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    Who cares. The one true champion of the Championships is ready (well, ready to participate, but it won't be impressive) https://www.sportstiming.dk/event/5422/participants?search=103
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    I have written a book on the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, which will come out in July, 2019. I have interviewed over 70 Olympians from those Games, and researched the topic for the past 5 years. I have come to the conclusion that the 1964 Tokyo Olympics had arguably one of the greatest impacts on a nation any Olympics have ever had, and may ever have again. The 2-weeks of the Games occurred during some incredible geo-political events. And of course the sports stories were incredible and memorable. Walk down this memory lane with me. Here is a link to a recent blog post I wrote on the day it was 500 Days to Go to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, looking back to when it was 500 Days to Go to the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. https://theolympians.co/2019/03/12/tokyo-2020-500-days-to-go-what-was-happening-when-it-was-500-days-to-go-to-the-1964-tokyo-olympics-2/
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    And we name you: Axoloco!!! April 6, 2019.- 2019 Annual TISC mascot finally has a name: Axoloco. The process to find a name for the Axolotl of the contest finished Thursday night, with 34 members of Totallympics casting a total of 62 votes from among 7 possible names for the likeable mascot. Axoloco, named proposed by user @vinipereira came as the winner option with 18 votes, followed by "Sr. Gran Corazón" with 12 and "Axel" with 8. Full results are shared below Results From now on, Axoloco will fulfill his role of 2019 TAISC ambassador to its full capacity; he is heading the Welcoming committee for the participants thay will start arriving in Mexico City on Tuesday April 9th, and will serve as their primary tour guide, which among other places, will include the Pre Hispanic ceremonial site of Teotihuacán and the channels of Xochimilco, both places closely associated to our animal friend legend.
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    I am okay. Oof. It's almost scary, but as screwed up as I was, I woke up this morning as if nothing had happened. I think it'll all be fine, so please don't worry I am going home soon too. Thanks for being concerned. My family sends their best.
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    Hello everyone. Sorry for the delay... my Internet company is running some tests as connection all over the country has been faulty in the past two weeks, even at work. The ceremony will be held tonight, since my priority is to send the voting templates and save the scoreboards, so as to avoid major catastrophe. So expect to receive a private messages in the next few hours. My most sincere apologies to all.
  8. 6 points
    Some well-deserved props for @OlympicIRL for sticking with it and finishing the whole thing even when penguins tried to fuck things up big time
  9. 6 points
    Totallympics Annual International Song Contest - Live Draw Mexico 2019 Totallympics Annual International Song Contest - Mexico 2019 So that completes today's draw. Thanks so much to everyone who took part! Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2019 National Jury Voting Order 1 SLOVENIA 20 CROATIA 2 TUNISIA 21 BULGARIA 3 MEXICO 22 INDONESIA 4 CHILE 23 FINLAND 5 SPAIN 24 GREAT BRITAIN 6 NORWAY 25 LITHUANIA 7 SERBIA 26 ITALY 8 CHINA 27 UNITED STATES 9 POLAND 28 ALGERIA 10 INDIA 29 TURKEY 11 ROMANIA 30 NEW ZEALAND 12 RUSSIA 31 PORTUGAL 13 SLOVAKIA 32 VENEZUELA 14 NETHERLANDS 33 BRAZIL 15 FRANCE 34 DENMARK 16 GERMANY 35 COLOMBIA 17 ARGENTINA 36 EGYPT 18 GREECE 37 IRELAND 19 MALTA 38 AUSTRALIA
  10. 6 points
    150m freestyle, butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke 250m freestyle, butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke 765m freestyle 444m single mixed individual medley relay
  11. 6 points
    the European Olympic Qualification Tournament will be hosted by Italy, in Milan on April 24th and 25th, 2020... the official announcement was made earlier this morning by our National Federation...
  12. 6 points
    Big news today: IOC considers ending Winter Olympics after 2034 edition amid climate change fears: https://gamesbids.com/eng/winter-olympic-bids/future-winter-bids/ioc-considers-ending-winter-olympics-after-2034-edition-amid-climate-change-fears/
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    I suppose bestmen is now making 2019 Annual Conspiracy - THE TRUTH video?
