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  1. Blessing Okagbare 10,63s (+1.7) at Nigerian Olympic Trials. WL with SAFP.
  2. Lemaitre seems safe over the world rankings and he still has the nationals to come with a lot of ranking points.
  3. Season goal reached She looked good and Doha and this track in Jamaica as very quick.
  4. How could it be that Italy‘s women are not disqualified in the relay? They were so far over the mark at the second exchange. Some Italian in the jury?
  5. SAFP puts her in the pole position
  6. World Cup Calendars for next Season are updated: - Additional World Cup men in Bischofshofen - Additional Competition men in Sapporo on Friday - Additional Mixed Team in Oslo during RAW Wie - Additional Women World Cup in Germany in December (4 Weekends in Germany) Men: Women:
  7. World Cup 8 Minsk (BLR) canceled and rescheduled to Kontiolahti (FIN). World Cup 1 rescheduled to Östersund (SWE).
  8. A relay is not only about Femke Bol ... Poor legs from Hovenkamp and Klaver, they Need at least 3 top ladies
  9. French coach is so embarassing. 55 splits for the lady’s ... that has nothing to do with given experience ...
  10. 4x2 ist Boring without Jamaica and USA at the change overs
  11. France Women are such a disaster ...
  12. France Ombissa is out, will be replaced by Atatou Germany Reus and Almas out, will be replaced by Pohl and Schmidt
  13. Full Start Lists are out for today.
  14. French squads for tonight: 4x100 W Ombissa - Leduc - Pare - Richard Mingas 4x400 W Sylla - Ntiamoah - Pauline - Amaro 4x400 M Coroller - Biron - Ouceni - Kounta No words to the 4x4 squads
  15. Some interesting splits from yesterday: 4x4 Women Femke Bol (NED) 49,81s Roxana Gomez (CUB) 50,99s Natalia Kaczmarek (POL) 51,27s blob: 4x4 Men Kevin Borlee (BEL) 44,79s Tony Van Diepen (NED) 44,94s Thomas Jordier (FRA) 45,04s 4x1 Women Leg 1 Orlann Ombissa (FRA) 11,64s Paulina Guzowska (POL) 11,69s Jamile Samuel (NED) 11,74s Leg 2-4 Dafne Schippers (NED) 10,25s Rosangela Santos (BRA) 10,30s Cynthia Leduc (FRA) 10,
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