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  1. Championships, Sprint: Men 1. Eric Perrot (2) 2. Quentin Fillon Maillet (3) +14.3 3. Fabien Claude (4) +42.8 4. Emilien Jacquelin (3) +47.0 5. Mathieu Garcia (1) +1:09.1 Women 1. Julia Simon (0) 2. Anais Chevalier-Bouchet (1) +46.8 3. Lou Jeanmonnot (1) +56.9 4. Jeanne Richard (1) +1:07.9 5. Caroline Colombo (3) +1:33.2
  2. Hildebrand is also pregnant and so ends her career.
  3. Justine Braisaz-Bouchet is pregnant and will miss the entire next season. Thus, the French team is missing two important key players, Bescond and Braisaz.
  4. Lansiquot is running too early again after Tokyo last year, she doesn't seem to have the best nerves either. But at least she starts running, compared to Hartmann .
  5. Not in good shape, but Meyer replaced her very well
  6. First wait and see if the pole vault will take place at all tonight. For Munich are announced from later very strong thunderstorms
  7. Lückenkemper will definitely miss the 4x100m prelim tomorrow. Her suture is still too fresh. Whether she can do the final will be decided on Saturday. Weißenberg will NOT Start in the heptathlon 800m.
  8. Asha Philip is out of the 100m due to a positive Covid test. She may still be able to compete in the relay. She will be replaced by Ashleigh Nelson, who already won bronze in the 100m in Zurich 2014.
  9. Currently, no heat wave has been announced for Munich. And even at noon, the temperatures remain below 25 degrees.
  10. After all, European Athletics has given the one week. At the World Championships, the chaos was even greater.
  11. Vetter will not be attending. And yes also the German federation has not deregistered athletes unfairly.
  12. The federations had 8 days to deregister their athletes so that others could move up. There is definitely no failure on the part of EA, but the federations with their selfish behavior are to blame.
  13. Next stages for the Team: 22.08-02.09 Bessans (attitude training) 03.09-04.09 Nordic Festival Annecy 14.09-23.09 Oberhof (Ski Tunnel) 24.09-25.09 French Summer Tour Premanon October French Championships Arcon October Ramsau (glacier) Mid November Season Start Sjusjeon
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