  15. 5 points
    TISC Grand Final Schedule Date: Arena VFG Time: 07:00 Central Daylight Time (GMT -5) Venue: Arena VFG Voting Order Nation Voting Time (Host) Voting Time (Local) Session #1 1 SLOVENIA 07:00 14:00 2 TUNISIA 07:12 13:12 3 MEXICO 07:24 07:24 4 CHILE 07:36 08:36 5 SPAIN 07:48 14:48 6 NORWAY 08:00 15:00 7 SERBIA 08:12 15:12 8 P.R. OF CHINA 08:24 21:24 9 POLAND 08:36 15:36 10 INDIA 08:48 19:18 Break 09:00 - 09:30 30 mins Session #2 11 ROMANIA 09:30 17:30 12 RUSSIA 09:42 17:42 13 SLOVAKIA 09:54 16:54 14 NETHERLANDS 10:06 17:06 15 FRANCE 10:18 17:18 16 GERMANY 10:30 17:30 17 ARGENTINA 10:42 12:42 18 GREECE 10:54 18:54 19 MALTA 11:06 18:06 Break 11:18 - 12:30 72 mins Session #3 20 CROATIA 12:30 19:30 21 BULGARIA 12:42 20:42 22 INDONESIA 12:54 00:54 (Sun) 23 FINLAND 13:06 21:06 24 GREAT BRITAIN 13:18 19:18 25 LITHUANIA 13:30 21:30 26 ITALY 13:42 20:42 27 UNITED STATES 13:54 14:54 28 ALGERIA 14:06 20:06 29 TURKEY 14:18 22:18 Break 14:30 - 15:00 30 mins Session #4 30 NEW ZEALAND 15:00 08:00 (Sun) 31 PORTUGAL 15:12 21:12 32 VENEZUELA 15:24 16:24 33 BRAZIL 15:36 17:36 34 DENMARK 15:48 22:48 35 COLOMBIA 16:00 16:00 36 EGYPT 16:12 23:12 37 IRELAND 16:24 22:24 38 AUSTRALIA 16:36 07:36 (Sun)
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    phelps is a very old man, everyone knows that breakdancing, freestyle skatesurfing and rap battling while dressed as ninja turtles are the future of the Olympics...no more boring sports for middle-aged and rural people!
  18. 5 points
    New Record Alert!! Totallympics Record Number of Posts by Month March 5716 Good news! March 2019 saw a total of 5716 posts which is a record total for the month of March on Totallympics. Congratulations everyone!
  19. 5 points
    Got a solo picture from the run in the turn before starting the climb up the roof. Was a bit afraid of that turn, but it was surprisingly easy.
  20. 5 points
    Whatever the case, I'd say once the voting procedure and everything has started, songs that have been accepted into the competition at that point should remain so.
  21. 5 points
    Any sport that a 17th century Pope would like,,, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pope_Urban_VIII
  22. 5 points
    Alright, just wanted to update y’all on the scary situation we had earlier. The user sought help and according to his words, is in good hands. I want to thank @vinipereira for his help tracking down the user, so I could check in on him. I wish him a happy life and a good recovery back to excellent health. If you, another user, or anyone else you know needs help, don’t hesitate to look for it. I unfortunately have multiple memorial benches at my high school and I don’t want to see any of you in that situation. If you have further questions feel free to ask. If you need someone to talk to, feel free to DM anytime. See y’all around.
  23. 5 points
    Simon Fourcade is ending his career
  24. 5 points
    For a long term bet contest: Biathlon 1- Excluding relays, A. Kuzmina will start in at least one race during season 2019/20 (World Cup + WCH) [YES - 10]
  25. 4 points
    I made my own Thai-style green curry soup today, based on green curry paste. I added lots of things I like, like onions, garlic, spinach, coconut milk, cashew nuts, coriander and ... English sausages. I love experimenting with different cuisines and ingredients. Served in a bowl with vermicelli (glass noodles).
