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Sprint Canoeing ICF World Championships 2018

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Serbia and Slovakia 8. and 9.   @hckosice

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  • Csaba Zalka  (K1-200m)
  • Martin Jankovec  (K1-1000m)
  • Marek Krajčovič  (K1-5000m)
  • Erik Vlček/Juraj Tarr  (K2-500m)
  • Peter Gelle/Adam Botek  (K2-1000m)
  • Samuel Baláž/Milan Fraňa/Csaba Zalka/Tibor Linka  (K4-500m)
  • Samuel Baláž/Erik Vlček/Gábor Jakubík/Juraj Tarr  (K4-1000m)
  • Matej Rusnák  (C1-500m, C1-1000m)



  • Ivana Mládková  (K1-200m, K1-500m)
  • Mariana Petrušová  (K1-5000m)
  • Mariana Petrušová/Martina Kohlová  (K2-200m, K2-500m)
  • Gabriela Ladičová  (C1-200m)
  • Lucia Valová  (C1-500m, C1-5000m)
  • Lucia Valová/Gabriela Ladičová  (C2-500m)
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We're sending 14 athletes, this is going to be a good test for what's to come, with nearly the entire team having to change disciplines with the Olympic programme changing. Anyways, I'm expecting to have a team of 10 in the Olympics, but there's still a lot of time, so many things may change.

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