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  1. Christiansen seems to have much problems on the attitude. If Russia stays in contact to the anchor leg, they could have a chance. Yes the final lap of Botet was surprising, overall she did quite well in terms of running. Yesterday she had almost the slowest running time with a gap of more than 5 minutes. Bescond died a lot on the last lap, otherwise it would have been almost the second place. But a podium finish is already a big surprise. I think Eric Perrot will be quite nervous tomorrow too
  2. Relay Men
  3. (B) Team for tomorrow Claude - Guigonnat - Desthieux - Perrot The women's team was surprisingly strong, maybe the men will also manage a surprise.
  4. That Sprint course Team Sprint will be brutal
  5. Top 20 in a World Cup standing: Italy Paris (DH, SG) Innerhofer (DH) Casse (SG) De Aliprandini (GS) Razzoli (SL) Vinatzer (SL) Total: 6 Athletes, Quotas: 7 = Where is the problem? France Clarey (DH) Pinturault (SG, GS, SL) Bailet (SG) Faivre (GS) Noel (SL) Total: 5 Athletes, Quotas: 9 = Where is the problem? The Olympic Games are also for the small nations. That’s it what the Olympics are standing for. And in the big nations, a top 20 place in the World Cup ranking should be the requirement for participation in the Olympics (France was also nominated according to this criterion). Athletes who are not in the top 20 would also be very big surprise medal winners then.
  6. Austria also understood today that they have only 9 quota places in the men's competition. Are of course totally pissed off and see it as the task of the FIS to create them another 2 quota places. Likewise one assumes that the ranking list is still changed after Kitzbühel. It could also not be that nations like Italy and France have only 9 places, but more podium riders. Where do France and Italy have more than 9 podium riders? Austria doesn't either this season. France has currently even nominated only 5 athletes for Beijing, because they do not really have more.
  7. A typical pre Olympics relay start list in some teams Belarus vs Norway vs Russia I think
  8. The question is what happened to Skottheim? 56. with only two misses! They need her for the Relay, I think.
  9. Brilliant stuff from her. Especially 9/10 in the standing shoot
  10. Emilien Jacquelin is out for Mass Start and Relay. He is really tired.
  11. Anais Chevalier-Bouchet will miss the Individual and probably the Relay, to do more training before the Olympics.
  12. Wright looks like Top 15 and Mass Start Qualifcation
  13. No, there is no one else behind these three women. Edit: I see they accepted two more spots, but the federation officially nominated only these 3 today.
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