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    Ladies and gentlemen for the first time in Africa TISC is finally here in Tunisia before the start of the ceremony let me present you the official Logo
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    By the Numbers: 2017 TOISC In less than two weeks, Tunisia is set to become the first African country ever to host the Totallympics International Song Contest and also the first non-European country to do so since Mexico hosted it in the Spring of 2014. Overall, this will be the 9th edition of TISC, and the 5th edition of Open. 35 countries are scheduled to take part, which equals the record from the "New" Totallympics. As much as 3 previous contests have had exactly 35 participants. Open Divas Out of 35 participating countries, only 2 of them have won TOISC previously. Ireland has won it twice, including the memorable win at the 2014 edition. Lithuania has won it once meanwhile, just like Sweden, which in turn hasn't participated in any TISC since the 2015 Annual. Lithuania's win in 2015 however came with the lowest points per jury average in history (3.95). To put that into perspective, this average would have put Lithuania only in 7th place at the very first TOISC in 2013. In fact, this average wouldn't have even put Lithuania onto the podium in any of the other 7 contests! Ireland's success at Open editions can hardly be matched though. They are the only ones who have never finished outside of top 10. Newcomers and Comeback Kids Uruguay will make its TISC debut, becoming the smallest South American country to take part. Overall, Uruguay is the 7th South American country that has joined the TISC family, consolidating South America's position as the second most represented continent. Uruguay is also the second nation that will make its debut in 2017, which surpasses 2016's number of debutantes by one. Meanwhile, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Spain and Turkey will all make their comebacks after missing one or more contests. Czech Republic has missed two Annuals thus far, but their record of never missing an Open will continue. Colombia and Turkey are coming back after missing the latest contest in Great Britain earlier this year, while Chile and Spain are coming back after missing the previous two contests. Estonia meanwhile is set to become the longest awaited nation which eventually made a return to TISC. They have missed the last 5 editions since making their debut at 2014 Open. The most notable absentee at this edition is Azerbaijan, which failed to register for the first time since TISC's introduction back in 2013. Goals and Wishes It's all about the personal bests at TISC Analytics. Here is a table with the required points for matching your PB (and required points for matching your average/worst performance). Good luck everyone. Go Totallympics! Go Music!
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    Hello Guys, I returned to the forum after a long-long absence. I usually come here for results of small tournaments (like Archery Oceanian championships) or when I don't understand a rule of a sport or a competition. And I love Totallympics song contest!
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    Thank you everyone for coming to the opening ceremony, it was a great honour and pleasure to show you what Tunisia can offer. A big thanks to the artist @vinipereira for preparing the Logo and a big thanks also to @olympicIRL who support me and help in everything We hope that you enjoyed the show and we will be seeing you tomorrow at 10:00 GTM+1 in the Grand Final TUNISIA 2017 Bulgaria 0 Lithuania 0 Tunisia 0 Italy 0 Romania 0 Ireland 0 India 0 Turkey 0 Malta 0 France 0 Colombia 0 New Zealand 0 Denmark 0 Greece 0 Spain 0 Canada 0 Slovenia 0 Great Britain 0 Netherlands 0 United States 0 Iran 0 Mexico 0 Uruguay 0 Estonia 0 Portugal 0 Serbia 0 Argentina 0 Chile 0 Poland 0 Czech Republic 0 Indonesia 0 Algeria 0 Croatia 0 Slovakia 0 Brazil 0
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    Ain Draham ! Aïn Draham is a city in northwestern Tunisia in the Jendouba Governorate, Its name describes the sulfurous hot springs in the area used by the Romans in antiquity. Ruins of Roman baths are also found in the area. And yes we have snow
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    Found a friend, found the hosts, finally need to find myself. In this game of stars and flags, there's still numbers on the shelf. During this evening we're passing the time. We're going to find out the voting order tonight. And everytime we're here it's such a delight. With OlympicIRL's games holding us tight. So tell me, which number are you going to write? In two weeks not a single country will go down without a fight.
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    And Yess @dcro is the first to Guess the city @bestmen was close to guess Carthage is a commune in Tunis Governorate, Tunisia. It is named for, and includes in its area, the archaeological site of Carthage. and the old capital of the Empire of carthage the Grand Final will be held in The Carthage Amphitheater
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    Sidi Bou Said ! a town in northern Tunisia located about 20 km from the capital, Tunis. the town is known for its extensive use of blue and white French singer Patrick Bruel was inspired by Café des Délices in Sidi Bou Said
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    Before continuing with the north of county We'll present you some Classical and Traditional Tunisian song Malouf ! Classic !
