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  1. Can anyone confirm whether the 1964 contingent with 13 wrestlers is the highest ever. But this they have qualifications like they have now.
  2. Seema Bisla makes in the best ever qualification for Women FS - 4 this least 2 medals expected from women...Men also 2 medals.
  3. Seema qualifies...4th quota in Women FS..
  4. What are the qualification chances? Rowing should be easy to understand...but the qualification process is too tough to understand.
  5. There is also a Cuban in 74 who has turned for Italy and won a quota.
  6. Satyawart would have lost anyways to the Cuban Italian in the semis. He should give up now.
  7. 7th quota for India...4th in FS - an all-time record.
  8. Even after qualification through Olympic ranking, there are several blank entries in Boxing. Is there any way to qualify in these entries.
  9. Can anyone inform the Road to Tokyo rankings. I recollect two male and one female golfer were qualifying.
  10. 27 Korean wrestling team members test positive for Covid-19
  11. Can anyone confirm any fencing qualification?
  12. Dont think Jeremy will qualify...we are even behind 16 kg in Snatch...CJ is below par also.
  13. Prima facie seems both of them are qualifying. Can anyone confirm?
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