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  1. Champions Hockey League 2017/2018 starts Today It's finally time – dust off those jerseys, get your scarves, and put on your lucky sweater because hockey is back! The Champions Hockey League returns for the 2017/18 season with nine games on opening day. Here's what's coming up today: Bílí Tygři Liberec vs. Växjö Lakers Group E, Home Credit Arena (17:00) The Czech regular season winners meet last year's CHL Semi-Finalists. Mountfield HK vs. TPS Turku Group F, Arena Hradec Kralove (17:00) Mountfield HK, who made the Czech Extraliga Semi-Finals, take on the Finnish side who almost got to the same stage in last year's Liiga. KalPa Kuopio vs. Malmö Redhawks Group B, Niiralan Monttu (18:00) A Nordic derby sees Liiga finalists KalPa host Malmö, who are making their CHL debut. Frölunda Indians vs. ZSC Lions Zurich Group H, Frölundaborg (18:30) For opening day, fans couldn't have asked for a more mouth-watering matchup. The back-to-back CHL champions host the Swiss team that won the first Champions Hockey League back in 2009, at the venue of last year's Final. HV71 Jönköping vs. Adler Mannheim Group D, Kinnarps Arena (18:30) Swedish champions HV71, who were eliminated last season by eventual finalists Sparta Prague, take on the DEL club that is looking to finally go further in the Champions Hockey League. Stavanger Oilers vs. Kometa Brno Group B, DNB Arena (19:30) Stavanger have been a fixture of the CHL since the first season in 2014, and have caused some upsets along the way. Today they meet a team making its debut in the competition – Czech Extraliga champions Kometa Brno. SC Bern vs. Nottingham Panthers Group F, PostFinance Arena (19:45) SC Bern were dominant in Switzerland last year and got to the CHL Quarter-Finals before being knocked out in Prague. Aiming to go further this year, they begin their Group Stage schedule with a home tie against the Continental Cup winners from Nottingham. HC Davos vs. Cardiff Devils Group E, Vaillant Arena (19:45) Could CHL debutants Cardiff have asked for a more stunning fixture on opening day? The Devils visit the Swiss mountains to face Davos – CHL Semi-Finalists two seasons ago, and who are aiming to go far this time around again. Gap Rapaces vs. KAC Klagenfurt Group H, Alps Arena (20:30) If either Gap or the KAC want to qualify for the next round, then they need to start here. The teams meet in the Alps with both sides aiming for a win.
  2. Fencing 2017 Discussion Thread

    Men's Individual Epee (Legnano, ITA) Final Results: Gold: Andras Redli (HUN) Silver: Daniel Berta (HUN) Bronze: Ruslan Kurbanov (KAZ) & Max Heinzer (SUI) Semifinals: Redli b. Kurbanov 13-12 Berta b. Heinzer 15-7 Gold Medal Match: Redli b. Berta 15-6 Here is the Full Final Ranking (and Results) from Today's competition: http://fie.org/competitions/2018/108/results/rank
  3. Biathlon 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    Men's Sprint, Final Results 1 FOURCADE Martin FRA 24:20.6 (0+0) 2 BJØNTEGAARD Erlend NOR 24:33.8 +13.2 (0+0) 3 BOE Johannes Thingnes NOR 24:48.2 +27.6 (1+1) 4 HOFER Lukas ITA 24:51.0 +30.4 (0+0) 5 BOE Tarjei NOR 25:05.4 +44.8 (0+1) 6 DOLL Benedikt GER 25:18.8 +58.2 (1+0) 7 BIRKELAND Lars NOR 25:21.7 +1:01.1 (0+1) 8 GJESBAKK Fredrik NOR 25:30.7 +1:10.1 (1+1) 9 KÜHN Johannes GER 25:33.7 +1:13.1 (1+1) 10 LESSER Erik GER 25:34.5 +1:13.9 (0+0) 11 WINDISCH Dominik ITA 25:35.0 +1:14.4 (1+0) ... 17 SHIPULIN Anton RUS 25:53.9 +1:33.3 (1+0)
  4. Fencing 2017 Discussion Thread

