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Men's Football UEFA European Nations League 2020 - 2021


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Draw for Nations League is done. League A has quite interesting groups, with potentially really great matches.


This year each group has 4 teams instead of 3 like on the first edition, probably because Germany ended up last on the previous edition and would have to go to the League B, which does not happen now that each group has 4 teams haha




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3 hours ago, hckosice said:

Derby time :d  :SVK and :CZE in Group B2 of new UEFA League of Nations + :SCO and :ISR

i happy because we will get to see the czechoslovakia Derby and after the last time i reckon we(Israel) and Scotland after the last time could play and beat France and lose to Gibrlatar on the same week..

It's going to be good group:cheer:

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Who believes in coincidences?  :d


The Nations League Division B Group 2 match :CZE vs :SVK  in Prague is schedulled by UEFA for the 17th November 2020 :p


Some history...

17th November 1989  The most important date in the modern history of both countries, The date of the Velvet Revolution and collapse of the Communism, followed by the split up of the former federation into 2 new countries


17th November 1993  The date of the very last match of any Czechoslovak athlete or team, the last round of the FIFA 1994 World Cup European Qualifier, when the team of at the time, already non-existing country named RCS (Representation of Czech and Slovaks) played it´s last match in Bruxelles (the 499th official match in TCH football history) that ended 0-0 a win would means qualification for the USA World Cup and passing the 500 milestone mark of international matches, the draw meant qualification of Belgium and the definitive end of any Czecholovakia..

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  • 2 months later...

- grandpa, can we turn on the TV, there football match czech-slovakia?
- Sure, Against who are they playing ?


This is only one of the many jokes around this derby. in fact this is more than a derby, this is a


match between cousins :d


match between small brother against the big brother...



Countries which played together 499 matches untill 1993 as the same team will now play 13th match against each other as two different independent countries


Obviously the Czechs are more successful winning 7 of them, Slovakia won only 3 times but all were really emotional,

unforgettable is especially that one from the 1st April 2009 when the small brother beat the bigger brother in his own fortress in Prague



that madness in the visitors sector is just unforgettable




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