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Women's Water Polo FINA Olympic Games Qualification Tournament 2021


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8 minutes ago, Vektor said:

The one thing that deeply irritates me is that it will all depend on one match. Why can't they just have another round-robin with the Top4 teams? That would be by far the best way to decide the last two spots. 


I agree, but you could run into a scenario where in the last match one team is qualified and thus doesn't play as hard.

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3 hours ago, hckosice said:

NED for sure, ITA at home will somehow benefit from this as they usually do...


but if you ask me who I want to qualify, then there no other option than HUN.


I mean there no other bigger much unlucky athlete or country at the Olympic Games in this entire world than the :HUN womens water polo team.


For god sake let them win that Bronze ! :lol: I mean yeah Beijing 2008 happened, well hard luck, but it happens in sport, however London 2012 was already the peak of frustration and irony of the destiny...but then came Rio and oh dear that last second Russian equalizer was like a slap to any sport justice, followed by the neverending penalty shootout as the last nail in the coffin :lol:

So maybe this time we qualify but there will be no Olympics? :wall:

Ed. This is how the unlucky streak can continue, haha

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22 minutes ago, dcro said:

Anyone getting FINA tv to watch this?

no real need for that...raisport is covering all the games of Italy, HUN vs GRE, 2 quarterfinals and at least 1 semifinal match (but there's a chance they show also  the 1st semi on another channel like Rai2, if Italy play at 6 p.m. on Saturday)...:cheer:

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