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    Weinstein currently has more than 90 accusers. Toback and Spacey numbers are in the dozens. Others have been accused by several women/men and some of them are being investigated by the police. But yet let's blame the victims, even calling them "bitches". Not at all surprised by the comments here, unfortunately.
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    With the voting deadline drawing into a close, let's look back at a little bit of voting history on one of the longest standing participants - Lithuania, whom has never missed an edition. Although some exact votes are hard to remember, especially since old me didn't put the early results files on a computer, but here we go. Year 2013, our first ever edition: everything is scary and new, I decide to participate with a song that had jazzy vibes and I really enjoyed when I was younger. What I also really enjoyed was "Beautiful Tango" from Morocco, I remember enjoying United States, Denmark had an amazing video clip to accompany their song and Brazil had an amazing song as well. This is actually one of the editions that I surprisingly remember fairly well. Year 2014 marks the only edition when Lithuania had two jury members with two very different opinions that hardly agreed on the song choice and on the votes, but mine were as follows: Ireland showed me an amazing song that I still perform to this day with a friend, I remember loving Great Britain and Brazil that secured my 2,3 places as well as Australia and Italy. As we can see, the top points only welcomed back Brazil that year. Year 2014 the next edition of 2014 and possibly the best edition to date for me. 2014 Switzerland is as of yet my most favourite ever TISC song that I listen to very often to this day. An unknown song managed to beat two of my favourite songs from Great Britain and Ireland, as well as a wonderful batch of runner ups, that year was very difficult to me, but I remember it vividly. It was also the famous crash & burn Lithuanian entry, when I tried my luck with my own song, if I remember correctly, my day was made brighter by lovely Brazil (one of the users gave it 12 points, I think it was vinipereira) This year also marks the only edition where all the Baltic nations were together and I remember being honestly surprised that I enjoyed both of my neighbours songs that much. Also, welcome back GB, IRL, ITA to my top points. Year 2015 is the year where I proudly say "Welcome to the contest, Netherlands, may you never leave my top 12 ever again". I remember it being such a feel good song. Also, it was definitely the year of grower songs, as New Zealand, Argentina and Denmark made a very good impression on me and kept climbing up the ladder with every listen. This is also the year where New Zealand really gets on my radar, Denmark is making an impression after a long absence, Sweden finally hitting my top 3 and Italy keeps impressing me for the 3rd year in a row with their song choices. Year 2015 became very memorable. I remember I was really upset that day and I had a chat OlympicIRL and he said that perhaps the contest would cheer me up. Well, I honestly, never in a million years would have figured that Lithuania had a chance of winning this contest and probably with one of my all time favourite Lithuanian songs. Another funny story is that I distinctly remember that I gave Morocco 11 points and not 12, but as much as I tried to look for answers, I couldn't really remember to whom did my 12 points actually go to and this is the only year when I truly don't know what happened to my twelve points, but here are my favourites: Morocco comes back into my heart with Hindi Zahra yet again. Also, USA comes back into my top points after a three edition absence. The first time that Portugal enters the contest and I loved their song, Australia coming back, New Zealand making a good impression yet again. This year also marks the disappearance of Sweden and the decline of Italy in my top 12's. Year 2016 yet another wonderful year for TISC as I loved a lot of songs and it was very difficult to score the songs. Anyways, the amazing duet from Great Britain took the cake for me. It is also the year I was introduced to Alessia Cara and yet another year that I get to witness how much I'm in love with DiHaj music. This is the year where we welcomed Indonesia into the contest and I enjoyed their entry, even though Canada has nearly always been in the points or close to them, this is the first time they get major points from me. Chile and Algeria surprise with very good entries. Even though there were points for Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic in the past, this is the first time that Balkans really get into my higher points with the help of a nice Slovenian entry. Mexico is also a country that is always up there or close, but only the second time where they get some decent points. Also, it seems that UK hits the points more often than not. Year 2016 continues and it's HOSTING TIME. I remember being nervous, I remember not having enough time and