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  1. To be held on schedule without spectators
  2. Real threat for jeremy would be from korean ham who has no score in 3rd period.
  3. Just asking who's been yours favorite boxer in this tournament.For me I really liked watching amankul box.
  4. Boxing-Road-to-Tokyo-2020-Ranking-Seeding-for-Teams.pdf
  5. Quota winners will retain their places for Olympics right or there will be further trials??
  6. Hosting a boxing qualifier that too when no one will host it,qualifying 4 boxers is the minimum one can do.
  7. Don't think the judges know the rules either so I wouldn't worry
  8. Boxing is very competitive in asia.There are so many contenders,no bout is going to be esy in Olympics.Being seeded helps in two ways first u get a bye and second reputation always helps in getting judgement in your favour especially in tight bouts,so if any boxer has a chance to be seeded federation should prefer him/her.
  9. Wonder why PRK boxers aren't entered,they are generally very strong in women boxing
  10. Two new cases of Corona virus in india.One in delhi(returned from italy) and other in telangana.
  11. World team table tennis championship postponed
  12. Asia Taekwondo Olympic qualifiers moved to jordan
  13. Well the big blockbuster proved out to be one sided.Wrestlers now tackle bajrang's stamina pretty smartly,he has to add lot more variety in his attacks
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