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Alpine Skiing 2022 - 2023 Discussion Thread


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Apparently the 2022/23 World Cup calendar will only be approved at the FIS Congress in May. The delay is over major changes to the calendar. With Maribor out it also appears that Ga-Pa will no longer hold the men's DH either. The Zermatt DH will happen one week after Soelden on the last weekend of October (men) and first weekend of November (women).


FIS is about to admit failure on the unfair parallel courses crap (yay!) and have only two scheduled in the next season (one in Lech). Instead the previously estranged combined is set for a major comeback however in new format. There will be DH + Super G "speed combined" and GS + SL "technical combined" proposed next season.

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Elias Kolega retires.


Sadly, as it turns out, he never did recover from the freak injury sustained in May 2020. An injury that never would have happened under sane coaching, but that's another story...

All King Victor Emmanuel's Show Horses Can Make Really Beautiful People Fall

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