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  2. Well the games have been going on all week. I watched a bit of the gymnastics tonight. Interesting festival. I think it’s good for women’s empowerment and the message the all female athletes, The all female commentators, and all female judges sends a good message for young girls. Plus, it’s been tailored as a women’s empowerment event. I wasn’t really enjoying it, but I obviously wasn’t the audience they were catering to and I’m fine with that. They did bring in some very talented and exciting athletes to support the event. They also showcased some sports and events that normally wouldn’t get national television attention here in the US. I might go back and watch a few things actually.
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  4. Indians in Action BWF World Championships 2019 MS:- Sai, Srikanth, Prannoy play in Rd3 WS:- Saina, Sindhu play in Rd3 ISSF World Cup Shotgun US Open Grand Slam Qualifiers:- Ankita looses in Rd2 Sumit plays in Rd2 European Tour Golf - Rd1 G Bhullar ITTF World Tour Czech Open 2019 MS:- Sathiyan plays in R32 MD:- Manav/Harmeet play in R16 Olympic Test Event - Hockey - Finals Men India 5 - 0 New Zealand Women India 2 - 1 Japan
  5. Also, welcome the the King Mohammed VI Games
  6. I do love the cycling kits though. Hopefully we see one or two in the Olympics.
  7. The mountain bike course was laughable. Good climbs, but just no features that make mountain biking itself. No rocky sections, no challenging downhills, no roots, no steep rocky hills, no jumps. Disappointing, like these games.
  8. won their third ever gold medal today! They won the men’s Beach Volleyball tournament. It’s also their 10th all-time medal. It will be interesting to see if we see them at Birmingham 2022
  9. Alright, screw the African Games. These games have everything. Nice graphics, sustainable venues, beautiful scenery, probably more than 5 spectators, a nice function website. I’m getting very hyped for these games.
  10. Volunteer uniforms It honestly can’t get more beach than this look (at least while looking professional).
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  12. UWW announced the seeded wrestlers for the World Championship based on the preliminary entry list. only top 4 will be seeded and unlike the previous year if one of top 4 doesn't make it, they will move up the next ranked wrestler into top 4. top seeds in freestyle, this is based on UWW list, they just had a mistake in 61kg which I fixed but you can't count on this 100% because for example I'm pretty sure Batirov will enter one of the Olympic weights. so in short, this is most probably accurate for Olympic weights but not that much for non-Olympic weights. only 3 seeded wrestlers for Russia. not because they are weak. but because they are sending different wrestlers. USA leads with 5. 57kg: 1. Atli 2. Uguev 3. Takahashi 4. Sanayev 61kg: 1. Bonne 2. Aware 3. Lomtadze 4. Okhlopkov 65kg: 1. Bajrang 2. Otoguro 3. Kilicsalayan 4. Okassov 70kg: 1. Batirov 2. Kaipanov 3. Emami 4. Safaryan 74kg: 1. Chamizo 2. Burroughs 3. Sidakov 4. Kentchadze 79kg: 1. Dake 2. Hasanov 3. Kotanoglu 4. Teymouri 86kg: 1. Erdin 2. Makoev 3. Yazdani 4. Punia 92kg: 1. Cox 2. Karimi 3. Yankouski 4. Mtsituri 97kg: 1. Snyder 2. Sadulaev 3. Batzul 4. Conyedo 125kg: 1. Petriashvili 2. Deng 3. Akgul 4. Gwiazdowski
  13. These are some slow times, ffs. I'm not one to complain and I don't expect much from these Games, but this is... wow. The winner here would have placed 9th at the 2019 Pan American Games.
  14. I don't know if it's youth, but surely urban (50 m might be even an outdoor pool in the middle of the city) and sustainable (less water needed).
  15. If there is but one thing I love these games, It’s the graphics
  16. Heavy attendance for the swimming finals today
  17. Well he is the Olympic bronze medalist...
  18. Or and hear me out ICF. Just making the freaking women’s race 1000m
  19. Look I have an idea, K4 50m. That’s it. That’s my response.
  20. Well that was a blowout. Glad there was nothing to worry about in the end. Excited for the semi finals!
  21. Yeah, he has finished his season. After a back injury in spring he simply isn't in good enough shape to participate and will focus on Tokyo.
  22. Apparently Storl will miss the world championship after an injury
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