. The next Ladies World Cup will take place in Oberstdorf (GER) from January 6th to 8th.



Full results Here



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hckosice    891

Kamil Stoch and Maciej Kot take double victory for Poland

Maciej Kot, Kamil Stoch, Markus Eisenbichler


Double Olympic Champion Kamil Stoch of Poland took his 16th win in the World Cup in a difficult competition in Lillehammer. This was the first World Cup win for Stoch (134 m and 130.5 m; 289.9 points) since January 2015 (Willingen).


With his second place, only 0.6 points behind the winner, Stoch's teammate Maciej Kot (129.5 m and 136 m; 289.3 points) secured the first double victory for the Polish team and their head coach Stefan Horngacher. The third place went to Germany's Markus Eisenbichler (128.5 m and 135 m; 286.2 points). For him this was, just like for Kot, the first podium result in the World Cup.


The day's form decides


"It's been a while since my last win. After my second jump I didn't expect to be on the podium, I thought I would be fourth and fifth again", Stoch said after his triumph. "We (Stoch and Kot) were already jumping on a high level yesterday, but the others are so strong at the moment that it depends on your shape on the exact day of the competition whether you are on the podium or close behind." 


Maciej Kot, who already showed what he's capable of last summer, was very satisfied after his second place. "This was a very difficult competition for me today, especially the first jump. Of course I'm happy that it was enough for the podium, but the season is still young and we still have a lot of work ahead of us", Maciej Kot said about the best result of his career in the World Cup.


For 25-year-old Eisenbichler the first podium result of his career was a bit of a surprise, but after his performances over the past weeks many experts considered Eisenbichler one of the contestants for top results. "It feels great to be on the podium. I didn't expect that it would go that well today. I'm more than happy right now and it's still a bit hard to believe. The first jump was not that good today, but I will not complain", Eisenbichler said after the competition.


Andreas Wellinger (10th), Karl Geiger (14th), Stephan Leyhe (18th), Richard Freitag (23rd) and Severin Freund (26th) completed the result of the German team. Severin Freund had bad wind conditions, the winner of the competition in Kuusamo had no chance to achieve a top result and now has to move on after today's disappointment. 


Top athletes with tail wind in the first round 


The conditions were extremely difficult for the last group of competitors in the first round. So Domen Prevc, Daniel Andre Tande of Norway, Stefan Kraft and Severin Freund had practically no chance to be among the best.


Tande with a highlight


Norway's Daniel Andre Tande, currently second in the overall World Cup, had really bad luck. Despite a top jump he was only 23rd after the first round. In the final the 23-year-old then showed what he's capable of right now. With the best jump in the second round (141 m) he moved up from 23rd to fourth overall. "I was so mad after my first jump. For the first time I had two good jumps today and then I had no chance with such bad conditions", said Tande, who could still feel like one of the winners today after his outstanding performance in the final round.


Austria's Stefan Kraft was not as strong as Tande today, but still he did very well. He was 21st after the first round due to the tail wind and moved up to eighth with his second jump. With Manuel Fettner in 6th and Michael Hayboeck in 11th it was a good day for the team of head coach Heinz Kuttin. 


Switzerland, Finland and France not in the final


The second day of competition in Lillehammer turned out to be a big disappointment for the Swiss athletes. A 38th place for Simon Ammann and the places 49 and 50 for Kilian Peier and Gregor Deschwanden are of course not good enough. Now the team of coach Ronnie Hornschuh has to make amends next weekend in their home event in Engelberg.


Vincent Descombes Sevoie of France also became a victim of the difficult conditions at the end of the first round. With a 43rd place today he lost his Top 10 spot in the overall World Cup and is now 12th. Janne Ahonen already failed to make the cut in the qualification, Ville Larinto was 35th and missed the final of the best 30.


Domen Prevc in the lead, Freund now fourth


A sixth place today was enough for only 17-year-old Slovene Domen Prevc to defend his lead in the overall World (360 points). Daniel Andre Tande is second with 308 points) and Maciej Kot (247 points) is now third, followed by Severin Freund (233 points).


Next weekend two World Cup competitions will be held in Engelberg (SUI).



