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  1. is in! At least for now... as you know i don't live in PT anymore so the anual edition might be a challenge.... I'll look for stuff about last year's songs in portuguese radios and if I find something interesting, I'll officially join the contest!
  2. kungshamra71

    [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Black friday madness, in Portugal, with proper soundtrack as background
  3. kungshamra71

    Men's Football UEFA European Nations League 2018 - 2019

    You know you're settled in a new country when you start celebrating their goals and victories!!! I did it for two main reasons: 1- Didn't want France to advance and have the change to play against Portugal in a UEFA competition final.... in Portugal.... (i bet they want revenge, so better not to risk it hahaha) 2- A possible Portugal vs Netherlands is always interesting since I live here (even if it ends tragically like the last match Anyway, great to know that Portugal will take part (and organize!) of another final phase of a UEFA competition
  4. Sorry! I really like Brazil - and the song of last year between the Brazilian singers and the Portuguese one - , but your songs never manage to get in my top 12 I’m sure that would change with a song from Caetano Veloso haha
  5. Thanks to everyone who voted for the Portuguese song, it’s great to know that so many liked a song that is so traditionally Portuguese! ending in top 10 and with 100 points it’s really great!
  6. kungshamra71

    [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Here’s a very useful and nice short guide to this amazing Sinterklaas season
  7. kungshamra71

    [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    I have to admit that from all the crazy things related to Sinterklaas season that I found in the Netherlands, kruidnoten was the last thing I was expecting someone to ask my opinion about But yes, I like it! Only thing I despise is the dropjes, certainly created by some evil mastermind that chose to disguise the most hideous thing ever as candies
  8. Funny how the best results are with "partnerships" with singers from our brothers from the ex-colonies (Brazil and Cabo Verde)
  9. How on earth did within temptation an Mother Earth only got 18th place???
  10. Seattle? Nice! Two years ago I did a road trip from NY to San Francisco and one of the cities we sadly missed was precisely Seattle, so I'm glad I'll be able to visit it this time!!
  11. Hey! Maybe this has already been asked and answered in the past by I’ve been out for a while so I might have miss it, but isn’t the Irish song a cover from the Led Zeppelin song? And isn’t Led Zeppelin an English band? Or is the song actually a cover from an even older Irish song? Edit: nevermind!!! glad I was wrong
  12. Wow, putting your hopes in dutch trains? Good luck! (storing was the first Dutch word I learned ) The votes are in btw
  13. yeah that was a joke to Rotterdam who has no teams on Champions this year haha I actually dont have the above problems because i'm one of the (crazy?) riders And it's not that bad to be fair, maybe except on the most touristic areas because people (tourists) just don't think of bicycle lines as actually for bicycles and decide to just walk on it Everytime we have guests visiting Amsterdam for the first time i always give them the warning as soon as they land: "Bicycles here are like trains. Do trains stop for you to cross the road? No, right? Then bicycles here also don't. And just like the train, it will roll you over without mercy."
  14. At least in Amsterdam you can watch Champions League! (and probably die rolled out by a crazy bicycle rider who would also probably scream to you something like "Kut tourist! Rot op naar je eigen land!", those friendly amsterdam bicycle riders )
  15. Rotterdam? Blasphemy! i'm a proud amsterdammer! But unfortunately lately piled with work I'll send my votes today, if that's ok!