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Short Track Speed Skating ISU European Championships 2021

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Hmm, most of them are here to fill the blanks I fear. Our best young athletes and prospects will not race : Quentin Fercoq (99), Diané Sellier (01), Gabriel Volet (03). Dmitry Migunov neither but I do

Maybe short track will become popular sport in Czech Republic?    @hckosice @Grassmarket   It's all what I found  Maybe this list isn't actually anymore, in few days we will know  

Amazing day for Suzanne Schulting (her interviews on Dutch TV were pure bliss!). And I'm also really excited for Xandra Velzeboer who won bronze in the 500m at 19 years old!   Looking forwar

:NED Suzanne Schulting won the women's 1500m

:GER Anna Seidel was the only skater relatively close to the Dutch woman and won the Silver medal

:RUS Sofia Prosvirnova edged out :ITA Cynthia Mascitto to earn the Bronze medal


now it's up to the men over the same distance...

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it looks like a Nations' Grand Prix in the men's 1500m...


Russian 1-2 on top, followed by the Dutch pair and the Hungarian duo...


individually, :RUS Semen Elistratov won the Gold medal, :RUS Denis Ayarapetyan got the Silver medal and :NED Sjinkie Knegt won the Bronze medal...

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Nice surprise for Germany. Not sure how much it means on a world stage. Still another interesting result for Germany this winter, after a medal in men’s snowboard slopestyle (first medal in that event in more than 10 years), a medal in women’s aerials (first medal in that event in 20 years) and 2 medals in men’s slalom by Strasser. I guess we’ll have to wait until next season to see if those results were just a fluke thanks to COVID. Sadly Germany is still trash in speed skating and cross-country.

You know who wears sunglasses inside?

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:NED Suzanne Schulting won also the women's 500m and basically booked the Overall Gold, too

Home called Silver for :POL Natalia Maliszewska and Bronze for :NED Xandra Velzeboer in the shortest distance of the program...



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no...the dignity of the sport is still safe...


in the men's 500m, :RUS Konstantin Ivliev quite surprisingly won the race ahead of :ITA Pietro Sighel, who overtook with a great inside move :NED Itzhak De Laat, who finally got the Bronze medal...


in the Overall standings, it's all about :RUS Russia with Elistratov and Ivliev tied at 34 points each and Ayrapetyan 3rd (tied with De Laat) with 21 points...

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