Full Results Here


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rybak    239

Well done Kamil and Maciej!! :clap::champion: It's probably first time to see two Polish ski jumpers in first two places in the World Cup :)

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mihamiha    31

so 3 brothers prevc in todays game.


its easier to be slovenian sportsman of the year than bo be the best in prevc family;)

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hckosice    891

Michael Hayboeck takes first win this season

Domen Prevc, Michael Hayboeck, Andreas Kofler


Austria's Michael Hayboeck took his first win this season in the first of two World Cup competitions in Engelberg (SUI). Hayboeck, who was not in his best shape so far this winter, celebrated a convincing win with jumps of 138 m and 134 m (304.7 points), ahead of Slovenia's Domen Prevc (132 m and 137.5 m; 301.6 points) and Austria's Andreas Kofler (128 m and 139.5 m; 293.7 points).


In the the first ever night event on the Titlis-hill in Engelberg, Hayboeck laid the foundation for his win with an outstanding jump in the round: "I was a bit nervous before the second round, I definitely didn't want to lose that lead. The Swiss soil is obviously good for me. Engelberg is a special place for me, I always love coming here. I always liked the old hill, and now I like the new one even better. When we came here I was hoping that the hill didn't change too much. Now I won and I know that the new hill suits me as well", said the happy winner.


17-year-old Domen Prevc extended his lead in the overall World Cup with his second place. "Today I'm especially happy with my second jump. It was one of my best jumps this season. I hope that I can show two good jumps in tomorrow's competition", Prevc summed up the competition. The youngest of the three Prevc brothers did great on the reconstructed Titlis-hill and is also among the top favorites for Sunday's competition. "I like Engelberg, it looks similar to home with so many mountains", Prevc expressed his appreciation for the host city.


Austria's Andreas Kofler had a great comeback. Kofler, who already gained some attention with strong performances at the beginning of the winter, returned to the world's elite in Engelberg. "I'm extremely happy that I'm on the podium here. I really didn't expect that. I'm very grateful and enjoy the moment. In my second jump I was unbelievably high, so I knew that it would go far. But then I had some problems with the telemark. I will remember this second jump for a long time", Kofler said after he moved up from tenth to third in the final round.

Norway's Daniel Andre Tande repeated his fourth place from last Sunday's event in Lillehammer. The 22-year-old will be fighting for the win on Sunday, his current shape is better than this fourth place shows.


Markus Eisenbichler was once again the best of the German team. With his seventh place the 25-year-old confirmed his top position in the team of Werner Schuster at the moment. Richard Freitag was second after the first half of the competition, but could not defend this result in the final round. With a mediocre second jump, Freitag came in eighth overall. But still this result is a success for Freitag, who has not yet found the way back to his old strength this winter. Severin Freund in tenth and Andreas Wellinger in 15th completed the solid result of the German team, but, after today, no athlete of the German Ski Association is among the favorites on Sunday.


It was a disappointing competition for the Polish team. A ninth place of Kamil Stoch and a 12th place of Maciej Kot are not enough for the two best Polish athletes.


Peter Prevc down


Slovenia's Peter Prevc had his second crash of the season today. He fell after the landing and didn't suffer any injuries, but he was deeply disappointed. "I was literally down, like I was right after my jump", said Peter Prevc. According to coach Jani Grilc a technical mistake at the landing was the reason for the fall.


The second competition in Engelberg starts on Sunday at 2:00 pm CET.



Full Results Here


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hckosice    891

Domen Prevc jumps to his next victory

Kamil Stoch, Domen Prevc, Stefan Kraft


17-year-old Slovene Domen Prevc won the second competition in Engelberg (SUI) and is now the top favorite for the 65th 4-Hills-Tournament starting in Oberstdorf on December 29th. The youngest of the three Prevc brothers took a clear win with jumps of 144 m and 141.5 m (305.9 points). With Poland's Kamil Stoch (143.5 m and 141.5 m; 293.8 points) in second and Stefan Kraft of Austria (138.5 m and 138 m; 283.1 points) in third, two other 4-Hills favorites were on the podium in Engelberg.


Domen Prevc already had a clear lead after the first jump and left no doubts about his currently outstanding position. "Unlike yesterday I had two good jumps today and I'm very satisfied with my performance and the result. I don't feel any pressure when it comes to the 4-Hills-Tournament, my team is great and they give me all the support I need. I saw how it was when my brother was winning one competition after the other, so this is not totally new for me", Domen Prevc explained after the competition. He is in an oustanding form right now and will probably be hard to beat in the upcoming events.


To the joy of the many Polish fans, double Olympic champion Kamil Stoch came in second. For Stoch this second place also means that he can be considered the main challenger of Domen Prevc at the upcoming 4-Hills-Tournament. "Today all my jumps were good and very consistent, of course I'm very satisfied with today's result. The competitions this weekend were on a very high level. I really liked the old hill here in Engelberg, the profile suited me well. I also like the new hill, but it's more difficult to jump here now", said Stoch.


