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  1. Really bad skiing performances from the French and Swedish girls today’s .... especially the Swedish girls getting slower and slower from stage to stage. Skottheim is already out of the team, but the ladies from the IBU Cup are Not That better. With 0 mistakes Hanna Oeberg would not had even catched Haused, who had one penalty. Braisaz ist a really Desaster. I was really surprised about her 0 0 0, but then ... She said something like, her rifle was out of control like in the Relay in Oberhof, where her fingers were freezed. Maybe she will not race the relay on Sunday.
  2. Yes, no Gold in the Giant would be a big big surprise. Hopefully, Tessa could catch a medal. 2nd and 3rd this season already and it is her time again ... 2013, 2017, 2021 ...
  3. Wierer was on 3rd leg yesterday as always this season
  4. @ Slovak Fans: Sima is in the Mass Start with BIB 30. Some athletes will not Start today ...
  5. And Simon on the last position is also not a good choice. Chevalier should race last and Simon on second.
  6. Tandrevold in Norwegian Team in, but Knotten is out.
  7. France have Bescond tomorrow again at Start: Bescond - Chevalier - Braisaz - Simon
  8. No, Hinz - Hettich - Herrmann - Preuß will make the German Team tomorrow. So also a New Order.
  9. Hammerschmidt had one of the slowest skiing times in the Sprint. I‘m not sure if she is even in the relay. Maybe the put Hinz on the first leg. I think it could be close between Sweden and Germany for the third. Preuß and Herrmann could ran brilliant Relays, but also they had some disasters Relays in the past.
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