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    I think this is the list of users who have competed in all 10 editions to date.... @LDOG @vinipereira @titicow @Agger @Bohemia @Janakis @OlympicIRL @Henry_Leon @Pablita @SteveParker @Werloc @Glen @mrv86 @rybak @DaniSRB @dareza @Wanderer @justony @uk12points and @dezbee2008 I hope I didn't leave out anyone.
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    All-time voting medal table and all-time voting points table are available from today.
  3. 9 points
    IBU should introduce indoor biathlon for German girls, maybe they'd be able to medal in that case
  4. 8 points
    Now I know what Ledecka is feeling First of all thanks to Wanderer and every one who helped to prepare the contest and keep them running, we have daily results, lots of contenders and different medallists (and great Italian team!!!), it seems the old days coming back. I think the new form for the contest worked good and it has been easier and faster to fill them. Now I had to confess my secret, I hope that my revelation won't cost me my medals anyway I will accept the verdict of the Wada totallympics committee but I want to let you know that I acted in good faith: I didn't know that I was increasing my chance to win. The two contests I won were filled while I was...
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    The playlist is ready the description "name of country" of each song will be added ASAP
  7. 7 points
  8. 7 points
    Anyways, I thought it'd be an interesting share: Former TISC winners Leon Somov & Jazzu decided to part ways after 12 years together in music. We toured with them at the "Game Over" tour, this is a picture from the final concert two days ago in Kaunas.
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    Medal tables and points tables from each contest are available from today. Only 2014 Annual Points Table is missing sadly.
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  12. 6 points
    First time ever we have all at one contest.
  13. 6 points
    Where do I start with this one I have been fascinated with the Olympics since 2002!! (I was 9 years old at the time). Back then our middle school had video announcements, so during the 2002 Winter Olympics we would record the results of the Olympics and then this would be played throughout the school. At the time I was a young person who really did not understand the magnitude of the Olympic games.Ever since then I have watched every Olympics (religiously, at hours only dedicated fans like us would wake up to do so) till 2016. Around the Rio Olympics I applied to be a volunteer at the 2018 Winter Olympics and I was officially accepted as one in early 2017. These would be the first Olympics I got to see in person! As a volunteer my accommodation was located in Sokcho, which was in the northeast part of the country. The only problem I noticed with the operations was the lack of English speaking and transportation could have been better. However, with pretty much everything being covered for you, this was a great experience! Perhaps a Totallympics team can be in Tokyo and onward as volunteers I was able to see the following events: -Mixed doubles curling gold medal match (free volunteer ticket) -Canada vs USA Women's hockey preliminary match -Canada vs Korea Men's hockey preliminary match -Short track speed skating sessions on the 17th and 20th - thank you to a friend at the ISU for those tickets! I also went to Beijing and Tokyo, so I got to see the next 2 host cities as well Great of Wall of China Seoraksan National Park, Republic of Korea
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  15. 6 points
    No work today or tomorrow!! Closed due to the beast from the east and storm Emma . Time for some hot cocoa and a day in front of the telly
  16. 6 points
    I sent an email to each federation for all the sports of the Olympic Games 2020 asking them for their qualification system, I will keep you informed of the answers I would have
  17. 6 points
    Biathlon hurts, but when your hobby is to rupture your meniscus, I guess the pain of skiing doesn't frighten you at all. She'll start in the relay tomorrow, I'm putting my money on Russia with a pain lover like this.
  18. 6 points
    Snow fall after years.. and the city is blocked
  19. 6 points
    I'd rather letanyone else win this time, but it's always a joy to have Ireland in the contest
  20. 5 points
    Hey duck. There is only room for one bird in this town....
  21. 5 points
    Hello there !! Japan goes with this song
  22. 5 points
    Antarctica to TISC Annual 2018?? Breaking news regarding Antarctica and the upcoming TISC special. If it's true we may see Antarctica's TISC exile ended!! For the latest report click on the TISC-News link below! https://tisc-news.totallympics.com/?p=932
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    As people from the host country would say (according to google translate): Pela primeira vez, a Áustria está em In other words, for the very first time, Austria is in At least I think it's the very first time. Hope I understood the rules and didn't miss the deadline.
  25. 5 points
    Sport Climbing project from the Polish federation's website.
  26. 5 points
    Were you really worrying that Malta wouldn't be participating in this contest? We're in
  27. 5 points
    I took @Werloc's comments very seriously, so there's been indeed some discussion about Algeria's registration in the contest. Not only I talked with @OlympicIRL and @Sindo about this, but also with @bestmen himself. That's why I didn't include Algeria's name in the list of registered nations before (although we have added for now). First of all, there's a portion of our of the Totallympics Song Contests Official Rulebook that talks specifically about the conduct of participarts, including: Anyone is allowed to your own opinions, of course, but no one should disrespect other members/nations when discussing things in this thread (or any thread, for that matter). We recognize that our conduct towards some users in the past may have been "light", but let me assure one thing: we won't have any tolerance for such comments here and, if this happen, not only they will be deleted, but also may be used as base for further suspensions. We really hope things will run smoothly in this edition, after all the Totallympics Song Contest is supposed to be fun and, in a way, bring together our users. Also, as the "president" of the organizing committee, you guys can contact me via PM for any questions regarding our contest.
