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  1. Men's Javelin Throw: Antti Ruuskanen 85.15m https://www.olympiakomitea.fi/2019/06/16/antti-ruuskanen-heitti-keihasta-yli-tokion-olympiarajan/
  2. Men's 1500m Josh Kerr 3:33.60 https://live.pntfo.com/meets/2179/events/153912/results
  3. Not an Olympian, but Gabriele Grunewald who represented the US at the 2014 World Indoor Championships died of cancer at 33 years old yesterday.
  4. Men's Hammer Throw: Eivind Henriksen 78.25m https://www.iaaf.org/athletes/norway/eivind-henriksen-221298
  5. NCAA Championships Women's 400m: Aliyah Abrams 51.13 https://dt8v5llb2dwhs.cloudfront.net/NCAA/023-2_compiled.htm Racers Grand Prix https://racersgrandprix.com/liveresults/ Women's 400m: Shaunae Miller-Uibo 49.54 Women's 400mH: Nikita Tracey 55.25 and Ronda Whyte 55.31 Women's Triple Jump Shanieka Ricketts 14.69m (1.0) and Keturah Orji 14.45m (1.1) and Nadia Eke 14.33m (0.8)
  6. High schooler Justin Robinson ran 44.84 today for U18 World Best 400m
  7. Men's 20km Race Walk https://atletismo.gal/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/20km-masculino.pdf Massimo Stano 1:17:45 Jose Alejandro Barrondo 1:19:55 Jose Montana 1:20:18 Andres Chocho 1:20:30 Carlos Sanchez Cantera 1:20:39 Brian Pintado 1:20:44 Alex Wright 1:20:50 Julio Cesar Salazar 1:20:57 Giorgio Rubino 1:20:59
  8. Men's 100m: Waseem Williams 10.04 (0.8) https://dt8v5llb2dwhs.cloudfront.net/NCAA/001-2_compiled.htm Men's 400m: Jonathan Jones 44.64 https://dt8v5llb2dwhs.cloudfront.net/NCAA/003-2_compiled.htm Men's 400mH: now has a full quota of 3 qualified. https://dt8v5llb2dwhs.cloudfront.net/NCAA/010-2_compiled.htm
  9. Grant Holloway 12.98 and Daniel Roberts 13.00 in the Men's 110mH Final (0.8) at NCAA Championships!!! Holloway broke the very old collegiate record of Renaldo Nehemiah (13.00) from 1979
  10. Men's 100m: Mario Burke 9.98 (1.3) and Joseph Amoah 10.01 (1.3) https://dt8v5llb2dwhs.cloudfront.net/NCAA/001-1_compiled.htm Men's 200m: Mario Burke 20.08 (0.7) https://dt8v5llb2dwhs.cloudfront.net/NCAA/002-1_compiled.htm Men's Javelin Throw: Anderson Peters 86.62m https://dt8v5llb2dwhs.cloudfront.net/NCAA/020-1_compiled.htm
  11. @hckosice Slovakia's own Adam Macko was drafted in the 8th round today by Seattle. https://www.lookoutlanding.com/2019/6/4/18652849/mariners-take-slovakian-born-lhp-adam-macko-in-the-7th-round
  12. Women's 400m: Paola Moran 51.32 at Mexican National Championships. http://panelcontenido.fmaa.mx/data/documentos/ID2096891857_resultados campeonato nal abierto de at chihuahua 2019.pdf Women's 400m Hurdles: Amalie Iuel 55.15 in Gliwice, Poland.
  13. Perhaps Lahoulou was not feeling well and decided to start at the last minute, which would make sense why he was originally listed as DNS
  14. What a race by Gabriela Stafford breaking the NR on debut
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