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  1. thanks i listened songs the other day but did not have time to rank them
  2. Oh i thought deadline is in midnight................i planned to vote in next hour
  3. nzm jel to postoji pa zar i za Rio nismo dobili relokaciju? sad je sistem promenjen i mnogo je tezi
  4. https://www.worldofvolley.com/Latest_news/France/106395/fra-m-ngapeth-and-boyer-got-into-fight-at-the-end-of-2019-eurovolley.html?fbclid=IwAR2TvpouMU3O2kqHzTTD0wTrV-gfzo0Pr53HhtDEUjejWbCrfbXNNEty7Rg
  5. first qualified athlete (not by wild card or universalities) since 2004 if i am not wrong
  6. 2 and when i am about to go give up and promise i will study for next time and all over again
  7. oops, i wanted to say supreme leader i supposed people are on side of athletes but maybe risking and winning Israeli athlete would make governament change "their propaganda" in other direction (like wohoo we won Israel, blah, blah) chances for this are like 5%, but at least that would be a try better than what IJF with Mollaei achieved now
  8. If only IJF wanted to change something imo they should have fixed Iranian win over Israeli and maybe peolpe in Iran would stand on athlete's side and make governament (and sah i guess?) change policy all other lead to ban obviously...
  9. ref that whistles never gives opinion? :D
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