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  1. juddy96

    Swimming 2019 Discussion Thread

    Rikako Ikee was diagnosed with leukemia, according to her twitter account.
  2. juddy96

    Commonwealth Games 2018

    Because he would've got DQ'd with any outside assistance, and Hawkins was trying to be too tough for his own good I seen this situation before, I think it was in some women's race in maybe Poland?
  3. juddy96

    Commonwealth Games 2018

    That is so sad for Hawkins
  4. juddy96

    Commonwealth Games 2018

    Gold for in women's marathon! Been a great commonwealth games for a lot of the non-powerhouse nations
  5. juddy96

    Commonwealth Games 2018

    Non-Olympic/worlds championship races are very hard to get the best athletes, even Canada didn't send anyone in the Marathon because our best two men are running Boston on Monday
  6. juddy96

    Commonwealth Games 2018

    Manika currently ranked 58th in the world, and 37th in Asia... Asia is too good. But the rankings aren't always accurate, Mo Zhang (Canada) is rank 26 atm and I wouldn't put her near that high
  7. juddy96

    Commonwealth Games 2018

    wins gold in wrestling!
  8. juddy96

    Commonwealth Games 2018

    What a podium in Men's Triple Jump
  9. juddy96

    Commonwealth Games 2018

    Gold for Levern Spencer!
  10. juddy96

    Commonwealth Games 2018

    What a terrific women's pole vault, Alysha Newman comes up clutch!
  11. juddy96

    Commonwealth Games 2018

    Semenya just casually smashes out a 1:56.6 in April (though it is in season for South Africa)
  12. juddy96

    Commonwealth Games 2018

    Matt Hughes
  13. juddy96

    Commonwealth Games 2018

    Nigeria stepped on the line, Australia had their runner in the wrong position during the changeover, and England had a hamstring injury 50m into the race
  14. juddy96

    Commonwealth Games 2018

    Well clearly Canada has declined in Rhythmic Gymnastics, I think it's silly to have medals for all the individual disciplines, for me it's not like Artistic where there are clear specialists on some apparatus that would warrant that
  15. juddy96

    Commonwealth Games 2018

    Regardless, the majority of the Canadians that have won medals here have been the up and comers PB'ing, such as Lovett in the HJ and Ruck in the swimming. Many of our top track (and other) athletes either didn't get into shape to prepare for this or just didn't bother entering. Schultz in the Heptathlon another up and comer looking to PB and get a medal too. Hopefully she will stay as Canadian as she has mentioned looking to switch allegiances before