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Women's Rugby Sevens Qualification to Summer Olympic Games Paris 2024 Road to Paris 2024


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I'm still so mad that Spain lost that freaking match in the European Games, like how can you play SO bad being a core team like... it made no sense. It would have been a easy win at the preolympic should they qualified...

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6 hours ago, mpjmcevoy said:

I'd say Samoa are strong favourites BUT I wouldn't under-estimate the Kenyans or Argentinians. Anyone else would be a bit of a shock, but shocks do happen and this looks, like the Challenger series, like a cracking competition. Like Field Hockey, final Olympic Qualifiers can provide a hell of  a spectacle in themselves (last time in field hockey when Canada and Ireland split the last chance saloon finals, ties were extraordinarily tense - other team sports take note!)

I feel you've mistaken this thread for the men's, else I can't see how you would make these calls in all seriousness :d

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3 hours ago, MatiReimundo said:

My predictions:


1° to 4° : :POL | :CHN | :CZE | :ARG

5° to 8° : :KEN | :HKG | :PAR | :SAM

9° to 12° : :UGA | :MEX | :PNG | :JAM

Invert Samoa and PNG and we're kinda good. As I said, most of the participating teams will battle each other out in the Challengers, thus creating a coherent draw. Not that it matters in a winner-takes-it-all tournament but that's more fair anyway.

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