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  1. Looks like Australia decided to ignore C2 1000m. Good news for Africa.
  2. Standings after Speed Competition... 4.22 5.39 6.81 9.41 9.83 10.36 10.63 11.07 13.90 16.65 16.74 22.56 22.70 25.53 28.86
  3. Nice to see a water jump that's actually causing problems.
  4. And once again Team Ireland just can't find a clear round. It's like watching an endless replay.
  5. If you are into bitch fights, feel free to scroll through Eurodressage's Facebook page. You will even find conspiracy theories.
  6. Speed Competition in jumping starts in a bit. Here are the start list / live results.
  7. "There is no secret potion for endurance." Good one.
  8. I really don't get this speed thing. It's like 6 seconds of effort, WTF? I guess it's made for the urban audience with short attention span.
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