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Men's 3x3 Basketball Tournament at the Summer Olympic Games 2020

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Definitely one of the most exciting new additions.    Estonian and  Latvian gold: check. Now  Lithuania's turn somewhere.

This sport is interesting to watch. Deserves olympic status in future.

7 minutes ago, Monzanator said:

Krumins will be jumping on one leg for the rest of the week? :lol:

He might be getting carried on the shoulders of the Latvia delegation 

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Men's Tournament
Final Results
:LAT  Latvia   

Nauris Miezis

Karlis Lasmanis

Edgars Krumins

Agnis Cavars


:ROC  ROC   

Stanislav Sharov

Kirill Pisklov

Ilia Karpenkov

Alexander Zuev


:SRB  Serbia    

Dusan Domovic Bulut

Dejan Majstorovic

Aleksandar Ratkov

Mihailo Vasic

Gold Medal Match
:LAT  Latvia   21 - 18  ROC  :ROC
Bronze Medal Match
:SRB  Serbia   21 - 10  Belgium  :BEL
Full Tournament Results Here
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