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  1. Athletics European Championships in Munich next year will have a much shorter and new qualification system. For past editions athletes had the opportunity to qualify in a circle of 1,5 years (January - to the championships), for Munich only results from 27. July 2021 on (Olympics) will count. Aswell there are much higher Entry Standards and also the World Rankings will count for the Qualification:
  2. One question is, what the hell happened to Dafne Schippers? She started around 10-15 meters away from Visser. Never ever would this exchange be in the box. She already started to soon in the heats, but now even earlier? I‘m not sure if we see her in a relay again, the second big mistake from her after Rio 2016.
  3. So far …. Now it’s time for Protest, and Jamaica is not looking good. Suisse also problems at the last one.
  4. Jamaica and GBR maybe a disqualification at first exchange
  5. Every exchange could go wrong there, I think exchange 3 could be the biggest problem, if Jackson goes not at the right time.
  6. There is a shoe control in the call room
  7. Women 4x100 Visser - Schippers - Van Hunenstijn - Sedney Zahi - Ombissa - Joseph - Leduc Haase - Bughardt - Pinto - Lückenkemper Philip - Lansiquot - Ahser Smith - Neita Oliver - Daniels - Prandini - Thomas Dietsche - Del Ponte - Kambundji - Kora Williams - Thompson Herah - Fraser Pryce - Jackson Liang - Ge - Huang - Wei
  8. Asher Smith would never medaled a 200m.
  9. No, 8th fastest time but Japan got an big Q from first heat.
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