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  1. Past hour
  2. Don't forget Sven Kramer failing to win the 10000m again :D
  3. Finally rewatched 16 Days of Glory (1984), for the first time in about 10 years or so. That was Bud Greenspan at the height of his powers. Wonderful Olympic film. Didn't mind its length (4.5 hours) at all. I am almost glad that the Olympics got postponed, since Olympic Channel probably never would have uploaded these films otherwise.
  4. Madrid Open 2020 is officially cancelled, apparently Djokovic announced it in the tennis player WhatsApp chat. (Marca source)
  5. Today
  6. Great victory for Izaguirre, he just dominate the last lap
  7. I don't think I'm going to need you to download them, as they can be found on spotify. But thank you very much for offering your help
  8. Brian Chewter, 66, Canadian Olympic cyclist (1972, 1976 OG).
  9. Haven't written anything here for some time, so let's make an overview of the last PPV, and the overall storylines. "The Horror Show at Extreme Rules" was the last PPV, which took place on the July 19th. On the Pre-Show, Kevin Owens defeated Murphy, probably building himself for a future feud with Rollins. Cesaro and Nakamura defeated in a very entertaining match The New Day, as Cesaro put Kofi through not one, but two tables which were stacked on top of each other. With that Cesaro and Nakamura became the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions. Then it came the first of two Women's Championship matches, as Bayley faced-off against Nikki Cross. With a few shenanigans, Bayley was able to retain the title, after Banks was able to slip in her "BOSS" rings, which were used as brass knuckles. The United States Championship was supposed to be defended next, but with Apollo Crews missing the PPV, probably with doubts for coronavirus, the match was scrapped. Next, Rollins defeated Mysterio in a very bizarre match, which had the stipulation, that the only way to win the match is to extract an eye of their opponent. The match was great and could have ended with someone having an eye injure, but the thing WWE came with was just awful. They had a fake prosthetic eye, which fall of Mysterio's face. while Rollins was disgusted by the view and puked on the floor. Next was the best match of the evening, Asuka defending the RAW Women's Championship against Sasha Banks. They had an amazing back and forth match with Banks looking incredible. The finish was a bit off with Asuka having Banks locked into the Asuka Lock. Banks tapped out, but the referee was distracted by Bayley and didn't saw it. Then Asuka went for the Green mist, but accidentally sprayed it into the referee's eyes. While the referee couldn't see anything, Bayley hit Asuka with her title belt, put on the referee shirt, counted the pin and declared Sasha as the new champion. But later, WWE declared on their website that the match is a no contest and that Asuka is still the champion. I really loved the finish, because it reminded me of the old school matches, that WWE had produced in the past. Still I'm very devoted to this storyline between Sasha and Bayley and I love what WWE had created thus far. Next on the line was the WWE Championship, as Drew McIntyre defended against Dolph Ziggler. The match was under Extreme Rules stipulation, but only for Ziggler. Furthermore, had McIntyre gotten disqualified or counted out, Ziggler would have won the championship. Almost the match felt, as a long-term booked one, but it was only a filler, as in the end after a Claymore Kick, McIntyre retained the WWE Championship. And as the main event, we had a pre-taped video match, similar to the Undertaker - AJ Styles match which took place at WrestleMania 36. It was big chaos with lots of past references. Alexa Bliss also was included, probably playing the role of Sister Abigail. With the end we saw, Wyatt using the Mandible Claw to drag and drown Strowman in the swamp. Then Wyatt himself got pulled under the muddy water only to re-emerge as The Fiend. So that's the results of the Extreme Rules PPV. Let's go and check now how the storylines are progressing from the PPV onward.
  10. Thomas Group A: Ex colonies will fight against their former overlords
  11. FIBA's Executive Committee has determined the sporting target for co-host Indonesia to be granted automatic qualification to the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023. The men's national team needs to be ranked among the top eight teams at the FIBA Asia Cup 2021 in order to receive qualification. The two other co-host nations of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023, Japan and the Philippines, who both played in the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019, have received direct qualification. Indonesia will get a chance to make history through the upcoming FIBA Asia Cup 2021 next year.
  12. Day 10: highlight for me will be athletics, 200m women with Miller-Uibo, Fraser-Pryce, Thompson and Asher-Smith. And maybe, maybe, maybe Dafne Schippers. Hopefully she uses this extra year to find back her form of 2015-2017. Last prelims in women's handball competition today as well. Track cycling begins today. It will only become interesting for The Netherlands when their men's teamsprinters come in action. That's Tuesday.
  13. Some news from the Finnish summer championship. Big surprise among the men's where Joni Mäki defeated the biggest favourite Iivo Niskanen. Krista Pärmäkoski won the women's race
  14. just 3 letters: N-O-P all those cheaters should be cancelled from the sports history books, exactly like those of the BALCO scandal, Ma Junren's Turtle Blood addicted and all benefiting from the (many) State-run Doping programs discovered through the years...
  15. Justin Thomas wins the WGC Invitational by 3 strokes. Daniel Berger, Tom Lewis, Phil Mickelson & Brooks Koepka all tied for 2nd. Up next, is the first major of 2020: PGA Championship.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Have you never heard of a man called Ronnie O’Sullivan? He has had plenty of rude gestures of all types in his career
  18. Surprisingly victory for the italian duo Abbiati/Andreatta against the former silver medallist at WCh Doppler/Horst
  19. I wasn’t a fan of black hole either. I much prefer the traditional funnel event. Solid day for the Orangers though. I’ll take a 6th place, especially when it places us back in control of the overall standings.
  20. That was a pretty direct article. I wonder how he has been kept from the Russians.
  21. Greetings from the World Truffle Center...
  22. The problem is that it is not sexual abuse, which is criminal, but allegations of various forms of emotional tactics which may or not be abusive. I doubt they would seen as abusive in 99% of male sports. Certainly if NZ female gymnasts feel that the Commonwealth Games are too stressful for them, then perhaps they should be looking at other, less damaging, career options.
  23. He was having problems and worries about his tyres for a good while and was wondering when/it he'd have a chance to come in. Good choice.
  24. Democrats and Joe Biden are afraid of TikTok too. Guess the anti-China bias is one thing that actually unites the otherwise divided US politics
  25. Nice try by Lundgaard to go for medium compound tyres at the end, but eventually it just made him go from 2nd back to 2nd
  26. I think that it will be only a small adventure for the home Olympics... His focus his athletics, for now
  27. I agree. It can take weeks to recover from a long, mediocre BM episode...
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