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  1. Similarly dont send any players for Judo, Swimming, Sailing, etc. Use that money for badminton, Boxing, Shooting, Wrestling, etc.
  2. Better not to qualify than be among the last 10. The money can be spent elsewhere.
  3. Four medals in Women's Boxing Worlds. After the two in the Men's section. India is growing in the world of maar-dhaar sports. 1. Boxing 2. Wrestling 3. Shooting 4. Archery
  4. We appreciate only PBs and SBs. Countries like China and USA only pay heed to medals. Even smaller countries are obsessed by medals only.
  5. All are quite far away. The Worlds Athletics is a major disappointment. We should not have hoped for anything but would have liked to see how Neeraj Chopra and Hima Das would have fared.
  6. Does anyone have the schedule of: 1. Next Wrestling qualifiers 2. Boxing qualifiers 3. Next Archery qualifiers 4. Asian Shooting qualifiers 5. The M+W Hockey play-offs
  7. Where are Ruthvika Shivani and RItuparna Das. They have been overshadowed by Gayathri Gopichand. Can anyone say about their whereabouts?
  8. Aare, in weightlifting, only Mirabai Chanu has any realistic chance of winning anything. She will also probably be the only one travelling to Tokyo. We should shift focus on Hockey and Archery. When is the next Archery qualification happening.
  9. We have 4 medals in wrestling. Did Rahul Aware win his bronze match?
  10. Medal confirmed as Deepak Punia reaches finals. Meanwhile Rahul Aware to also fight for bronze in non-Olympic category
  11. Probably we add TT to the list of Olympic medal probables very soon.
  12. Amit Panghal reaches the final. Creates history.
  13. No medal in Weightlifting; but she stood fourth.
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