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  1. 17 points
    Unfortunately I got infected through my roommate who came back from Austria about 1,5 week ago after the town he visited got quarantined due to a Corona outbreak. He and all of his friends he went on the trip with all got sick after returning to the Netherlands. Fortunately, my roommate has already recovered in full and I'm slowly recovering as well, and luckily we both only had mild symptoms. However, I've been locked inside with my roommate for more than a full week now and I'm already slowly going crazy. We can't even go outside to buy groceries or medication and have to rely on friends and family to drop that off at the door. Although I'm very thankful for everyone's support, I can't wait to go outside again in a few days when I'm fully recovered, even if it's only a 5-minute walk to the nearest supermarket.
  2. 15 points
    The theme of the official logo is Symphony of Nature, or rather, Symphony of the Sea. There are several elements to it. Most prominent are the sea and sand in the background. They represent the Croatian coastline. With an estimated length of 6000 km and counting more than 1000 islands, the Croatian coastline is known for its rugged nature. The boat floating on the top represents harmony. Finally, we have the music sheets written on waves together with several notes thrown around. They indeed represent the Symphony of the Sea. How does the Symphony of the Sea sound like? Well, one way to find out is by going to Zadar. More specifically to its Sea Organ. The Sea Organ is an experimental musical instrument which creates the sound by the sea waves crashing into empty pipes located underneath the large marble steps. In its essence, the Sea Organ allows the nature to take over a role of conductor. The sea tends to become melancholic on a rainy day. The logo is courtesy of @vinipereira. Join us for the Opening Ceremony in two days. Grand Final will be held Saturday, while the Closing Ceremony (incl. Medal Presentations) will close out the weekend.
  3. 10 points
    The anglo army came out with guns blazing with their statements and Dick Pound. It's obvious the game will be postponed, we don't need them to tell us that it's all about their political sport agenda. Same as in Russia doping case. It's especially funny from UK given they didn't give two shits about the virus like a week ago.
  4. 10 points
    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum, but as I heard some of you might know me from my Twitter account @2020athletes. I think you know this has been suspended, officially due to violating impersonation rules (it seemed a bit too official & one can use emblems when the account is not too popular. With my last few tweets I reached some tens of thousands of impressions which triggered the alarm). My mistake, but there's nothing I can do about it now. In any case, my name is Matej (you can call me Matt) & I come from Slovenia. I might not be the most active member here but I will try to get into discussion when I have the time
  5. 9 points
    We will soon have sneeze and cough thread.
  6. 9 points
    They are not numbers. They are people with family and lovers and so many vivid stories sharing with the world. It reminds me of the stories I read about Wuhan people. They are only numbers on news but so many desperate moments patients and medics have to face. My best wishes for Italy and brave Italian people.
  7. 8 points
    Meanwhile Finland is creating miracles
  8. 8 points
    Hej Sloveni! All of a sudden, this guy became viral again despite the photo is first shared 3 years ago.
  9. 8 points
    Well beside stabbing @heywoodu, I feel much better. My symptoms have almost dissapared. I can now sleep normally. I haven't been checked, so I don't know if it was "just" a common flu or the Covid-19. Of couse, even though my symptoms are gone, I will still follow the guidelines of my country's health authorities and stay in home quarantine.
  10. 8 points
    Grand Final Venues As you may already know, the Grand Final Weekend will be held in Rijeka. Let's take a look at the venues we will be visiting. Opening Ceremony will be held in the Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc. Grand Final will be held in the Zamet Hall. Closing Ceremony and Medal Presentations will be held at the Trsat Castle.
