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Athletics 2024 Discussion Thread


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  • 2 weeks later...

:GER triple jumper Maria Purtsa will now represent :GRE


She is 36th in the current World Rankings, so a decent pickup for us :yes


It was announced on our athletics federation website and also on Instagram and she reposted it.


She was born and raised in Germany to a Greek father and a Bulgarian mother. Her father is from Pella, Greece and she visits frequently.

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1 hour ago, Grassmarket said:

We got our first Indoor meets of 2024!  :cheer:

(OK, I am excluding the Siberian Regionals from last weekend)

Dortmund on Saturday afternoon.



Glad I can rely on you to let me know when this is, because one of the biggest Greek sport sites published an article today saying that we will have three athletes competing in Dortmund, but nowhere in the article did they state when the meet would take place :lol:

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And just a reminder - here's the schedule for the World Athletics Gold Level Indoor Tour


27 Jan – Astana Indoor Meet for Amin Tuyakov Prizes, Astana, Kazakhstan
30 Jan – Czech Indoor Gala, Ostrava, Czech Republic
4 Feb – New Balance Indoor Grand Prix, Boston, USA
6 Feb – ORLEN Copernicus Cup, Torun, Poland
10 Feb – Meeting Hauts-de-France Pas-de-Calais ‘Trophée EDF’, Lievin, France
11 Feb – Millrose Games, New York, USA
23 Feb – World Indoor Tour Gold Madrid 2024, Madrid, Spain

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2 hours ago, Biathlonfan said:

I'm coming back with my discus updates.One solid result on the men's side, Connor Bell opened his season with 65.39,his fourth best ever result.

I'll be shocked if anyone breaks the Čeh-Stahl-Alekna trio this season. 

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