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  2. I don't much like PvdA's general ideas, it's way too 'left' for me in terms of stuff like immigration, crime, economy.
  3. Can I ask you why do you think this? Let me explain better: it is a problem regarding the ideas that this party carries on or is a problem connected to any specific person? I don’t know them at all neither I have ever been in Netherlands, I’m just curious. My curiosity is connected to the fact that recently in Italy people are becoming highly personalized and mirroring their leaders, so I wonder if this happens abroad too. Edit: I read too fast your message, sorry 😐 but still, it seems to me that you are somehow not happy with this party, so my question is still valid :D
  4. and Voráček missed a enormous chance after a 3 on 1 turnover in the last seconds of the 2nd frame. 1-1 after 40 minutes in Bratislava. Last 2 minutes of Period 2 in Košice, still 3-3
  5. Unbelievable mistake from the goalie Patrik Bartošák who literally served the puck to Tiffels, whom then assisted Frank Mauer who had no problem to tie the score - 1-1 Time 37:46
  6. The Algerian Rugby Federation, officially accepted as an affiliate member of World Rugby
  7. Explosion in Bratislava ! The Arena errupted like a Czech volcano. - 1-0 Time 33:41 Jan Kovář 1-0
  8. Usally I don't care about exit poll... but there are the only data that we have until sunday
  9. Not sure how good the big rise of PvdA is though.
  10. 136 km/h was measured the shot from Hakanpaa, Lundqvist had no chance to stop it. Assist: Manninen
  11. 3-3 in Košice. GOALLLL Jani Haakanpa with a bomb from the blue line tied the score. Amazing match as expected between the nordic powerhouses
  12. In the Netherlands, PvdA-S&D appear to have significantly outperformed expectations. From averaging at 11.7% in pre-election polls, the party is projected to win 18% of the vote in Ipsos' preliminary exit poll.
  13. GOALLLL Petteri Lindbohm scored at 25:04 and reduced the score - 2-3 Assists Manninen and Pesonen
  14. Good results from the Netherlands exit poll
  15. CZE survived, both teams playing on full strength
  16. meanwhile in Bratislava Germany survived the Czech PP and now it´s their time to play with a man advantage Radko Gudas 2 minutes for tripping
  17. Federer91 1. Chad Haga (21) - 21 2. Pascal Ackermann (1) - 22 3. Fernando Gaviria (1) - 23 4. Caleb Ewan (2) - 25 5. Arnaud Demare (3) - 28 6. Enrico Battaglin (84) - 112 7. Jan Bakelants (15) - 127 8. ----------------------------- 9. Primoz Roglic (1) - 128 10. Elia Viviani (2) - 130 11. Giacomo Nizzolo (8) - 138 12. Thomas De Gendt (8) - 146 13. Miguel Angel Lopez
  18. and what a hammer from right after the start of the 2nd frame. Time 20:25 Elias Pettersson assisted by Landeskog and Ekman-Larsson - 1-3
  19. The party i always vote came in last, after doing the test. Interesting
  20. They were dangerous in 2016 when they didnt have such a good roster. Cant imagine how good they will be this time.
  21. Results after 1st Period: 2A-3B Finland - Sweden 1-2 (1-2,-,-) 01:00 Niko Mikkola (Pesonen, Manninen) 1-0 02:38 John Klingberg (Nylander, Wennberg) 1-1 16:57 Patric Hornqvist (Ekman-Larsson, Larsson) 1-2 2B-3A Czech Republic - Germany 0-0 (0-0,-,-)
  22. So many clear SWE penalites, yet not a single hand up....
  23. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serbia_at_the_2019_European_Games Sad napravio stranicu, ako treba nesto da se ispravi reci
  24. Czech Power play in the last minute of 1st period, again Patrick Hager penalized this time for tripping
  25. - 1-2 . Lucky goal by Patrick Hornqvist who lost his stick but still score the goal lol at 16:27 assisted by Ekman-Larsson and Larsson
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