  11. 7 points
    That Time When Lithuania Exchanged Points Left, Right and Center... 2015 Open was one of the most memorable editions of TISC. It was the last time to date that Ireland played host. It was the last edition held on the old forum. And it was the only time that Lithuania took victory, thanks to Song About Love, performed by Leon Somov & Jazzu. Song About Love, interestingly, to this day remains to be the only winning entry that had a perfect points distribution. In a nutshell, it means they received each possible points score during the Grand Final, from 1 through 12. However, one thing that always gets overlooked from the said edition are the Lithuanian jury votes. They were as follows... 12 points - Australia 11 points - Morocco 10 points - Portugal 9 points - United States 8 points - Germany 7 points - Spain 6 points - Great Britain 5 points - Poland 4 points - New Zealand 3 points - Serbia 2 points - Slovakia 1 point - Malta Amazingly, it turns out that Lithuania exchanged points with all these nations. They received 12 points from Australia, 11 from Morocco, 10 from Portugal, 9 from the United States, 8 from Germany, 7 from Spain, 6 from Great Britain, 5 from Poland, 4 from New Zealand, 3 from Serbia, 2 from Slovakia and 1 from Malta! It is unclear whether any of these nations received any kind of compensation for exchanging points with Lithuania. However, inside sources claim that the TISC president @OlympicIRL and his team are planning to launch an investigation into the matter, which could result in serious consequences. More to follow.
  12. 7 points
    The Swedish Cross-Country Star Stina Nilsson will compete in Biathlon instead for Cross-country
  13. 7 points
    Team Challenge Venues Before arriving to Rijeka for the Grand Final, delegations will be quarantined based around the island of Krk and the coastal town of Kraljevica. For this purpose, a total of ten different towns have been selected. Each will play host to four nations, except for Kraljevica, which will host two nations. Each participating nation will be paired with their temporary new home during the Live Draw, scheduled for tomorrow. (click to enlarge) Delegations will face no issues with transport, as Krk is connected to the mainland with the Krk Bridge. Structurally, the bridge consists of two concrete arches, and goes over the uninhabited islet of St. Mark. It is 1,4 km long. 5th edition of the TISC Team Challenge will therefore include ten different teams. They are as follows: Team Team Color Team Size 360° Base View Baška Moonwalkers 4 here Dobrinj Winetasters 4 here Kraljevica Royals 2 here Krk Capitals 4 here Malinska Lifeguards 4 here Njivice Sailors 4 here Omišalj Oilers 4 here Punat Mariners 4 here Šilo Shepherds 4 here Vrbnik Cliffdivers 4 here Detailed competition format for the Team Challenge will be revealed in due course. Stay tuned!
  14. 7 points
    Well, the spanish federation decided not to send several boats to the World Championships and have them focusing instead in the final qualification regatta......
  15. 7 points
    Final Standing available here Federer91 Dunadan toulousain The champion of the first season of Totallympics Biathlon Manager Games is @Federer91. He was far behind before the last World Cup stage, but by using the transfer point system, he took the overall lead and retained it over the stage. Congrats, @Federer91! Due to a strict budget there is no fancy prize other than the honor of calling yourself the champion of Totallympics Biathlon Manager Game 2019/20. It long looked like @Dunadan would take the title, but unfortunately for him he was overtaken in the last WC stage. He has had a great season, so despite of not winning the title he can look back on successful season in BMG. @toulousain ended up 3rd. Overall a good season for him. Many of his biathletes did a great job throughout the season, so they could likely expect to be called back for next season. I hope most of the managers have enjoyed this first/test season of BMG. I have already spotted some issues with some of the systems which need a change for the next season. About the next season. To be honest, it has often been very stressful to be both prediction contest manager and running this at the same time. I don't see myself manage this alone for next season, as I will likely move to Slovenia to begin my Master's at University of Ljubljana this autumn. Therefore, I would like to ask if one or two users would like to be co-managers for the next season? It would be great if the co-manager/s could take half of the races. So the co-manager/s would help updating the biathle points and the overall manager standing after a race have been completed. Co-manager/s will of course have influence on any new ideas/systems for the next season. I think that's was all from me on this season of BMG. Let's hope we wil have another season of BMG when the 2020/21 IBU Biathlon World Cup season begins. By the way, thank you very much, @africaboy, @toulousain, @heywoodu, @brunamoura, @Dunadan, @Federer91, @Vojthas, @Monzanator @hckosice, @IoNuTzZ, @Henry_Leon, @Agger, @RobtheAggie, @Kirkpatrick, @Olympian1010, @Ufilov for participating.