  26. 4 points
    TISC Team Challenge Guidelines The TISC Team Challenge consists of 10 teams: 9 teams of 4 members each and 1 team of 2 members which includes the host. Each team is based in a different region of the host country and named after an native ethnic group that inhabits said region. The competition will be held in a relay format of 4 legs, that mirrors each of the voting sessions of the Grand Final, e.g. Leg 1 will involve the votes of the juries positioned 1-10 in the voting order; leg 2 will include those juries positioned 11-19; leg 3 spans the votes of juries located 20-29 in the time shedule; and finally, leg 4 will comprise the votes of the juries situated 30-38 in the order. There will be one scoring member for each team in each leg. Only the score of the team member taking part in that specific leg will count towards the team competition. In the case of the the 2 member team, each nation will score in two succesive legs. To determine the order in which team members will race each leg, participating countries were distributed in two halves, onceagain respecting the voting order. Then for each team, the nation in the first half will exchange its position with the nation in the second half that "mirrors" its position, like the table below shows. Team 1st Leg 2nd Leg 3rd Leg 4th Leg Huichol Croatia New Zealand Slovenia Romania Tarahumara Bulgaria Portugal Tunisia Russia Tapatio Mexico Indonesia Huastec Finland Venezuela Chile Slovakia Otomi Great Britain Brazil Spain Netherlands Purepecha Lithuania Denmark Norway France Totonac Italy Colombia Serbia Germany Maya United States Egypt P.R. of China Argentina Mixtec Algeria Ireland Poland Greece Yaqui Turkey Australia India Malta At the end of each leg, the scoring team members will be ranked in descending order based on the number of points they received during that specific leg. Thus, the team that has accumulated the most points in that leg will be ranked first and receive a score of 1 point for that leg, with the 10th team in the rank receiving a score of 10 points. In the case where two or more teams members are tied after the leg is complete, the same tie-break rules that apply to the main contest will be carried out}; e.g. the team member that received points from the greatest number of different juries in that leg; then, the team member that received the highest score (12 points) from most juries, followed by the second highest score (11 points) from most juries and so on. If the tie remains after all the previous criteria have been used, the teams will be deemed to have tied for the same position and received the same points that leg. After all relay legs are completed, the team with the lowest team score will be deemed the winner, the format is similar to that used in Olympic-class sailing competitions. In the event that 2 or more teams are tied for position at the end of the contest, the 3 highest scoring legs for each member will be considered only in order to break the tie. If there is still a tie, the 2 highest scoring legs for each member will be considered only. If after that the tie remains, then the teams will be deemed to have tied for the same position and no further tie-breaks will apply.
  27. 4 points
    I write poetry from time to time, so on a sad day like this I choose to write one for the French people. (Sorry If you hate it, but I have gained many accolades for my poetry) (I apologize if I misused any French words, they’re all from google translate) (I also apologize if I offend anyone.): Brûler Our Lady, Notre Dame Stands burning. The protector becomes the afflicted. Fathers stop, Their sons are impatient. “It’s not everyday Our Lady burns.” It’s not everyday history is destroyed. Presidents, Emperors, Popes, Kings, and Queens All walked her halls. The Heart of France, Le Coeur de la France Burns, brûle A World, un monde Watches, regarde Sad, triste And devastated, et dévasté. All is lost, tout est perdu. Silence is broken, sadness is chained. Voices, voix de paris Cry out for Our Lady. Their tone is somber, their hearts heavy. But together, they cry out for Our Lady. Our Lady watched Paris for 800 years, We watched her for one evening. Beauty, sa beauté Changes to hideous horror. Hope will rise from her ashes. Les Parisiens will rebuild Our Lady. Her beauty will be restored. Her scars healed, But history’s will not. Today Our Lady burned, We sit in hushed sadness Tomorrow we rebuild, And create new history. (It takes a lot of courage on my part to post this here, so please be respectful if your critique it.)
