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    Tried out some Japanese stuff for the very first time. Here we have onigiri (rice balls) in non-traditional shape with gomashio seasoning (sea salt, roasted black pepper) and tuna mayonnaise filling. Also, I tried making okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) which can literally speaking be done in any way you like. I added leftover cabbage, spring onion, egg and ham. Also some fish sauce to taste and bacon mayonnaise on top. I'm very satisfied with my results.
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    Hi, used to follow the blog before Rio and a couple of days ago found the forum while searching for Tokyo qualifying systems. Decided to stop lurking and here I am
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    At the moment I am travelling from Rhosllanerchrugog to Llanfihangel-y-Creuddyn. I can not complain about Polish place names....
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    Mexico confirms bid to host Totallympics 2019 Annual International Song Contest Guadalajara, Mexico.- One day before the deadline set, Mexican jury confirmed its bid to host 2019 Totallympics Annual International Song Contest after last year's winner Italy declined to do so. In a press conference in the late hours of Thursday, the bid team made a brief presentation, revealing the thoughts and expectations of this process. "It was sad to learn Italy would not host the next edition as it would have been a wonderful place to visit, but we understand that sometimes timing does not work for everyone, as it's the case now. Still we appreciate the honesty of the Italian jury and we only hope that they can host on the near future", declared Mexico's bid CEO and TISC juror, mrv86. "However, these news also gives chance to other countries to showcase their music, culture and attractions" he added. "We are aware that countries like Algeria and Croatia are eager to host the competition for the first time and others, like Serbia, desire to receive the world once again; after all this is a prestigious event, but even more, an opportunity to bring closer many people around the globe". About Mexican odds to win the right to host, he stated: "As it has been the case in another couple of times, the bid organization fully understand the founders' main objective is to promote a fair competition and in that order of ideas, we know new countries have a greater chance of playing hosts; in particular, Algeria's digital creativity and Croatia's dedication to TISC are also great factors in their advantage, as it is Serbia's enthusiasm; but being honest, I have the personal hope that this year we could win and show another aspects of Mexico to the world." The conference ended with the presentation of the bid's logo and slogan (see below).
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    Test events serves as a preliminary overview of how structures should work in many ways. For example, questions of logistics, security, work teams etc. In addition to identifying possible problems, that can be solved before the Olympics, instead of only realizing them when the Olympics begin.
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    Lumberjack chopping and potato pilling next, please.
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    Logos of Milano/Cortina and Stockholm
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    Neither of those clubs deserve the title. There should be no winner this year..
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    And here it is... Croatia is the Davis Cup champion for all times.
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    Yes. The previous best WC result for Bulgaria was a 7th place by Vladimir Breitschev in 1990 in Planica.
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    As you can see, I took a whole minute to consider my real hockey predictions.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!!! I’m thankful for all of you and your contributions to this forum and my number 1 passion, international sports. I celebrated in a truly Totallympian way by running a 5k (my time was 25:30 even though I stopped training 2 and 1/2 weeks ago). Have a great day, and stuff your face too .
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    Swiss bank close AIBA account because of "reputational risk" of being associated with governing body led by Rakhimov https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1072495/exclusive-swiss-bank-close-aiba-account-because-of-reputational-risk-of-being-associated-with-governing-body-led-by-rakhimov When a Swiss bank won't take your money then you are in trouble...
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    Mind as well post this wonderful summer picture i took 3 years ago to say goodbye to summer & hello to winter
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    At halftime, the referee had heard that his mother had died (she was in the hospital and he had asked his family to keep him updated).
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    No worries But in fact recognizing males and females in slovakia/czech rep. is the most easier thing in the world, you just have to watch their surnames women´s receive their father's surname at birth and take their husband's name when they marry. However, the names are not exactly the same; the endings differ to fit into the czech/slovak language's systems of gender adjectives. This means when you see any surname finishing with ová or á it´s a woman. quick lesson: if men´s surname finish by -ý his wife, daughters, sisters (until they marry) will have surname finished by -á example: male´s surname is Novotný his wife or daughter became Novotná male´s surname is Kaliský, Suchý, Rychlý, Hrubý etc... their wifes, daughters surnames became Kaliská, Suchá, Rychlá, Hrubá... in all other cases the females surname finish by -ová. (if the surname finish by a vowel - not ý - you just have to remove it before adding the -ová) example: male´s surname is Cibulka - wife, daughters are Cibulková male´s surname is Fialka - wife, daughters are Fialková Zuzula - Zuzulová Vlha - Vlhová if the male´s surname finish by consonant, it´s even easier, for womens surname you just add ová, without making any changes Poliak - Poliaková, Hantuch - Hantuchová, Dukát - Dukátová, Schmiedl - Schmiedlová, Sagan - Saganová etc...
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    Congratulations to the Chinese guy for winning the men's gold at Beijing 2022 and to the British 400 metre hurdler at winning the women's gold medal. I'm going to look really clever if this works out and nobody will remember if i'm wrong...
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    Starting from the fact that I'm politically distant from the minister, or better, I'm politically opposite to the minister and to this government in general. It is difficult to trust this government, apart from the ideas they have towards Europe that are silly, to say the least. The fact is that this minister, that is the actual leader of the government, is in contrast with the other (supposed, but in practice inconsistent) leader of the government, who is totally against the olympics. And this contrast is exacerbated by the fact that a third city (Turin), whose goverment is of the same party of this second minister, has withdrawn from the bid. All this premise to say these two things: 1) not sure if this government will last to next summer (but even next spring), so probably they won't give any decision; 2) Italian politics is a mess and find something trustworthy is almost impossible, and this since the end of WWII. However, my opinion is that in practice a way to have political and financial support from the government will be found, especially if Stockholm withdraws, officially or not. Also considering what happened in Veneto, that is where Cortina stays, this is a good chance to have external fundings to make that region on its track again. In theory.
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    I don't think it's in the IOC's place to demand which nations are allowed to be part of a sports federations. These are separate entities. If a sport wants to allow all 50 United States states to compete separately then let them. My only concern is that the qualification process must limit the amount of athletes that attempt to qualify if other nations are also limited. Which for the most part they do for Great Britain (see curling or rugby sevens). For territories, the ones that do compete were rather lucky as they essentially got grandfathered in. To me, there's no reason why Aruba gets to compete, but not Curacao. For nations with limited recognition things get a bit grey. Where do you draw the line? Palestine, Kosovo and Taiwan (via loophole) are all recognized by a large portion of the world. Western Sahara also has a large chunk, but not enough sporting recognition.