    Women's Individual Sabre (St.Nicholas, BEL) Final Results: Gold: Olga Kharlan (UKR) Silver: Rossella Gregorio (ITA) Bronze: Yana Egorian (RUS) & Irene Vecchi (ITA) Semifinals: Gregorio b. Vecchi 15-13 Kharlan b. Egorian 15-5 Gold Medal Match: Kharlan b. Gregorio 15-6 Here is the Full Final Ranking (and Results) from Today's competition: Coming Soon...
  5. Fencing 2017 Discussion Thread

    This weekend's World Cup events are on stage in Legnano, ITA (Men's Epee) and St. Nicholas, BEL (Women's Sabre) and we already know the top 4 athletes in the individual events being held today... in men's Epee, the semifinals (17 CET) are Daniel Berta (HUN) vs Max Heinzer (SUI) & Ruslan Kurbanov (KAZ) vs Andras Redli (HUN) Free Streaming here (no guarantee of getting it work)... http://www.federscherma.it/trofeo-carroccio-2017/streaming-video.html in Women's Sabre, today's tournament is already over... You can watch all the action also on-demand here: http://kabcom.fr/livestreaming/
  6. Luge FIL World Cup 2017 - 2018

    well, nothing changed in the second run of the men's doubles (despite a couple of mistakes by Wendl/Arlt and Penz/Fischler... so, it was another German win (2 out of 2, today) thanks to Eggert/Benecken...and Germany took also the bronze medal with Wendl/Arlt, leaving the Silver medal won by Rieder/Rastner (ITA) as the only podium place for all the rest of the world... hopefully, tomorrow we won't see such a boring domination by Germany...
  7. Luge FIL World Cup 2017 - 2018

    First women's race of the season...and not encouraging results at all... despite a promising first run, at the end it was the usual German clean sweep, with Natalie Geisenberger on top thanks to Tatjana Hufner's big mistake in the first part (then she had the best time in the second run, but it wasn't enough to overtake Geisenberger and Eitberger, who also made a big mistake in the first run, but not as big as Hufner's)... best of the rest, Alex Gough (CAN) in 4th place... Erin Hamlin (USA) was second after the first run, but made a capital mistake in the second part and finished 21st... Russians, Austrians and Latvians were never a factor... for Italy, great 6th place finish for Andrea Voetter, finally landing in an area of the rankings where she should have come years ago... and very good 15th and 17th final position respectively for the 16-year youngsters Nina Zoeggeler and Verena Hofer, both having 2 solid runs without any notable mistake... now let's wait and see what happens in the men's doubles, where after the first run we have the usual suspects Eggert/Benecken (GER) and Wendl/Arlt (GER) in 1st and 3rd position... but we also have a surprising provisional second-place pair, the Italians Rieder/Rastner, who are only 33/1000 of a second far away from the top of the ranking... home heroes Penz/Fischler are 4th at the moment, but quite far behind the medal positions (especially on a short track like Igls)... fingers crossed for our guys...
  8. Biathlon 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    Women's Sprint, Final Results 1 HERMANN Denise GER 20:52.1 (0+1) 2 SKARDINO Nadezhda BLR 21:00.8 +8.7 (0+0) 3 KRYUKO Iryna BLR 21:14.7 +22.6 (0+0) 4 BESCOND Anais FRA 21:15.6 +23.5 (0+1) 5 FENNE Hilde NOR 21:18.5 +26.4 (0+1) 6 ZHURAVOK Julia UKR 21:18.7 +26.6 (0+0) 7 DOMRACHEVA Darya BLR 21:20.8 +28.7 (0+1) 8 SEMERENKO Valentina UKR 21:28.6 +36.5 (0+1) 9 PIDRUSHNA Olena UKR 21:32.3 +40.2 (1+0) 10 VITTOZZI Lisa ITA 21:41.0 +48.9 (0+0) ... 12 WIERER Dorothea ITA 21:46.8 +54.7 (1+0) ... 16 ECKHOFF Tiril NOR 21:56.0 +1:03.9 (1+2) ... 20 DORIN HABERT Marie FRA 22:12.0 +1:19.9 (0+0)
  9. Luge FIL World Cup 2017 - 2018

