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  1. Well, we shall see if they can do it again. Unlike the previous times, this time their rivals are setting massive WRs.
  2. Or maybe they just finally learned the cons of peaking too early in the Olympic year.
  3. Remember when Sir Bradley Wiggins and the bunch won Rio Olympics in a WR time of 3:50.2?
  4. I don't think so. It's an endurance event, so it's only fair that all three efforts count for something.
  5. On the more serious note, I find it really difficult to believe that GB will be able to beat these Danish/Dutch monsters their fake Olympic dominance created.
  6. Two more cases in Croatia today, bringing the total to 3.
  7. No home Olympics for Japanese team sprinters.
  8. I change my prediction. Brits will go 40.9 in the final.
  9. I thought the third rider was at pedestrian pace? 41.4 in the final,
  10. Germany posts the fastest time in heat 1, Russia goes slow in heat 4. I wonder if they turned on some fans or something.
  11. Wild once again gets her UAE tour victory.
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