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  1. dcro

    Biathlon IBU Open European Championships 2019

    Plus some lovely communist style infrastruture here and there.
  2. So the only Olympian of the bunch was the slowest. #ProjectBogota
  3. Meh, without live timing, broadcasting of these races was incredibly bad.
  4. Somebody is finishing without skis.
  5. Yeah, nobody will be under 25:50.
  6. Said the royalty of nitpicking.
  7. Athletes are dropping like flies at these descents.
  8. Did Mexico send a retirement home to this Worlds or something?
  9. Ok if some commentator said that, but Kershaw?! Come on...
  10. Just like two years ago, Chinese honorably destroyed athletes from much smaller nations.
  11. Yes, TV director, all those Mongolians look alike...
  12. Top 10, nominally. I think they also need to be within some FIS points, but I'm not sure about that...
  13. Talk about Mongolian domination. 3 in top 4.