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Men's Handball IHF World Championship 2023 Road to Paris 2024


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Not so promising trial runs for :USA at the Gjensidige Cup held in Norway this past weekend


:BRA Loss, 22-27

:POR Loss, 27-39

:NOR Loss, 26-43


Final Standings

1.  :NOR 3W - 0L - 111:76

2. :POR 2W - 1L - 97:93

3. :BRA 1W - 2L - 78:83

4. :USA 0W - 3L - 75:109

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On 1/6/2023 at 3:15 PM, rafalgorka said:

It’s a pity we are co-hosts but our team is much worse than few years ago. I wonder how they perform against Slovenia the most.

well, so far you're giving :FRA some real troubles...:evil:


maybe you should be a bit more optimistic...;)

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1 hour ago, Adriano said:

Bye, bye Olympic Games.  Slovenia, Montenegro and Spain next. So only volleyball team in Paris.  Miss OG 2008.

I think both volleyball teams can qualify.


women’s handball, women’s rugby 7s and men’s 3x3 basketball have some tiny chances as well.

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1 hour ago, phelps said:

French defense took over in the last 10 mins, but I think Poland played quite well and definitely they're not chanceless vs :SLO and :MNE.

:ESP might be a different story, however.

Haven’t seen the game but -2 goals is much better score than I expected


Bad draw for us here though

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Oh wow, what a massively deserved win for Iran against Chile last night! Iran was about to be absolutely robbed after a total bullshit 2-minute send-off with 9 minutes to go and then seeming to lose it afterwards (being three points behind all of a sudden), but they fought back and even got the win :hyper: 


Fantastic spirit.

If you'd like to help our fellow Totallympics member Bruna Moura get to the 2026 Winter Olympics, after her car crash on the way to the 2022 Olympics, every tiny bit of help would be greatly appreciated! Full story and how to help can be found here!

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