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  1. Can't wait for the Open edition and for the opening ceremony to get to know all the nice places i have yet not visited here in the netherlands
  2. Yeah basically the story is of a girl who's trying to convince some loved one to get out of house and go out with her, and to play the "wars" with their bodies instead of with the weapons. But she doesn't call him hobo or insults him haha, the worst i see is "as many lifes you have, if you dont come out with me, is your very own life which will have something to loose"
  3. You mean this one? It's the closest I can see from all portuguese entries that can say something (very farly) remotely closed to what you mention
  4. Have literally no idea which song said that. Was it from another portuguese user?
  5. As for the Portuguese jury I can tell it quite clearly: I give zero f*cks about the nation or the language or the users. In fact, it might work the other way around, as if I understand what they say I might dislike the song for being so dumb (it happened ). I don’t even watch the videos to not be influenced by its quality. I basically just go one by one from the TISC first page, listen to then, and give it points (doing second or third rounds for specific songs with similar points for the final decision) Anyway, bottom line is: keep sending the best of Indonesia. Even if not everyone likes it, someone will, and you’ll know you’ve helped on sharing a bit of your country with someone else
  6. Totally blown away with the song ending in top 10! As I said before, this song is very special as almost a symbol of portuguese people and our history, and I knew from the start it's a very peculiar (and not catchy at all) song, so it is very cool that some of you really liked it! Thanks to all the countries that give us the gold and silver medals!!
  7. wow!!! really didn't expect someone here to like the song that much! It's a very important and representative song of Portugal, and thats why I shared it here, so i'm really happy someone liked it that much
  8. I'll be "babysiting" parents visiting us here in amsterdam so will only be able to follow it on mobile from time to time....
  9. Actually, funny story, I'm actually gonna spend a weekend in copenhagen next month
  10. PORTUGAL Dulce Pontes - Canção do Mar As usual, I use the TISC to show the best of Portuguese music, doing it with different music genres. This time I bring you what is probably the song which more accurately represents Portugal and our people, a fado-like music, originally from our greatest fadist of all time (Amalia Rodrigues), which is about the sea and sadness and missing someone.
  11. Yes, but that is also because of many goans who ran away many years ago to portuguese colonies, and then to Portugal (after independence from colonies), I had a few friends with stories like that. still it’s interesting how the language resisted in India after so many years
  12. Amazing, never had heard of this variant of portuguese, it’s so similar
  13. https://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/news/newsid=2625412.html hopefully Germany will also end up in last place on the group, so that we can have more 4 teams in 2022/23
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