  16. 6 points
    Team Challenge Team Challenge was first introduced to the TISC program for the 10th edition Jubilee in 2018. It is a sideshow designed to bring users together, but also to add a whole new dynamic to already exciting Grand Final Saturdays. 5th edition of the Team Challenge will be held in Croatia next week. Here you can find the all-time medal table for the teams. Interestingly, France is the only nation who has climbed the podium in every edition. In four Team Challenges, they have won one gold and three silver medals. Ireland, Lithuania, Tunisia and the United States have won three medals each. As of now, Tunisia is the only country with team medals of each color. Overall, 30 different nations have reached the team podium. Croatia 2020 - Team Challenge Guidelines Ten teams will participate. Nine of them will have four (4) members each, while one will have two (2) members. Participating nations got drawn to their respective teams during the Live Draw two weeks ago. The teams are as follows: Baška Moonwalkers - Dobinj Winetasters - Kraljevica Royals - Krk Capitals - Malinska Lifeguards - Njivice Sailors - Omišalj Oilers - Punat Mariners - Šilo Shepherds - Vrbnik Cliffdivers - Team Challenge will be held in a relay format, with a different team member covering each of the four relay legs. The relay legs will be as follows: Leg 1 - Morning Session (Votes 1 - 10) Leg 2 - Early Afternoon Session (Votes 11 - 19) Leg 3 - Late Afternoon Session (Votes 20 - 28) Leg 4 - Evening Session (Votes 29 - 38) Only the score of the team member taking part in that specific leg will count for the team score. Failure to obtain any points during a relay leg will result in the corresponding team receiving 20 negative points. Running order for the relays will be as follows: Relay BAŠKA MOONWALKERS DOBRINJ WINETASTERS KRALJEVICA ROYALS KRK CAPITALS MALINSKA LIFEGUARDS NJIVICE SAILORS OMIŠALJ OILERS PUNAT MARINERS ŠILO SHEPHERDS VRBNIK CLIFFDIVERS Leg 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Leg 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Leg 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Leg 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Total 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Members of the Kraljevica Royals - - will have a special opportunity of being able to run two legs each. Team that collects the most points across the four relay legs will be crowned champion, while the rest will be ranked accordingly. If there is a tie between two or more teams once all four legs have been completed, the highest and lowest scoring members for each team will be discarded, and the scores of the two middle scoring team members will be used to determine the tie-break. Two special awards will be presented: MVP Award - the individual nation who scored the most of their total points during their relay leg (in percentage) Belgium Biathlon Award - the relay who lost the most places between the second exchange and the finish line
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    Most similar back-to-back votes in TISC history? For our random fact of the day, we will try to find the most similar back-to-back votes in TISC history. Specifically, we are looking for the back-to-back votes which contained the highest number of shared nations between them. For this purpose, only the number of shared nations is considered, while their specific order on the voting template is irrelevant. And the winners are? Well, it happened during the 2016 Annual held in Slovakia. France was scheduled to vote right after the lunch break (#19) and Ireland was ready to go just after (#20). While nobody noticed it at the time, it turns out that these juries had the most similar back-to-back votes in TISC history. They had a whopping 8 songs in common! Their votes were as follows: France - Ireland - Nations that appeared on both sets are: Netherlands, Italy, Chile, Algeria, Great Britain, Malta, Indonesia and Lithuania.
  18. 6 points
    Totallympics International Song Contest - Top 40 Chart As we await the Festival of Music on Wednesday and indeed the TISC Annual Grand Final on April 11th, it is incredible to think that over 500 songs have now been showcased at TISC. In this series we will look at the Top 40 of TISC, the songs that proved to be a hit with the national juries and secured the highest points-per-jury averages. Each of the songs in this series have scored well over 100 points and are in the top 10% in terms of points-per-jury averages. How many songs from the latest edition of TISC (the 14th edition) will appear in the next update of the Top 40 remains to be seen. Today we begin with those songs in positions 40th - 31st on the All-Time list. Part I of today's edition (Positions #40 - #36), Part II (Positions #35 - #31). 40 Fito Paez - Mariposa Technicolor 39 Kelly Clarkson - A Moment Like This 38 Alok, Bruna Martini feat. Zeeba - Hear Me Now 37 Enya - Diamonds On The Water 36 Bryan Adams - Run To You
  19. 6 points
    Luckily Totallympics (and whatever other communities you're active in online) is still working to offer some distraction. Some dumb virus ain't gonna take Totallympians away or we'll all take our pitchforks and torches.
