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  1. I guess it was planned to do only the 1st half of the distance this time. But in K4 W. - 12 boats, and there are 3 rounds to eliminate 4 boats before the final. Great.
  2. I still believe in a surprise here (K1 W), the semi's times are pretty close, the wind is different than 2 days ago and it looked like an easy run for Csipes (just like for Carrington).
  3. Dead heat in the 1st K1-200 semi, Stensils is in the final too.
  4. Quite stupid progression system, singles and doubles can't avoid the SF, so 2 runs on the day of the final. F.e. 14 starters in C2-1000, 10 will make the SF, 5-5 each SF only to eliminate 1 pair in each SF that is approx 2 hours before the final.
  5. They have an extra attempt to run a better time so become one of the 4 fastest time qualifiers.
  6. I hope Yeleussinov (KAZ, 69kg) will get the compensation in his final for this one, I have a bet on him.
  7. The same way Phelps won the 100 Fly in 2008.
  8. Previous Men - Outdoor - Recurve - 72 rounds - 70 meters WR was 699/720 held by Im Dong Hyun from London 2012, if I'm right. There are too many categories, too many WRs.
  9. "due to injury"
  10. "British athletes, however, will have to settle for national glory and their image on a stamp rather than cash. British Olympic chiefs are of the view that financial rewards do not significantly impact the motivation of athletes to reach the podium and it is their desire to compete at the Olympics that is their main driving force."
  11. Hungary Approx: Gold - €112.400 Silver - €80.300 Bronze - €64.300 Members of - pairs 10% less, fours 20% less, teams 30% less.
  12. Higenamine
  13. "3. The ROC is not allowed to enter any athlete for the Olympic Games Rio 2016 who has ever been sanctioned for doping, even if he or she has served the sanction."
  14. intoronto, we (HUN) already have a place in K1 200.
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