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Women's Basketball FIBA European Championship 2021


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:SVK Qualified. :cheer:


Returning to the Euro after 4 years. (Already the 12th participation of our womens NT at the Euro since the independence. in other side the mens with Big Zero participations and not even close to change it in the near or distant future :lol:)


The girls had to beat :NED by at least 10 points to qualify, they did it (by 11) winning 61:50



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Greece :GRE just qualified!!!!

We had to beat Bulgaria by +18 and we won by exactly 18 points! We led by only 15 and then scored basket-foul with 11 seconds left to go up 18.


After our great 4th place finish in 2017, we surprisingly didn't qualify in 2019. We had many injuries and key players retiring, so this is a young team and I'm very glad we qualified. It is too early but if we keep improving I think we can make the 2024 or 2028 Olympics. We have some young girls coming up, Eleni Bosgana just turned 17 years old and she is supposed to be the next Maltsi for Greece.

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The tournament starts on Thursday. I had high hopes for Greece but everything is going wrong. Two of our best players will not be there, Eleanna Christinaki and Anna Spyridopoulou both have serious injuries. Also, Jacki Gemelos retired because of injuries. Her last game was our final qualifier vs Bulgaria in February.


I hope it's a good experience for our girls. We have such a young team. Better to have injuries now than at Eurobasket 2023 because I really think our girls have a good chance to qualify for Paris 2024 if everyone is healthy. We don't have a lot of depth, but we have some quality players and I think within the next few years we'll have 2-3 more quality players as our teenagers develop more.

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