  20. 6 points
    As the resident virtual lawyer on the forum, I highly advise you @OlympicIRL that you politely, but firmly and promptly remove this minor canine from the scene. It's PG schedule and @Olympian1010 parents or legal guardians might try to cancel the contest.
  21. 6 points
    To all the doctors in this group..... Hats off to you guys........ Where many of us are working from home where the worst may be watching a bad netfix episode... This is world War 3 and you are in the trenches in blood and grime..... Stay strong..... Without a doubt this will turn
  22. 6 points
    @heywoodu - hero we don't deserve
  23. 6 points
    Slovakia is finally 1st in the world in something The most peoples clicking and searching for "corona" and "covid" tags on Pornhub yeah, strange, weird, particular...I know slovaks are special
  24. 6 points
    I need to check my calendar to see if I have something that day.
  25. 6 points!1FNxUQxI!BabkJMLAhC815W-LOrIuX7GPvhUcg8xxUOJk9_qfelY A little bit other form of presenting my idea.
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    THREE DAYS NOTICE @konig @KingOfTheRhinos @titicow @vinipereira @Federer91 @intoronto @Vic Liu @catgamer @Janakis @Ashton @Dolby @Fly_like_a_don @MHSN @OlympicIRL @Dunadan @Gianlu33 @Henry_Leon @Pablita @SteveParker @Ruslan @Glen @mrv86 @Ionoutz24 @heywoodu @Wanderer @Skijumpingmaster @rybak @IoNuTzZ @DaniSRB @hckosice @justony @Belle @amen09 @dezbee2008 @Olympian1010 @NaBUru38 Just a remainder that the voting period ends on Sunday, March 15th, at 23:55 CET (GMT+1). Happy listening!
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    At the end of today's press conference, in which the biggest announcement was "from now on there's no shaking hands in the Netherlands anymore" (left is the prime minister, right is the head of the 'health authority'):
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    I literally haven't left my home or backyard since March 12th. This is fine. At least I made that day memorable by taking a risk and going on a little trip. Who knows when this will be possible again... I even got a sunburn that Thursday.
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    Where Are They Now? The Committee The Committee represents an exlusive group of nations who have always awarded some points to the eventual TISC champions. In its heyday, this secret society received much attention from the TISC community. During 2016 and early 2017, the Committee was praised for their immaculate record of recognizing the winning material. This attention, however, undoubtedly triggered some internal fighting, which started during the 2017 Open, and then turned into an all-out civil war during the 2018 Jubilee. Last couple of editions have been relatively quiet for the Committee, for better or for worse. We suspect that the Italians are still the managing partners, following the whole Jubilee Coup, but otherwise not much is known about the Committee's current plans and actions. Where are they now? From Unity to War First speculations about the Committee's possible existence surfaced just before the 2016 Open. TISC analysts received an intel about a group of nations who never failed to award winning entries. Strinkingly, the said group contained three nations with perfect participation records - Denmark, Italy and Lithuania. We immediately assumed they were the leaders of this society. Going into the 2016 Open, TISC fans eagerly wanted to see if all the Committee theories stood up... And stand they did! Not only did all seven participating Committee members award some points to the Irish winners, but also the winning entry was the only song their votes had in common. Exactly the same outcome happened at the 2017 Annual. British entry took a convincing victory, after being the only song to win the hearts of every member of the Committee. These were the glory days of the Committee. It seemed as if only their votes truly mattered... 2017 Open proved to be a major turning point for the Committee. It became apparent early on that something was very wrong with the Committee that day. In the end, several nations lost their memberships. This included Lithuania, one of the alleged founding fathers, but also Canada and Estonia. It is a general consensus among the analysts that this was a power move inside the Committee, which specifically targeted Lithuania and their allies. By that account, Latvia should have been removed as well, however they missed the said edition and stayed behind (for now...). Following their exlusion, Lithuania and @Werloc decided to go public. Their message, written in secret code of course, allegedly contains the vital clause of the