I remember a lot of things, though one of them was the amazing music. Two time's in the top 3 for USA, this time it was the 1st place, also The Netherlands that have nearly always made it into my points are high up again, another country that almost always impresses - Brazil is back in the high points as well. France and Denmark making a good impression after some time as well as Ireland that got points from us in nearly every competition, but not always the highest ones. Biggest surprise of the contest was the lovely entry from Turkey and first time I've awarded them points. Although they've been close many many times, this is the first time for North America to score 12 from me. It seems that it marks the start of the troubles for Europe to get my twelve points. Year 2017 we're in England. My 12 points are stolen by some nice vocals and acoustic guitar from Indonesia. United States going in for the kill yet again. Big congratulations to Croatia, that previously got a point from me here & there, they get into my top 3, marking the best Balkan region song during the 8 editions. Portugal amazes once again, as well as New Zealand and Brazil with another wonderful entry. I guess that now we're left wondering who is going to snag my top points in the second edition of 2017 here in Tunisia? Of course, I might have forgotten a special song for me here and there (heck, can't remember which song got 12 from me the year we've won). From the countries that haven't entered my top points, I wanted to mention Malta that has nearly always been in consideration for points during the years as well as Finland that often snuck through into my top twelve. And if I were to rank my all time favourite top 10, possibly this would be close to how it is right now. 1. Switzerland 2014 Bastian Baker 2. Ireland 2014 Little Green Cars 3. Morocco 2013 Hindi Zahra 4. The Netherlands 2015 Kensington 5. Great Britain 2016 Birdy & Rhodes 6. The Netherlands 2016 Ilse Delange 7. Indonesia 2017 Rendy Pandugo 8. Great Britain 2014 Paloma Faith 9. Great Britain 2014 Gary Barlow 10. Morocco 2015 Hindi Zahra / Portugal 2017 Branko
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    I somehow never received points from Uruguay either
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    Tataouine ! is the southernmost , the only one to border Algeria and libia . It is also the largest One This is where George Lucas filmed part of star wars , and a homophone of the city was chosen to be the home planet of the protagonist's family,(tatooine ) The dinosor Tataouinea hannibalis It bears the name of the region where it was discovered, Tataouine , and a punic military commander Hannibal
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    the Argentinian song is mixture Naruto Shippuden and these opening of old series / Macgyver
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    At Least Someone Really Liked You... In this section we will pay respects to songs that perhaps didn't rank so highly in the final analysis, but who were someone's favorite nevertheless. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the lowest finishers in each of the contests that received at least one set of the highly desired 12 points. 2013 Open - Ukraine - 27th place (30 points) - received 12 points from Russia 2014 Annual - Egypt - 26th place (46 points) - received 12 points from the United States 2014 Open - Spain - 32nd place (28 points) - received 12 points from the United States 2015 Annual - Egypt - 28th place (25 points) - received 12 points from Finland 2015 Open - Slovenia - 38th place (29 points) - received 12 points from the United States 2016 Annual - Brazil - 30th place (42 points) - received 12 points from Spain 2016 Open - India - 31st place (32 points) - received 12 points from Great Britain 2017 Annual - Russia - 32nd place (26 points) - received 12 points from New Zealand
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    this is th'e best discovery i did during my travel , the Aliens are real they live under the bridge
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    Bestmen is right about this, it's all about power... the legal/illegal discussion is all bullshit. Spain has power and is EU/NATO member so they will keep Catalunya. Serbia is a small country and not EU member, that's why they lost Kosovo.
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    Well, if my participation is approved, then I'm entering the Lithuanian Eurovision selection this year Recorded the song earlier today, working with the man that wrote Tom Dice's "Me And My Guitar" for the second year in a row and hopefully this year will be more successful than the last
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    Kairouan ! When you visit the great mosques in Kairouan, keep in mind that’s the fourth most important Muslim city behind Mecca Kairouan is known also for Zlabia and makroudh (with dates and honey)
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    Yeah, another great work for @vinipereira (I think that it's another logo of vini.. amen i'm right?)
