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Paralympic Sports Discussion Thread

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former autosport driver and multiple paralympic champion Alex Zanardi earlier today suffered a terrible accident with his handbike (apparently, he crashed against a truck   ) and now he's in grave lif

I love when athletes do this:  

Posted the Paralympic Sports 2018 Calendar for those who are interested.   This year will have many world championships and we'll know the first athletes and teams (aside from Japan) qualifi

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1st time i see a hijabi girl in Russian Sport especially weightlifting and powerlifting btw she's not muslim i guess she married a Muslim guy like Koha the latvian girl , nice to see Russia accepting others' ideologies 

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41 minut temu faraon powiedział:

Może być obrazem 1 osoby


Tidal Widzę dziewczynę hidżabi w rosyjskim sporcie, Pierwszy w podnoszeniu ciężarów i trójkąciową ciężarów ma przy okazji nie jest islamką, myślę, że wyszła za islam, jak takie jak Kohałotewska dziewczyna Milo Rosję, która akceptuje akceptuje ideologię 

If arab countries will be so tolerant for others people... World will be better

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:USA beat :CAN 5-1 in the Sledgehockey world championships final


RPC Team (Russia) beat :KOR for bronze 7-0


The first 5 from this tournament USA, CAN, RUS, KOR and CZE qualified for Beijing 2022


Since China will use the host quota the battle for Remaining 2 spots will be played in the final qualifier (very likely in Bolzano :ITA ) according to backstage rumors. with NOR and ITA as top favs of the tournament which should include also teams from SVK, SWE, JPN and GER.

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2 hours ago, Olympian1010 said:


That’s a lot better than Rio where there were only four live streams maximum, and several important sports with no coverage at all.

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