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  2. So that goes to Martin Fourcade now or what? I had hoped it'd be an interesting winner, not the one who already won a gazillion of these things
  3. Hell no, and just to be sure there won't be any saws or blowtorches nearby
  4. which means that Slovakia has never won a winter olympics bronze medal again
  5. Today
  6. [hide] Week 2 - Stages 7-12 Stage Top 3 Riders Vitoria-Gasteiz - Villanueva de Valdegovia Stage 7 October, 27th 1st: Michael Woods 2nd: Luis León Sánchez 3rd: Remi Cavagna Robert Power Tim Wellens Michael Woods Esteban Chaves Ricardo Carapaz Remi Cavagna Guillaume Martin Nans
  7. And Trump will because he's known to have no good connections with China and Russia at all?
  8. Indian's in Action Today ATP 250 Tour Kazakhistan:- Rohan/Fredrik, Divj/Luke play in Rd1 ATP Challenger Germany:- Prajnesh play in Rd1 Sumit loose in Rd1 SriRam/Luca play in Rd1 Spain:- Ramkumar plays in Rd1 Ramkumar/Purav play in Rd1
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hopeful we’ll be able to see some video from the first runs tomorrow, so we can really start to analyze the track. There’s a couple of sections I’m very interested in after seeing the photos posted by the FIL today.
  11. I still can't accept that will not compete, they usually send quite good songs, especially their entries in 2014 and 2015 were awesome.
  12. Confirmed ! the central crisis staff decided on holding the nationwide testing the following weekend, but, Unlike the original plans, it will take place only 2 days on Saturday, October 31 and Sunday, November 1. More details on the testing should be presented tomorrow on October 27 during a special press conference. However, Every sampling site should absorb about 35 people per hour to be able to test in 2 days the all 5.4 million of Slovakia inhabitants Moreover, Slovakia is also in talks with other countries who could provide material or personnel if
  13. Calendario deporte olímpico español semana del 26 octubre al 1 de noviembre. Ver en : semanal
  14. Prodan jučer ispala u 1 borbi, a Kumric u drugom kolu od kasnijeg pobjednika. na novom renkingu trenutno Matić i Prodan unutra preko renkinga, a Kumric trenutno drži zadnju mušku kontinentalnu kvotu.
  15. Last week
  16. What makes you think that? Williamson is a well known and common Japanese surname.
  17. Well, apparently Budapest did well because we will host the Judo World Championships in 2021 instead of Uzbekistan, one month before the Olympics. Not sure why IJF wants a WCh in an Olympic year, specially so close to the Games.
  18. WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 Predictions: Mr. Money in the Bank Otis vs. The Miz Singles Match for the Money in the Bank contract The whole story around the Money in the Bank contract was made like a comic act, not to be taken seriously. Miz & Morrison stealing two times the wrong briefcase was funny. Тhe improvised case in court was hilarious as well. Even Otis disguised as El Gran Gordo was able to pin The Miz at the last RAW. Тaking into account that The Miz, John Morrison and Tucker were drafted to RAW, only Otis stayed on SmackDown,
  19. Good thing Sölden is already behind him and it's a while before his main events are coming up, so it shouldn't be much of an issue probably.
  20. Maham Aftab - 2010 Youth Olympian (Taekwondo):
  21. Well that was a rather epic meltdown by Jumbo-Visma today
  22. Those people dressing for winter when asked to dress for -5 degrees Celsius That's when I start figuring out a time 'somewhere in the next weeks' to go up to the attic and maybe find my autumn clothes.
  23. Takaaki Nakagami, scoring points in every race and working up to 5th in the championship, got the first Japanese MotoGP pole position since 2004 yesterday in Aragon. Today is the race and within a few corners, he was down in the gravel
  24. It must be a blessing feeling to be a fan of Venlo
  25. Like every year, America gets to enjoy lots of snow, while Europe (at least in my regions) is becoming like north Africa.
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