secret pact between the Committee members. While some expected the Committee drama to quiet-down for the next edition, the 2018 Annual Jubilee delivered a total war inside the Committee. Italy took their first TISC victory, and in the process took full control over the Committee. Several prominent members got removed, including the president @Agger (Denmark) and @heywoodu (Netherlands), although both have claimed since that it was a "fully conscious decision" on their part. Aside from Italy, the only remaining long-term member at that point was Tunisia. They, however, got removed too. It happened quietly and away from the public eye, during the 2018 Open. Where Are They Now? Inside sources claim that the Committee is still very much alive. They are said to be working on a new base of "loyal followers". As of today, the Committee counts twelve member nations. They are as follows... Italy (13 participations) - undisputed leaders Australia (4) Austria (2) Chile (7) China (2) Hungary (4) Latvia (2) Morocco (5) Switzerland (3) Ukraine (1) Uruguay (1) Vietnam (1) Six of these are scheduled to compete at the 2020 Annual in Croatia: Italy, Australia, China, Hungary, Ukraine and Uruguay. While critics may say that the Committee has turned from a prestigious secret society to a group of Italian puppets, one can't deny certain mysterious patterns that are still seemingly written all over the Committee... For starters, Australia and Austria have similar names, just like Chile and China. Both Lithuania and Estonia were long-term members, while Latvia still is. Italy and Hungary have similar flags, just like Morocco and Vietnam. Ukraine and Uruguay both start with U and are both making their TISC return in Croatia. That just leaves Switzerland... But according to @OlympicIRL insights, both times that Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest, Switzerland finished dead-last (in the semi final). Coincidence?
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    Hello guys, since all sport events are suspended for some months, I would like to think about some ways to improve Totallympics. First of all, I have thought about a system to provide results on the forum, like we were doing in the past. I will give more details at a later stage but users interested to help with that can let me know so I will keep them updated and we can make some tests before the competition start again. Also, we would like to merge and websites into a single one. If someone is interested to help with the content of the website is welcome, but more than that we would need some help in the web design. The website is using Wordpress, has someone here any experience with Wordpress or with web design in general ? If so, please let me know here or through Private Message, any help will be appreciated
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    Obligated exam for people trying to become Dutch citizens 1) In the Netherlands we ... shake hands A) do B) don't 2) You're in a bus and an old lady gets in. What do you do? A) You politely ask her if she wants to sit in your place. B) You ask her if she's completely lost her mind: "What are you doing in the bus, you senile moron?" 3) Who are you allowed to marry in the Netherlands? A) With everyone who doesn't have a lot of friends to invite for the wedding. B) With old people, people with breathing problems and people with diabetes. C) With everyone who hasn't recently been to Italy. 4) In the Netherlands, we find it normal for two men to walk hand in hand. A) False B) True 5) A homeless person is lying on the street. What do you do? A) Ask how he's doing. B) Buy a newspaper he is selling. C) Walk around him in a wide arch. 6) How old are most children when they start going to school? A) Four years. B) Children don't go to school. 7) In 2020, Dutch people can be divided into two groups. Which groups? A) People with children and people without children. B) People of whom it'd be sad if they die and people with underlying health conditions. C) People who are working at home and people who do important work. D) All of the above. 8) You feel like you're having a little bit of a cold, but feel fine to work. What do you do? A) Go to work as normal. B) Call your doctor. C) Call in sick for the entire month. 9) If I see a group of people doing outdoor bootcamps... A) ...I go and tell them that's not good. B) the police and applaude when they arrest the bootcampers. C) ...I am part of this group, but afterwards go on Twitter to tell everyone how shocked I am.
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    People. Stop. Quoting. Entire. Long-ass. Posts. To. Reply. With. One-liners. Please. Use. Spoiler. Feature.