    in fact I didn't write that's something previously unheard...I only underlined her new "home" and I just noticed that she was the last qualified athlete... and yeah, I forgot Viktoriia Demchenko among the "famous daughters"...however, she's a lot more experienced of Hannah and Nina...the real "rivalry" for now can only be this one, including the Russian in this comparison at the moment would be unfair to the other 2... in a few years, instead, it's truly gonna be "a 3-head monster" (and maybe more...who knows?)...
  10. Luge FIL World Cup 2017 - 2018

    some news from today's Nations Cup... first, I'm very happy with the fact that Florian Gruber's injury wasn't as bad as it looked when it happened... he's already back in competition, even if his duo with Simon Kainzwalder didn't have an easy start in the first WC stage... second, I'm quite surprised by how good were our girls, with Andrea Voetter dominating the NC run... but even more encouraging was the result by the 16-year young Nina Zoeggeler, daughter of the great Armin, who was 9th and did qualify for the actual WC race at her first attempt among the "real women" (and moreover, she did beat Hannah Prock...their fathers have been rival for so many years and now the fight will get new boost with these 2 young girls...I can only imagine their daddies' reaction week after week in the coming years )... to be noticed, the 14th ranked and last qualified for the WC race is Aileen Frisch, who's now sliding for the Olympic Games hosts, South Korea, instead of her native Germany...
  11. Italy National Thread

    la "fortuna" delle nostre compagini degli sport invernali continua...anche Elena Curtoni fuori per tutta la stagione causa rottura del crociato della gamba destra avvenuta ieri in allenamento sulle nevi del Colorado... se va avanti così, non avremo neanche un numero sufficiente di atleti da mandare alle Olimpiadi...
  12. Alpine Skiing 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    It's just nothing, if compared to Poisson's tragedy... but in any case it's some news to be reported... Italian "lucky period" in this Olympic season continues... Elena Curtoni out for the rest of the year with ACL gone in her right leg (it happened yesterday, while she was training in GS in Colorado with our team)...
  13. Fencing 2017 Discussion Thread

    Men's Team Foil (Tokyo, JPN) Gold: United States Silver: South Korea Bronze: Japan Semifinals Results: USA b. Japan 45-38 South Korea b. Denmark 45-37 Bronze Medal Match Result: Japan b. Denmark 45-25 Gold Medal Match Result: USA b. South Korea 45-34 Here is the Full Final Ranking (and Results) from Today's competition: http://fie.org/competitions/2018/206/results/rank
  14. Speed Skating 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    well, Francesca would be even better if those idiots of the ISU and IOC adopted the Dutch Marathon Cup format...the races would be a billion times more exciting (and fair to the better athletes)... when they skate in the traditional 400m ovals, they normally make 80 laps (32km)...and of course there are no silly (and senseless) intermediate sprints... p.s. the boys usually skate over 125 laps (50km)
  15. Fencing 2017 Discussion Thread

    Nice to see Cassarà having a good day...despite getting older, he can still deliver once every while... and even nicer to see Luperi back where he should have been on regular bases, according to the early expectations according to the talent he did show when he was still a kid... unfortunately, his career didn't go as most people would have wanted until now, but he's still young and he can easily bounce back from all the injuries, failures and deceptions he had in the last couple of years...
  16. Fencing 2017 Discussion Thread

    Men's Individual Foil (Tokyo, JPN) Final Results: Gold: Erwann Le Pechoux (FRA) Silver: Andrea Cassarà (ITA) Bronze: Edoardo Luperi (ITA) & Gerek Meinhardt (USA) Semifinals: Cassarà b. Meinhardt 15-11 Le Pechoux b. Luperi 15-8 Gold Medal Match: Le Pechoux b. Cassarà 15-14 Here is the Full Final Ranking (and Results) from Today's competition: http://fie.org/competitions/2018/137/results/rank
  17. Fencing 2017 Discussion Thread

