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  1. wow, how much perjeudices on the forum...
  2. what fire department actually does? Roof seems to be completely done
  3. pa realno mi nismo na nivou timova za EP, remi sa Belgijom je realnost
  4. http://sportklub.rs/Ostali/a283159-Odlican-nastup-brace-Kajdoci-na-EP-u-Batumiju.html?fbclid=IwAR1GoP0ScwKJtHixZhqpf7OUCC_AKu1VCbeQ0FIPn7de6I8DALnZeUhC8dk
  5. i just noticed post of Australian user, and what is my team? :D I don't know any new song for festival of music
  6. http://www.swim-on.rs/uvazena-zalba-anja-crevar-ispunila-normu-za-igre-u-tokiju/?fbclid=IwAR2HGQjV0JRoog6hYLC7VU4cgVshWZNYUBWIqllrEPjB9cgB-0O61s7zy2M
  7. nevermind, i did not express myseld well
  8. we emotionally only have small war for decades
  9. nato makes everywhere interventions except Israel/Palestina region looks like there is full democracy and peace at every corner, why we discuss at sll then?
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