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    Djerba ! also transliterated as Jerba or Jarbah is the largest island of North Africa, known as Island of Dreams ... and somehow it's .. it's a good place for people who are looking for calmness and tranquillity, it has a nice beach ... and lovely see and never forget to visit Djerbahood with 250 mural paintings like this
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    Darth Vader is part of our TISC ceremony.... historic moment
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    Iskreno is probably one of my favourite songs of all the editions. Edit: i voted in the first position but the evil Ldog dont think the same
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    watching few last matches New Zealand - Peru 0-0, Honduras - Australia 0-0, Denmark - Ireland 0-0, Switzerland - N. Ireland 0-0, Greece - Croatia 0-0, Italy - Sweden so far 0-0...this sport is so exciting
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    MOROCCO back at World Cup after 20 years, and this is another "miracle" for Hervé Renard Unbelievable !!!! Congratulations also at for both teams will be the fifth WC Africa's line up at Russia 2018 now complete
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    Ventura gave me hope that one day i can be in charge of the Italy national team. we have the same palmares : nothing ( maybe i'm better i won some titles on Football Manager )
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    Btw maybe no one noticed it, but some really good news from the country came this Sunday/Monday http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/slovakia-elections-far-right-wing-anti-immigration-europe-people-s-party-marian-kotleba-a8038511.html
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    and anti Russian histeria
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    Unbelievable I want now Benneteau to win his match so I can enjoy the final. Will be happy with either of them winning the title. Incredible tournament for Filip. This run reminds me on Janowicz in Paris few years ago. Curiously, Janowicz today qualified for another final, though it is challenger in Eckental. Filip has great coach and if he succeeds to remain uninjured, with proper work and mental preparation as well Filip can find his place inside top 20. That would be just amazing. The only thing I want for Filip is to stay healthy. I believe results will come.
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    Ne pamtim kada sam ovoliko emotivno doživeo neku pobedu u tenisu! FILIPE LEGENDO!
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    I know it's fun and all, but perhaps let's not start and end the music festival in a single day?
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    I present Haddaway, singer of Trinidadian origin
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    Guys, relax! i will send votes before deadline
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    I am sending my votes in the very next moment, so your concerns for are over.
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    United Nations has named Robert Mugabe of all people as 'goodwill ambassador', what the hell https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/oct/21/un-lambasted-after-naming-mugabe-goodwill-ambassador What's next, Kim Jong-un or Erdogan as UN free press ambassador?
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    Arianna Fontana (short track speed skating) http://www.gazzetta.it/Sport-Invernali/20-10-2017/olimpiadi-pyeongchang-2018-portabandiera-l-italia-sara-arianna-fontana-23015682366.shtml
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    Interesting video. 9 of 10 here are from Europe
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    Meanwhile, in Africa, although nobody cared, something curious happened: Burkina won 4-0 against Cape Verde and Senegal was drawing 1-1 with South Africa. There is still a CAS appeal on going for the original SA-Senegal match that SA won 2-1 that was annulled afterwards. If CAS would overturn FIFA's decision then Senegal would lose those 3 points and with results I mentioned for these last games then Burkina would qualify Fortunately Senegal scored a goal in the last minute to win 2-1 and avoid what could have been a huge mess for FIFA
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    I'm witnessing a trend here and its name is @dezbee2008
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    Sweden and Canada would have the major benefit from such a choice...I believe it's an already written sentence, they will be in the Gold Medal Match at 99.99%... Finland and Czech Rep. wil still be good, but probably the difference between them and the top 2 would increase by some margin... then it will also open the door for some surprising teams, I'm thinking mainly to Switzerland and Germany, who could benefit from the strenght and depth of their main domestic leagues... in general, it's a nightmare for all the Hockey fans, since the level of play would be very, very low (much lower than it's right now without those NHL idiots)... however, I think this is just some kind of an effort to try and make pressure on the IOC not to ban Russia as a whole Nation... I guess in the end Russia will be in Pyeongchang (if the Games are held there in February 2018...this is the major issue right now, in my opinion) with their full team and flag (and without those 25/30 banned athletes, or whatever will result from the next IOC/WADA auditions), ready to take advantage of the best chance to win the Hockey Olympic Gold they have had in the last 26 years (since the so-called CIS won in Albertville 1992)... because they can say what they want, but from mr.Putin to the last hockey fan in Russia, they're really mad about the drought in Olympic success in Hockey (which is still their National pastime and most beloved sport)...
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    Few photos of Japanese photographer Yuya Matsuo, you can follow him on instagram https://www.instagram.com/esejapan/?hl=sr Belgrade Novi Sad Kotor Budva
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    Earlier this month I found out one of our paid sports channels has 2-3 live NHL games per week, so I like watching it, but half the time I completely lose sight of the puck and then the commentator goes like "he shoots, he scoooooores!" and I'm all confused like "huh wait, what? Where? Who? When?"
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    I was thinking the exact same thing . Come on users, let's get our Mokorotlos on
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    Sorry, i completely forgot about it, now its sadly too late. I hope you guys will have a lot of fun (as you always do) and may the best song win ... Maybe i will participate for the first time next year ... This was my early favorite to represent Germany by the way: