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  1. Yes, it would be a big surprise. QFM could win the globe, but he looked very bad yesterday. They need to fix a lot in the summer, to be better at the olympics next year. Zhangjiakou is on the same See Level like Antholz, and the Girls shoot very bad in Antholz this year.
  2. That’s an disaster. The French girls are so poor at the range ...
  3. They are trying to zeroing, so maybe we will see a race today.
  4. Regarding Siegfried Mazet, tomorrow’s Mass Starts could be canceled due to heavy storm.
  5. Start postponed to 09:15 due to snow on course
  6. Johannes Bö with Bib 1 tomorrow, so he has the opportunity to have always the number 1 this weekend 102 Women 102 Men Interesting that the winners of the last IBU Cup sprints (Goreeva and F. Andersen) both have the last number tomorrow.
  7. Team Event Entries Ladder Good line up for a final
  8. Will the weather be better tomorrow? I think they are expecting more and more snow over night. lenzerheide always have weather problems, why is the final so often there?
  9. France gives young Eric Perrot a Chance in Östersund: Dames Anaïs BESCOND – ARMÉES Morbier Bellefontaine (Massif Jurassien) Justine BRAISAZ–BOUCHET – DOUANES Les Saisies (Savoie) Chloé CHEVALIER – Les 7 Laux (Sports de Neige du Dauphiné) Anaïs CHEVALIER-BOUCHET – DOUANES Les 7 Laux (Sports de Neige du Dauphiné) Lou JEANMONNOT – Olympic Mont d’Or (Massif Jurassien) Julia SIMON – DOUANES Les Saisies (Savoie) Hommes Emilien CLAUDE – Basse sur le rupt (Massif des Vosges) Fabien CLAUDE – ARMEES Basse sur le Rupt (Massif des Vosges) Simon DES
  10. Live World Cup Total Score before the Final: Women 1. Tiril Eckhoff (NOR) 1002 P 2. Marte Olsbu (NOR) Roeiseland 838 P 3. Hanna Oeberg (SWE) 786 P 4. Lisa Theresa Hauser (AUT) 740 P 5. Franziska Preuss (GER) 729 P 6. Dorothea Wierer (ITA) 725 P 7. Dzinara Alimbekava (BLR) 631 P 8. Denise Herrmann (GER) 615 P 9. Anais Chevalier-Bouchet (FRA) 611 P 10. Marketa Davidova (CZE) 609 P Men 1. Johannes Thin
  11. He will not win the globe like last year. He has no annoy when it counts.
  12. What a Norwegian line up in the Mixed Relay tomorrow Eckhoff could destroy the first leg and give Roeiseland an advantage of at least 30 seconds In the Single Mixed maybe France the favorites, but Simon not the convincing in the prone shooting at the moment France leads the Mixed Relay World Cup standings with 6 points to Norway, so it will be relay exciting tomorrow.
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