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    Reading and watching videos about this subject, I would love in 3 months we all look back and say it was an overreaction. I just lost my mother and my aunt (my closest relative) in the last year to cancer. Now I live with my dad who isn't super old, but is within the danger zone. To think of losing him to COVID now is painful. Moving the Olympics a year sucks because I was really looking forward to it as always. But priorities have shifted. I am a history teacher. It's not names and dates, it's the people. I always said this to my students, but now more than ever: We are history. What will they read about us? It's never been easier to be a hero. Literally, do nothing. And wash your hands! Stay safe, friends!
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    My model for today's morning:
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    yeah, and it was a real tough one...5.4 followed by another at 4.6, very early in the morning... right now, they say there's 1 dead man and a few severely hurt people... an entire palace in the city center went down and damages are consisted in the old historical part of the city... the virus troubles were not also this disaster...Nature might be really angry for the lack of respect and the stupidity of human beings to hit that hard... one last, but probably the most important thing to say...I feel very sorry for all our Croatian friends, especially those who we always read here on the forum @dcro @prso1000 @Crolympic @crovitlaci and all the others...
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    Croatia closed its borders today. But not to worry, I managed to secure special exemptions for all of you.
  39. 5 points
    Ooooooor, we can vote in four different ways and have a final every week with four different outcomes Edit: The first final can be the original vote The second final is every user giving points to their 13th-24th song to choose the best average song And the third final is every user giving points to their 25th-36th song to choose the best worst song I need ideas for the fourth final. Edit 2: since Eurovision is cancelled, the fourth final can be giving points to countries closest in proximity to your country, where you would have to google the distances between countries, so you wouln't give points to countries that are further away.
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    There are a lot of talks here in France about the Chloroquine which may be used a a cure. Professor Raoult just confirmed early succes in Marseille (on a limited test pool of 24 patients) Unfortunately, there is just one minor - physical - problem with him
  41. 5 points
    Here's the new version of the qualification table, in case 2019 World Championship results are used by World Rowing EVENT "AMERICAS REGATTA" "ASIA & OCEANIA REGATTA" "EUROPE REGATTA" "FINAL REGATTA" M 1x MEX CUB PUR PAR BER * KAZ UZB KOR THA IND VAN UAE * * GRE AZE BUL POL GBR ISR SRB FRA SUI TUR USA M 2x AUS ARG CAN BLR M 4x NZL UKR RUS EST M 2- GBR USA POL DEN M 4- FRA GER SRB RSA M 8+ NZL ROU CAN ITA M LW 2x * * * JPN HKG IND AUT POR UKR TUR AUS CAN CZE NZL CHN USA FRA W 1x TTO PUR MEX PAR * * TPE KAZ VIE QAT KOR THA SGP * * UKR SWE GRE BUL FIN DEN CZE GER FRA GRE BUL KAZ NOR MEX W 2x BLR POL GBR GER W 4x RUS AUS ROU FRA W 2- CHI UKR POL GER W 4- CHN IRL NZL ITA W 8+ ROU CHN RUS NED W LW 2x GUA * * JPN KOR THA AUT LAT * CAN AUS USA SUI RSA CHN POL As you can see, for continental regattas I only considered those NOCs that have either one or zero crews qualified from the Worlds. In this scenario, would qualify both lightweight boats, thus a quota in both single sculls events was added to Asia & Oceania Quota, which means would earn a quota in men's 1x. All other blue cells with an asterisk are places that can't be filled by boats from that continent, so they're reallocated to the next best crews from the Worlds, also colored in blue. Finally, both & would have to choose between their crews, as they finished in the exactly same; sadly for Austria, they were already qualified in women's single sculls, so they can only pick one boat from the continental quota. In both cases, the NOC's benefiting from the exclusion of either boat are marked in lime and italics in their respective events.
