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Men's Football UEFA European Nations League 2020 - 2021

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2 hours ago, OlympicsFan said:

Just because Koch "made his name" in Freiburg, doesn't mean that he can't be an elite defender. Söyüncü also "made his name" in Freiburg and was one of the best defenders in the Premier League last season. Ginter also "made his name" in Freiburg and has been pretty good at Gladbach (a team that currently is first in a Champions League group with Inter Milan and Real Madrid). Obviously Koch shouldn't be anywhere near the national team (considering that he is the 6th best german central defender at best), but i wouldn't hold the fact that he plays for Leeds against him.

It goes beyond defense but Klostermann, Kehrer and Koch is B-level line-up by Germany standards even with Hummels and Boateng apparently over the hill. Speaking of Freiburg love, what is Luca Waldschmidt doing in NT? He's at Benfica but that league is top-heavy and much weaker than BL. He scored all of seven goals in Bundesliga last season and only two since the COVID break vs the dismal Schalke. Sigh. Compare that to Ulf Kirsten who scored 20+ BL goals and was always second choice behind Klinsmann and Bierhoff back in the day.


I know Loew doesn't want to admit mistake in cutting Thomas Mueller but I'd take Mueller over Waldschmidt every single day. Even as back-up to Werner and Sane who are like the new Klinsmann & Voeller tandem. Don't get me even started on Mark Uth playing for NT.



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7 hours ago, hckosice said:

That´s OK we already played them and we did not lose, so may be hopeful our bus may work against them :lol:

The mighty Gibraltar who frightened the continent with their attacking style football :p

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11 hours ago, Vektor said:

Marco Rossi really is one of the best managers the Hungarian NT ever had, without him this success would have never happened. 

Honestly I have only bad remembers with Marco Rossi, i think that he is a pice of s***. He destroyed the Cavese, finished last in the 3rd series and showed no respect for the team and for the fans.


I hope that he will never touch again the Simonetta Lamberti Stadium.

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