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  1. Apparently only the non-European users. It's a paradox!
  2. American eventing team has been announced... As expected, they will arrive to Lima with guns blazing. They also announced the jumping team (with Lucy Deslauriers being the travelling reserve).
  3. Or too creeped out by someone announcing their presence. It's a lurkers nightmare.
  4. More details about the competition (including info on next week's jumping qualifier) - @Sindo you can put this link as an official website. Actual team competition will be held on Saturday. I believe it will be streamed here - maximatv.ru (subject to confirmation) List of participants: Belarus Anastasiya Dudkova (Hofman) Volha Ihumentsava (Ed Khardy) Hanna Karasiova (Zodiak) Olga Safronova (Sandro d'Amour) Russia Marina Aframeeva (Vosk) Regina Isachkina (Sun of May Life) Tatyana Kosterina (Diavolessa) Elena Sidneva (Fuhur) Latvia Olga Sakurova (Lord Nelson) + few more Russian individuals
  5. According to FEI entries (which are sometimes incomplete), only Belarus and Russia will compete + an individual from Latvia. Kind of meh, I expected to see Poland and Estonia as well, though it's possible they felt like Russia was unbeatable anyway. Actually, only Belarus could possibly challenge the Russians, and even that is rather unlikely. Russia though very much deserves to finally qualify a dressage team. They never had a team after the Soviet times during which they were rather successful. Hell, they even defeated West Germany for the team gold at the Munich Olympics.
  6. Good to see Nigerien record improving. It used to be a tiny bit slower.
  7. Meh, Europe should already feel lucky that Mexico basically got banned in their favor. Besides, 7th or 8th ranked team missing out is really not that big of deal for 12-teams tournament...
  8. Possibly Honduras. I'm not sure, but I guess they can only use regional games results as there is nobody left in the World rankings.
  9. Korean coach is creeping me out...
  10. Aaaand it was over before it started. O'Shea had the first fence down, how very Irish of him.
  11. and meet each other in Sopot jump-off for gold. It will be a jump-off between two big time chokers.
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