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  1. yeah we forgot the scoreboards why didn't you send them week ago After all the Penguins did one good job
  2. if you are not able to open the ceremony let me do it , give me just few minutes i'll create many things
  3. they sleep with their shoes in Netherlands
  4. Shoes removed. Shoes not removed.
  5. Friday, April 19th 11:00 Opening Ceremony it's 11:18 where is the ceremony
  6. Swimmer bronze medalist euro 2018 ,50 m freestyle
  7. It's official sahnoun is qualified 100m swimm freestyle
  8. this is not one normal book , you are atheist you can't understand
  9. Sahnoun got 00:48.51 in 100 m freestyle this morining is he qualified ????????? of course during this French champs as he joined the club of Marseille for training they allowed him to participate
  10. the second qualified , i don't know in which sport do you know ?
  11. it's alarming for muslims too , they have to leave denmark forever
  12. they are 2 on this video + the cameraman , the most hilarious thing they throw like girls and have been catched like animals it's humiliating
  13. How many sports are qualifying to Tokyo
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