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Taekwondo WT World Championships 2022 Road to Paris 2024


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15 hours ago, thepharoah said:

This new system really turned Taekwondo into a very boring sport , where u can get the 1st point and defend it till death and u will never get caught 

and gives too much power to the refs and their "systematic" Gam-Jeong.


luckily, yesterday they didn't have any influence on the medal matches, but it's just a the previous Grand Prix tournaments I've seen many dirty, biased calls (to say the least).

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17 hours ago, Grassmarket said:

TV coverage is on the Olympic Channel - starts at midnight UK time.


16 hours ago, phelps said:

That's the semis & finals session...

for what concerns the earlier sessions, it's all live on YT (up to 5 mats at the same time) ;)

Rd of #16 is on right now, for instance.

best news of the week...all the competition is on YT, live and ondemand...with the final sessions not going "private" at least until 24 hours from the actual event (and hopefully never going).


all this, here in Italy, of course...I don't know if it's the same in other Nations (I guess those places where some National TV channels have bought the TV rights don't have this privilege). :mumble:

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3 hours ago, phelps said:

the men's fight between :SRB and :IRI is actually an Iranian derby, since Serbia is represented by Mahdi Khodabakhshi.


we will see lots of Iranian derbies in this sport. lots of Iranians in the draw and there will be more in the future


Khodabakhshi won (and later secured his SF spot) with a little help from the ref. but what was that celebration about at the end ? :mad: his opponent was just a 17 years old kid.


btw it seems after a while he is back to his best form, and he adopted his tactic to these new rules very well. he still has his dirty defensive tactics which work better now.


6 years ago he lost to Beigi in Rio and now he becomes the new "Beigi".

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3 hours ago, MHSN said:


6 years ago he lost to Beigi in Rio and now he becomes the new "Beigi".

he is indeed a new Beigi. World Champion without losing a single round and I believe our teenager Abbasi was the only one who was close to beat him. or at least had a chance.


I don't know if that's because of the new rules or he is just back to his best shape. the last time he competed for Iran, he was very poor. have to give credit to Serbian coaches for bringing him back.


switching nationality is not a common thing in this sport, I believe he is the first person winning two two World Champs medals (let alone 2 gold medals) for 2 different countries.

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