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  1. To be fair, it's the athletes that miss out too, not just the spectators... I remember reading how a number of equestrian athletes felt left out during 2008 Olympics (even if there was a small cauldron in Hong Kong).
  2. I wonder if that particular venue had any real snowfall in the last 100 years.
  3. How often do you see announcements like: "X venue will host Y sport. Next step - IOC approval". Even they are unsure about this.
  4. Looks like Nicole Smith failed to get invited for Frankfurt Festhallen CDI5*... This means that South Africa now solely relies on Laurienne Dittmann, who is scheduled to compete at Mechelen World Cup after Christmas.
  5. Yes, they can (and really should). But I kind of doubt they will.
  6. German Open (2) Qatar Open (2) Japan Open (1) World Rankings (1) - reallocation of host quota
  7. Except there are 4 (!) more ways for them to qualify. This tournament was basically designed for the giants...
  8. 98% of Bougainvilleans said YES to independence.
  9. [hide] Knockout RoundDecember 13th - December 15th, 2019 4 Nations, Semifinals, Third Place Match and Final Semifinals Date & Time (GMT +9) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 December 13th 2019, h. 17:30 Norway 3 Spain December 13th 2019, h. 20:30 Russia 3 Netherlands [/hide]
  10. Actually, I believe this time they explicitly said that there will be no "Russia" in the name.
  11. FEI confirms that Russians will be allowed to compete as neutrals, and that no quotas will be rescinded (as long as there are clean eligible athletes).
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