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    So here are my thoughts on the situation.... Whether @bestmen was true in saying he was voting at random or whether he was just making a mess, his behaviour in these contests in recent years has been very poor, there is no dressing that up in a more diplomatic way. And I admit I enjoy a lot of the humour he generates and I do believe that he truly does have a love for the contest (in fact I don't doubt that for a second), however, we cannot see a repeat of the disrespect he has been showing to hosts and other participants in recent editions. @bestmen I do think it would be sad to have TISC without you in it, but not for your negative comments, because of the other things you bring. It is amusing when you are being bitter about votes and your gifs are certainly a TISC tradition. On the other hand it is not one bit amusing when you are attacking the hosts and accusing people of cheating. So I take your registration as a commitment that you will behave in the correct spirit this time and abide by the rules, they are there for a reason and to make sure that such awkward and unnecessary situations such as we see now are avoided. To say you were just voting at random was really low, to attack hosts putting in time and effort to organise is low, to accuse people of cheating and influencing the votes of others is low. These things go without saying. Now can we please get back to what we do best, having a blast and talking about tangerines? I am eating one now (no lie ).
  30. 5 points
    My idiot cat, his name is Vukoje
  31. 5 points
    Which is exactly why you don't want to have outsiders winning anything. They don't how to do it properly.
  32. 5 points
    Dorothea Wierer and Lukas Hofer ending these Olympics with a medal? Well, that's awesome, I really wanted them to get something The biggest irony of these entire Olympics is how Kaisa Makarainen has always been let down by her teammates in relays, often not even starting in them, saving her energy. Yet today, this mixed relay equaled her best Olympic result - 6th place in 2014 Mass Start.
  33. 5 points
    Oleksandr Abramenko (Ukraine) and Ilia Burov (Russia) - this should be one of the pictures of the year 2018 Peace between Russia and Ukraine in Pyeongchang
  34. 5 points
    What an incredible experience to be in the arena tonight. Amazing. Congrats Samuel!
  35. 4 points
    Well, I discovered some FOOTBALLLOVE FIFAFOOTBALL FIFA-COCA-COLA 2018-COKE-GAME COKE-BEST-GOAL Just go under ''Promo code'' and type in.
  36. 4 points
    For those who want to know the order of the songs in the playlist @amen09 made: Portugal Algeria New Zealand Serbia France Switzerland Argentina Finland Mexico Tunisia Indonesia Slovakia Italy India Bulgaria Colombia Sweden Poland Moldova Croatia Venezuela USA Romania Azerbaijan Ireland Austria Great Britain Greece Lithuania Netherlands Norway Germany Slovenia Denmark Estonia Iran Canada Kazakhstan Malta Russia Brazil Turkey
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  38. 4 points
    Dear friends, it has been a while since i have visited the forum. However, I would like to confirm the participation of Azerbaijan in the contest and present our entry: Vugarixx - Yol (Official Video) ft. Alim Qasimov
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  40. 4 points
    I contacted the French badminton federation, which confirmed to me that the qualification system for Tokyo 2020 was the same as Rio de Janeiro 2016
  41. 4 points
    Today, when I come back from work I found on my desk an unsigned envelope, I opened it, and inside was small card with information that Azerbaijan highly probably will return to the TISC for 10th edition.
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    Exactly, same for BBC. Even in an individual sport, why would you not say someone simply is a Russian? Like it or not, it's a fact that they compete under a neutral flag, but it's also a fact that a Russian athlete is a Russian person, and so, a Russian. Why not simply call him/her a Russian? Even in this case you could call them 'the Russian team', because it's a team, and they're Russian --> a Russian team
  45. 4 points
    What a weird fantasy world we live in, Canada has their most ever medals at a winter games and struggling at Curling and Hockey
  46. 4 points
    Zagitova made me feel admiration, but little more. Medvedeva made me feel like I was part of her world. It was beautiful. Really think it should’ve gone the other way.
  47. 4 points
    First Hungarian gold medal in the history of the WOG`s! I am very happy to saw this!
  48. 4 points
    Finally a event here definitely worth to watch !!! This was by far the best competition of the whole PC 2018. And what a fantastic performance from our girls, and Ivona was wow...what a a day for her, her smile in after crossing the finish line was one of my highlights of the whole sport year. Thank you girls.! Ďakujeme ! and congrats
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  50. 4 points
    If anyone is interested, I also have another kind of medal table Last place 2nd-to-last 3rd-to-last 1 UKR 7 0 0 2 KOR 6 6 3 3 USA 5 5 3 4 FRA 3 3 1 5 POL 3 2 2 6 CHN 2 3 3 7 ROU 2 2 2 8 PRK 2 2 0 9 SVK 2 1 3 10 GER 2 1 2 11 FIN 2 1 0 12 OAR 2 0 2 13 TPE 2 0 2 14 JPN 1 4 4 15 ITA 1 4 4 16 CAN 1 4 1 17 KAZ 1 3 2 18 EST 1 2 2 19 GBR 1 2 1 20 CZE 1 1 3 21 AUT 1 1 2 22 HUN 1 1 1 23 TUR 1 1 1 24 NED 1 1 0 25 BLR 1 1 0 26 CRO 1 1 0 27 IRL 1 1 0 28 KOS 1 1 0 29 LTU 1 0 1 30 MEX 1 0 1 31 BUL 1 0 1 32 MNE 1 0 1 33 IRI 1 0 0 34 CHI 1 0 0 35 NGR 1 0 0 36 GHA 1 0 0 37 MKD 1 0 0 38 SLO 0 3 0 39 SUI 0 1 3 40 NOR 0 1 1 41 ESP 0 1 0 42 JAM 0 1 0 43 COL 0 1 0 44 BIH 0 1 0 45 KGZ 0 1 0 46 SRB 0 0 2 47 ISR 0 0 2 48 AUS 0 0 1 49 LAT 0 0 1 50 BEL 0 0 1 51 PUR 0 0 1 52 PHI 0 0 1 53 HKG 0 0 1 54 LIB 0 0 1