Stefan Kraft, 4-Hills-Tournament winner 2014/15, came in third and took the third podium finish this weekend for Austria after Michael Hayboeck and Andreas Kofler were first and third yesterday. "The gap to the best two is huge, but I made the first step today. For the first time I was able to show two great jumps. I'm also super satisfied with my podium finish and I'm in a great position right now. Yesterday I was extremely happy about the podium results for my roommate Michael Hayboeck and Andreas Kofler, we had a lot of fun in our room yesterday. The pressure at the 4-Hills-Tournament is positive, you have to deal with it. I usually do well under this pressure and I'm already looking forward to the hype at the 4-Hills-Tournament", said Stefan Kraft.


Daniel Andre Tande: bad luck and an involuntary show


Norway's Daniel Andre Tande could not finish on the podium also in the second competition in Engelberg. After the first round he was very good position in second, then the 25-year-old had an awesome jump on 144.5 m in the final, but his hands touched the snow after the landing. Tande was able to avoid a crash with a lot of luck and enormous artistic skills but due to the low judges' marks he finished only 11th.

Eisenbichler very strong again 

Once again Markus Eisenbichler was the best German and once again he showed a convincing performance. The 25-year-old Bavarian of the club TSV Siegsdorf, is jumping extremely consistent and can be considered an insider tip for the 4-Hills-Tournament. A good start in Oberstdorf and the impossible might become possible for Eisenbichler. With Richard Freitag in seventh, Severin Freund in ninth and Andreas Wellinger in 13th, the Germans showed a good performance today. Stephan Leyhe was 26th.


Once again the Austrians were the strongest team today. Besides Stefan Kraft, also Manuel Fettner (4th) and Michael Hayboeck (6th), who won Saturday's competition, were in the Top 6 today.  


Prevc extends lead


With his win in Engelberg, Domen Prevc further extended his lead in the overall World Cup. The Slovene now scored 540 points and leads clearly ahead of Daniel Andre Tande (382 points) and Stefan Kraft (331 points).


Next stop for the ski jumpers is the opening event of the 4-Hills-Tournament in Oberstdorf (GER) on December 30th (qualification on Dec. 29th).



Full results Here


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hckosice    891

4 Hills Tournament

Stage 1 Oberstdorf

KO Round Starting Order


Q Athlete Pairing Athlete Q
26 :NOR Andreas STJERNEN 1 Stefan HULA :POL 25
27 :CZE Roman KOUDELKA 2 Andreas WANK :GER 24
28 :POL Dawid KUBACKI 3 Evgeniy KLIMOV :RUS


29 :SUI Simon AMMANN 4 Jurij TEPES :SLO 22
30 :POL Klemens MURANKA 5 Cene PREVC :SLO 21
32 :GER Karl GEIGER 7 Severin FREUND :GER 19
34 :RUS Dimitry VASSILIEV 9 Daiki ITO :JPN 17
35 :NOR Halvor Egner GRANERUD 10 Denis KORNILOV :RUS 16
36 :POL Jan ZIOBRO 11 Piotr ZYLA :POL 15
37 :JPN Noriaki KASAI 12 Richard FREITAG :GER 14
38 :CZE Vojtech STURSA 13 Andreas WELLINGER :GER 13
39 :GER Pius PASCHKE 14 Jakub JANDA :CZE 12
40 :CAN Mackenzie BOYD-CLOWES 15 Andreas KOFLER :AUT 11
41 :NOR Tom HILDE 16 Peter PREVC :SLO 10
42 :NOR Robert JOHANSSON 17 Michael HAYBOECK :AUT 9
43 :JPN Taku TAKEUCHI 18 Domen PREVC :SLO 8
44 :JPN Ryoyu KOBAYASHI 19 Stephan LEYHE :GER 7
45 :GER Constantin SCHMID 20 Markus EISENBICHLER :GER 6
46 :FIN Jarkko MAEAETTAE 21 Maciej KOT :POL 5
47 :AUT Elias TOLLINGER 22 Manuel FETTNER :AUT 4
48 :BUL Vladimir ZOGRAFSKI 23 Stefan KRAFT :AUT 3
49 :NOR Anders FANNEMEL 24 Kamil STOCH :POL 2
50 :FRA Ronan LAMY CHAPUIS 25 Daniel Andre TANDE :NOR 1


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Federer91    183

The most open 4-Hills in a long time. I'd bet on Stoch for the second polish victory. ;)

Edited by Federer91

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