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    Welcome to Mexico: All countries and juries aboard April 6, 2019.- 2019 Annual TISC organizers have confirmed that each and every one of the National juries and their respective members, have confirmed their participation in this year's edition, dismissing fears that some of them could be left behind. After a slow start in the voting process, most juries send their votes with time to spare before Thursday's deadline, leaving the organizers the task to count and validate the votes until the Big Final two weeks from now. But before, organizers have announced the celebration of the traditional draw that will determine the order each country will have for the aforementioned event. The drawing is taking place today at 11:30 local time, and as per usual, will involve a game show hosted by @OlympicIRL. As part of the celebration, organizing committee revealed it has already booked the flights for the participants, which will start arriving in Mexico City next Tuesday. They will rest there until Thursday, where they will be transported to one of 37 locations across Mexico's other 31 federative entities, where they will enjoy a 4 day stay and discover some of the beautiful places, cuisine, people and traditions the country has to offer, before arriving to Guadalajara the night of April 15th.
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    Sorry for the delay. I had some urgent work yesterday, so I couldn't vote. If nobody has an issue with an extension of a day, I can send my votes by tonight.
  31. 4 points
    Here you can find a variety of records and statistics for Totallympics! Records being tracked include "Number of Posts per Day / Month / Year", "Number of Active Users per Day / Year / Nation". Records will be updated regularly. Feel free to suggest your own Totallympics records and to post them here. Also, feel free to discuss the statistics and make suggestions for improving activity on the forum.
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    well, I must admit that I've never been perfectly fit, but at least I've always tried to keep in decent shape until the end of my studying years and Military service... I used to play handball (at competitive level, my team won the regional championship once and was 3rd twice during the boys class years...then when I switched to the cadet class, the new team wasn't that good and moreover in the second year I ijured my right knee, so, well conscious that I'd have never had a pro career, I decided to give up playing), swimming (I was good in the short distances of freestyle and backstroke, but I never tried to compete seriously) and occasionally having some fun with my friends at the playground (playing some futsal and some basketball, but, as I wrote, just for fun and nothing more)... then, once my studies and my Military service were over, a new life started... and nowadays my daily excercise is something like this: morning session: or mid-day session: or evening session: or + or and in between those epic efforts...
  35. 4 points
    I believe I promised photos from my trip to Utah, but forgot to post some. So here they are:
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    Well I got Figure Skating.... despite saying I preferred not to sit on the ice and that’s exactly what I’d be doing if I practiced this sport!
  38. 4 points
    This guy takes over the forum and suddenly you only need 100 posts to become a Totalldrug addicted instead of 1000 , what a coincidence!
  39. 4 points
    yes i'm going to defeat you yes i can
  40. 4 points
    The budget was needed to plan more mixed team events.
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    Finally we have the (at least provisional) calendar for next season so here's the main competitions which will count for the Olympic ranking (there's also going to be a lot of Satellite events in September-October but they award very few points). Team Ranking = World Champs + Continental Champs + best 4 results out of 5 World Cups Individual Ranking = World Champs + Continental Champs + other best 5 results Date Place Nation Weapon Gender Competition Team April 26-28 Seoul KOR Sabre Men / Women Grand Prix May 3-5 Cali COL Epee Men / Women Grand Prix May 3-5 Tauberbischofsheim GER Foil Women World Cup x May 3-5 St. Petersburg RUS Foil Men World Cup x May 10-12 Tunis TUN Sabre Women World Cup x May 10-12 Madrid ESP Sabre Men World