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  1. Kentucky Three-Day Event has started today - #bestweekendallyear. Everything will be streamed here (free registration is required, may be geoblocked in places).
  2. Slovakia apparently loves mixed team events.
  3. Apparently Nino Salukvadze is the first athlete who will (should) continue this feat in Tokyo.
  4. Quotas for Mongolia and Georgia. Salukvadze did it again.
  5. Ping pong?! And yes, lovely sport of 100m dash.
  6. And already we have #dontspoiltheendgame.
  7. Barbados will host its first ever CDI event (international dressage competition) this weekend. And we literally have only one competitor entered - Roberta Fraser, who will be attempting to reach the minimum standard for the Pan Ams. https://www.fei.org/events/2019_CI_1761/St-Philip#participants
  8. Qualification for non-road events starts on May 1.
  9. Still, if it was later then at least direct qualification would have been possible.
  10. Honestly, Spain could only defeat Kenya and Fiji in Rio. It's not like the 3rd best European team (whoever it is) will be a contender.
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