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On 9/4/2018 at 21:47, Olympian1010 said:

Speed Relay - Full Competition

Can’t find any Sambo replays.

However, if you know what day the pommel Horse Final was on, I can get it for you


well done :champion: you are my hero :) can I ask for more videos ? :d


I was wondering what happened to our men's relay team and just watched that. :cry: that was a mistake from Ehsan Asrar who left no chance for Alipour cousins to make a comeback. Chinese girl team did the same mistake in bronze medal match vs Iran but since they were MUCH better they still managed to win the bronze.


there is a HUGE gap between Indonesia and China with the rest (only Iran men's team was in their level) I still can't understand how come they let countries to enter two teams. it could be at least two bronze medals for Iran :wall:

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37 minutes ago, MHSN said:


well done :champion: you are my hero :) can I ask for more videos ? :d

Ask away, I probably won’t post the replays on the Replay Page for a while

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Mangolia lost one Gold due to doping

the Gold medalist of Asian games: Orkhon Purevdorj :MGL wrestling

positive and lost the Gold


so Vietnam becomes 14th on the table of medals

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On 9/4/2018 at 23:31, Griff88 said:

I did that with my friend but a bit messy. I took off all most of the non-Olympic events but I left future featured events in 2020.


After removal of medals from what you described as stupid, we actually did quite well :evil:


I'm still surfing into the results and now I don't think you did quite well in term of gold medals. (I know winning medals in Gymnastics and Athletics are huge achievements and I also saw Indonesia became competitive in so many other sports but I'm only talking about gold medals)


out of 31 gold medals, only 6 of them had won in existing events ! the other 25 events had been added into the program only this time and most of them won't stay for the next edition. even though personally I value medals in sport climbing, even though we don't have speed relay even at the World Championships !


Pencak Silat (14), Sport Climbing (3), Paragliding (2), Jet Ski (1) = total 20 gold medals in new sports

1 in Taekwondo but in Poomsae

1 in Rowing but in Lightweight eight which is a new event and we don't have this in any other serious competition (and China didn't enter)

2 in Cycling MTB but in Downhill events which is a new events for AG and beside that from what I heard the organizers didn't let other Cyclists even see the course while host cyclists were training on it.

1 in sepaktakraw but in Quad which is a new event and beside that Indonesia twisted the rules. forcing countries to enter in 2 out of 4 events (instead of 2 out of 3) and they finally found an event where top teams Thailand, Malaysia and even Korea didn't enter.


also there is no credit for your gold medal in Karate, that was blatant cheating.

your gold medals came from Badminton (2), Wushu (1), Weightlifting (1) and Tennis (1).


my point is, if another country was hosting the Games, Indonesia could not win more than 4-5 gold medals. huge difference between 5 and 31 ! I just hope it doesn't become a normal thing for the Asian Games to let the host win much more than what it normally deserves. we never had such a thing in recent years in this scale. even Qatar (which has no shame in cheating) tried to buy athletes instead of adding sports to win some medals back in 2006, they only added equestrian endurance with 2 medals available.


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