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    Not totally, most business will not close down, and people who can't work at home are still excepted to turn in tomorrow at work. Most public transport are still on (albeit on limited capacity), etc. And most important thing, we still can walk our dogs out. I've just ordered a plastic one from Amazon. Hope it will works ok with the cops
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    BILBAO 2022 First season of the Ibero-luso-american Games. PARTICIPATING COUNTRYS: It's a bit of Iberoamericans meets Lusophone Games meets former spanish colonies. Europe: and I'm gonna get controversial..... África: and I'm gonna get controversial again..... America: Asia: SPORTS PROGRAME: (I went a little bit over in the athlete count, around 1600, and I had to sacrifice a lot of sport that I would have love to had) For the sport programme basically I took my fav olympic sports and then went with popular sports in Spain/LatAmerica like Roller Hockey. No "olympic" team events except for 3x3 basketball. I wanted a Paralympic event, so I added Weelchair Basketball, cause it's the most popular. Also went with basque culture and tradition and added Basque Pelota, Surf, Coastal rowing and Tug-of-war. I acomplished total parity in sexes (take that, IOC!!) EVENTS: 3x3 Basketball: Men's and women's tournament. 80 athletes (10 teams per gender) Artistic skating: Men's and women's freestyle. 24 athletes (12 individuals per gender) Archery: Men's and women's individual and mixed team in recurve and compound. 60 athletes in total Athletics: M and W events in: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 5000m, 100mh, 400mh, half marathon, 10k rw road, HJ, LJ, PV, TJ, SP, HT, JT, DT, combined events, 4x100m relay, 4x400m relay 280 athletes. Badminton: Men's and women's singles and doubles, mixed doubles and mixed team event. 80 athletes overall Basque Pelota: Men's hand pelota; women's hand pelota, women's doubles paleta goma, men's jai alai 52 athletes (10 per gender in individuals, 8 in doubles) Cycling: Men's and women's road race and time trial 90 athletes (55 men, 35 women) Coastal rowing: Men's skiff, women's skiff, men's four, women's four, mixed double skulls 68 athletes (18 per gender in skiff, 16 in mixed doubles) Futsal: Men's and women's tournament. 280 athletes (10 teams per gendes, 14 athletes per team) High Diving: Men's and women's event 16 athletes (8 per gender) Road speed skating: Men's and women's 200m time trial, 500m sprint and marathon 40 athletes Roller hockey: Men's and women's tournament 120 athletes (6 teams per gender, 10 players per team) Surf: Men's and women's shortboard 40 athletes Triathlon: Men's race, women's race, Mixed relay 50 athletes. Tug of war: 4x4 Mixed -580kg team 48 athletes (8 athletes per team, 6 teams) Weightlifting: 7 weight classes per sex 112 athletes (8 athletes per weight class) Wheelchair basketball: Men's and women's tournament, 120 athletes (6 teams per gender, 10 athletes per team) VENUES: CITY OF BILBAO San Mames Stadium - Opening and closing ceremonies, Archery. Zorroza track - Athletics Streets of Bilbao - Cycling, Road speed skating La Salve bridge - High Diving Fronton Bizkaia - Basque Pelota Bilbao Arena - Futsal Temporary setting in the esplanade nearby Guggenheim museum - 3x3 Basketball, Tug of war Pabellón La Casilla - Wheelchair basketball Polideportivo Artxanda - Artistic skating, Weighlifting CITY OF BARAKALDO Bilbao Exibition Center - Badminton, Roller Hockey CITY OF PORTUGALETE Nervión river and the streets of Portugalete - Triathlon CITY OF SANTURTZI Port of Santurtzi and the bay of bizkaia - Coastal rowing CITY OF MUNDAKA Laida beach - Surf
  45. 5 points
    Ice hockey - 26 medal events The end.
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    I can finally return to Paris, France, thanks to the French ambassade, which has been returning us to Istanbul...
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    I did my research: " SLOVAKIA ..I decided to use a song performed by Strapo, one of the most talented Slovak ra" So at least we have the performer. But sadly not the song. @Wumo @hckosice
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    And that's, considering the circumstances, an extra impressive win for Corona Bruna
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    Calm down bro. It's not the first and not the last "interesting" news from US media. We are so used to it and just let it be. Let me show you something reported by NY times with 20 minutes interval which shows their attitudes towards the lockdown in Wuhan and Italy. One is violation of human right and the other is sacrificing themselves to save the Europe.

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