Cup x May 17-19 Paris FRA Epee Men World Cup x May 17-19 Dubai UAE Epee Women World Cup x May 17-19 Shangai CHN Foil Men / Women Grand Prix May 24-26 Moscow RUS Sabre Men / Women Grand Prix June 8-12 Bamako MLI All Men / Women African Championships x June 13-18 Tokyo JPN All Men / Women Asian Championships x June 17-22 Dusseldorf GER All Men / Women European Championships x June 27- July 2 Toronto CAN All Men / Women Panamerican Championships x July 15-23 Budapest HUN All Men / Women World Championships x September-October All Men / Women Satellite Competitions November 1-3 Tallinn EST Epee Women World Cup x November 8-10 Bonn GER Foil Men World Cup x November 8-10 Orleans FRA Sabre Women World Cup x November 15-17 Algiers ALG Sabre Men World Cup x November 22-24 Algiers ALG Foil Women World Cup x November 22-24 Bern SUI Epee Men World Cup x December 13-15 St. Maur FRA Foil Women World Cup x December 13-15 Tokyo JPN Foil Men World Cup x December 13-15 Salt Lake City USA Sabre Women World Cup x January 10-12 Katowice POL Foil Women World Cup x January 10-12 Paris FRA Foil Men World Cup x January 10-12 Warsaw POL Sabre Men World Cup x January 10-12 La Havana CUB Epee Women World Cup x January 10-12 Heidenheim GER Epee Men World Cup x January 24-26 Doha QAT Epee Men / Women Grand Prix February 7-9 Turin ITA Foil Men / Women Grand Prix February 7-9 Barcelona ESP Epee Women World Cup x February 7-9 Vancouver CAN Epee Men World Cup x February 14-16 Cancun MEX Sabre Men / Women Grand Prix February 21-23 Cancun MEX Foil Women World Cup x February 21-23 Cairo EGY Foil Men World Cup x March 6-8 Athens GRE Sabre Women World Cup x March 6-8 Padua ITA Sabre Men World Cup x March 6-8 Budapest HUN Epee Men / Women Grand Prix March 13-15 Anaheim USA Foil Men / Women Grand Prix March 20-22 St. Niklaas BEL Sabre Women World Cup x March 20-22 Budapest HUN Sabre Men World Cup x March 20-22 Suzhou CHN Epee Women World Cup x March 20-22 Buenos Aires ARG Epee Men World Cup x
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    Every Friday is a good Friday
  44. 3 points
    Election for the Indonesian parliament will be a World War
  45. 3 points
  46. 3 points
    Proud to announce @Olympian1010 is carrying the American flag
  47. 3 points
    Final Results, it was a long night...so, First ever Female President in Slovakia meaning also we have first ever women as the commander-on-chief of our Armed Forces Slovak "Erin Brockovich" Zuzana Čaputová is the new president. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/slovakia-caputova-election-1.5078737 https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-47756368 https://www.yahoo.com/news/slovakia-could-elect-1st-female-head-state-080447179.html
  48. 3 points
    Sometimes my ugly little ass crack of a town can produce some real beauty: I live in desert, but it’s been bipolar recently.
  49. 3 points
    Burundi is qualified for the first time we have
  50. 3 points
    Hi- so due to popular demand I thought it would be good if Totallympics allowed more reactions like Facebook (I'd love to 'love' Kuzmina's last race, 'wow' an epic performance or 'angry-face' at the latest IOC stunt... you get the idea). I designed some ideas for those three- and I think they're okay, but I'm no artist by any means- so I'd like to throw it over to you guys to do one better. They have to be the same size as all the ones below- otherwise anything's fair game, and maybe we could vote on designs @Sindo@dcro Also because OCD, I decided to make every single flag of every country/de facto country/ISO territory we don't yet have. So if we added these we would literally need no more flags, ever, except if new countries came along. So if you all would like that, that's a suggestion too! Sovereign (or soon-to-be sovereign) States: Bougainville Vatican City Dutch Special Municipalities like Bonaire: Saba Sint Eustatius French Overseas Territories like Saint Martin: Saint Barthelemy Saint Pierre et Miquelon Australian External Territory like Christmas Island: Cocos (Keeling) Islands British Overseas Territories like Saint Helena: Ascension Island Pitcairn Islands Tristan da Cunha De Facto States like Abkhazia: Nagorno-Karabakh Northern Cyprus Somaliland South Ossetia Transnistria Sovereign Military Order of Malta Non-populated Distinct Territories like Antarctica: British Indian Ocean Territory French Southern Lands South Georgia

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