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[OFF TOPIC] Eurovision Song Contest 2017

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OlympicIRL    869
1 hour ago, dcro said:

But then again, Irish jury gave 12 to Belgium and 3 to Germany. Brits can safely assume that the Irish lost their mind that night. :p


I would love to know who was on that jury and shake them, "what the hell were you thinking?". How do I apply to become a jury member? :d


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OlympicIRL    869
34 minutes ago, rybak said:

@OlympicIRL I just read that winner of Polish televoting was... Belgium :p But it's not my fault, I not send any single SMS :lol:


Oh don't tell me the Polish lost their minds too? The disease is spreading :d


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dezbee2008    234

My biggest issue is Australia's entry. How the hell did these juries kiss ass for those points? At least they only got 2 points in televoting, but come on. Worst song out of the bunch!!!


And don't get me started on overrated Belgium (though it's actually alright, but still)


Austria nil points in televoting? I don't like the song either, but really, people?


Anyway, I'm happy Portugal won (mainly because it's a brand new country winning, which will always be my favorite victory plus past victories over 10 years old), and Bulgaria getting second. I'm surprised Moldova got 3rd, but then again, Epic Sax Guy


And no I didn't watch Logo TV because I chose not to, mainly because of the commentary, but now I might have to watch the rebroadcast since people actually liked the commentary.

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OlympicsFan    202

My ranking would have been:

1) Bulgaria

2) Azerbaijan

3) Portugal

4) Moldova

5) Belgium

6) Sweden

7) Romania

8) Hungary

9) Croatia

10) UK

Moldova, Romania and Sweden had a great choreography, but not the most talent or the best vocals, so it's good that they didn't win. I expected this to be between Bulgaria, Belgium and Portugal, but Belgium was pretty disappointing live, so it's good that Blanche didn't win. Azerbaijan also would have deserved to win, but i guess it was clear that politics would make that impossible.


Here is a funny video, where american people react to Eurovision and especially the top 5, they also give their own ranking:


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rybak    411

Good performance from Nicole and Alicja have a nice voice :)

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