    I'm very, very happy for Nathalie... unfortunately she got close, but not quite to the top..however, it's definitely a great result for her... on the other hand, it was a shameful day for the girls who still represent the Italian Flag...especially for Navarria (who won the first stage 3 weeks ago) and Fiamingo (as usual, not in good shape in the early stages of the season), who were beaten already in the round of 64...
  18. Fencing 2017 Discussion Thread

    Women's Individual Epee (Suzhou, CHN) Final Results: Gold: Sun Yiwen (CHN) Silver: Nathalie Moellhausen (BRA) Bronze: Renata Knapik-Miazga (POL) & Magdalena Piekarska (POL) Semifinals: Sun Yiwen b. Piekarska 10-4 Moellhausen b. Knapik-Miazga 15-9 Gold Medal Match: Sun Yiwen b. Moellhausen 15-9 Here is the Full Final Ranking (and Results) from Today's competition: http://fie.org/competitions/2018/97/results/rank
  19. NHL pre-Season Schedule announced... main highlights are the 2 games between L.A. Kings and Vancouver Canucks to be played in China (Shanghai, Sept. 21st & Beijing, Sept. 23rd)... https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-preseason-schedule-released/c-290619618 meanwhile, we also have very, very bad news about Eddy Olczyc (NBC broadcaster and former player)...he's been diagnosed with Colon cancer... despite not being one of his fans, I wish him all the best and a full and quick recovery...c'mon Eddy! https://www.nhl.com/news/broadcaster-eddie-olczyk-diagnosed-with-colon-cancer/c-290622214 p.s. no comment on Stefan Mair's case in Italy... I always say that...with such a federation, with such officials how can Italian Hockey even think to improve and get back to his glory days of the early Nineties?
  20. Champions Hockey League - Quarterfinals Schedule The schedule for the Champions Hockey League Quarterfinals has been confirmed today. Five teams are playing at this stage for the first time: Bílí Tygři Liberec, Brynäs IF, JYP Jyväskylä, Kometa Brno, Oceláři Třinec. Here is the schedule (all times are CET): First Leg, 5 December 17:00 Oceláři Třinec - Brynäs IF 18:00 JYP Jyväskylä - Kometa Brno 19:15 Bílí Tygři Liberec - ZSC Lions Zurich 20:00 SC Bern - Växjö Lakers Second Leg, 17 December 17:30 Kometa Brno - JYP Jyväskylä 18:30 Brynäs IF - Oceláři Třinec 18:30 Växjö Lakers - SC Bern 20:00 ZSC Lions Zurich - Bílí Tygři Liberec
  21. Ice Hockey 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    nice game between SUI and CAN yesterday night... SUI, despite not having a lot of their best players (who were on the ice the night before in the CHL) on their roster, played a very good game and took the early lead, but CAN immediately reacted and tied the score... then a minute of down focus by the Swiss gave the Canadians the chance to score 2 goals in a row and since then the game was under control of the guys with the maple leaf on their sweaters... a late goal by the Swiss (with the empty net) was just "cosmetic" and Canada took the win home by a final score of 3-2... to be honest, CAN weren't that impressive, but still they got what they wanted more and could take care of the usual Swiss team, a group of players who always play well but who always have so much troubles to score some goals...they just can't do it... unfortunately I couldn't watch much of the CZE @ SWE match, but for what I saw Sweden were clearly the better team, with the Czechs having quite a bad performance for what concerns their defensive game... later tonight I expect a very good show with the Russia @ Finland game (which I'm not gonna miss for any reason...thanks to CT4 HD )...
  22. Baseball 2017 Discussion Thread

    and while most of the world fans were tuned in into the MLB World Series, in Japan the Softbank Hawks from Fukuoka won their 8th title in the Japan Series, topping the Yokohama Bay Stars by a series score of 4 games to 2... https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2017/11/8a6f09797b56-update1-baseball-hawks-stave-off-baystars-to-clinch-japan-series-in-6-games.html
  23. Summer Olympic Games 2020 News

    very old news...it was all known since at least 1 year... however...here are some news about the road cycling course for the Tokyo Olympics... https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2017/11/7225cbb0aae3-olympics-2020-mens-road-cycling-route-to-pass-foot-of-mt-fuji.html it's expected to be a tough course, not good for sprinters...