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Men's Handball IHF World Championship 2023 Road to Paris 2024


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4 hours ago, heywoodu said:

Oh wow, what a massively deserved win for Iran against Chile last night! Iran was about to be absolutely robbed after a total bullshit 2-minute send-off with 9 minutes to go and then seeming to lose it afterwards (being three points behind all of a sudden), but they fought back and even got the win :hyper: 


Fantastic spirit.

That was blessing in disguise :d that guy Afshin Sadeghi was the weak link of the team, missed so many shoots selfishly, had so many turnovers and hurt the team big team with two 2-minute suspensions earlier in the 2nd half. when the ref "wrongly" showed him the red-card, finally the rest of the team played some handball and won the match


but have to say Chile was the better team overall, only our GK had a fantastic night :bowdown:


we had lots of players in European leagues, but all of them are either retired, injured or simply not interested to play for the NT. Iran is a very weak and inexperienced team this time, our coach probably thought he "has" to play experienced guys like Sadeghi even when they are playing extremely bad. but this time those terrible Bosnian refs forced him to play someone else and that someone else scored the winning goal :d

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