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  1. Skateboarding 2017 Dicussion Thread

    p.s. if this is the future of the Olympic Games...
  2. Skateboarding 2017 Dicussion Thread

    Oskar Rosenberg-Hallberg & Nora Vasconcellos Win 2017 World Championships With the risk of rain ruining the party the worlds best skaters took it apon them selves to bring the heat and light up the custom built skatepark for the 2017 World Championships held on the banks of the Huangpu River in Shanghai, China. Oski Takes The Title Oskar Rosenberg-Hallberg (SWE) linked together a mind blowing run using every inch of the park to be crowned the 2017 Men's Vans Park Series World Champion. Crowd favourite Pedro Barros (BRA) did what he knows best and went huge on his last run to put down a run that placed him in the runner up position. Tom Schaar (USA) continued his amazingly consistent year coming in at 3rd place. Results: http://www.vansparkseries.com/events/2017/mpt/world-championships/results New Level Raised in Women's Skateboarding The level of women's park terrain skating is at an all time high. Leading the way was Nora Vasconcellos who claimed her first major victory on the Vans Park Series. Nora edged out 2016 world champion Brighton Zeuner who continues to raise the bar along with Kisa Nakamura who earned 3rd place for the 2nd year in a row. Results: http://www.vansparkseries.com/events/2017/wpt/world-championships/results More about Vans Park Series, news, pictures and videos (all WCH Finals are available in full replay) on the official website of the Tour: http://www.vansparkseries.com/
  3. Sailing 2017 Discussion Thread

    The Japanese Olympic venue at Enoshima hosted the 2017 RS:X Class World Championships and it's been a Chinese festival, with the Red Dragon winning both men and women's titles (and not only)... Women's RS:X Class, Final Results Gold: Peina Chen, CHN (44.7 Pts) Silver: Jiahui Wu, CHN (50.0 Pts) Bronze: Yunxiu Lu, CHN (56.0 Pts) Full Results: http://www.rsxclass.org/worlds2017/results/women/ Men's RS:X Class, Final Results Gold: Bing Ye, CHN (51.0 Pts) Silver: Mateo Sanz Lanz, SUI (53.0 Pts) Bronze: Mengfan Gao, CHN (68.0 Pts) Full Results: http://www.rsxclass.org/worlds2017/results/men/
  4. Winter Olympic Games 2018 News

    ah, OK... I thought you were referring to Pyeongchang medals as of those in the pictures... I didn't remember Vancouver 2010 medals' shape...my mistake...
  5. Winter Olympic Games 2018 News

    may I ask you where did you find those pictures? because according to the Official Olympic Website (and the best Italian sports website) the Olympic Medals look pretty normal...they do not look like that at all... https://www.pyeongchang2018.com/en/press-releases/korean-culture-celebrated-in-pyeongchang-2018-olympic-winter-games-medals https://www.oasport.it/2017/09/foto-olimpiadi-invernali-pyeongchang2018-svelate-le-medaglie/
  6. Road Cycling UCI World Championships 2017

    Nice start of the Individual competitions for Italy... Women's Junior Time Trial GOLD: PIRRONE Elena, ITA (23:19.72) Silver: VIGILIA Alessia, ITA (+6.38) Bronze: FASNACHT Madeleine, AUS (+42.32) 4th LUDWIG Hannah, GER (+45.45) 5th NOVOLODSKAYA Maria, RUS (+1:09.05) 6th RAAIJMAKERS Marit, NED (+1:20.94) 7th GEORGI Pfeiffer, GBR (+1:22.59) 8th BOSSUYT Shari, BEL (+1:23.46) 9th PATERNOSTER Letizia, ITA (+1:29.61) 10th WIEL Jade, FRA (+1:30.63)
  7. why they should change the rules? now they have already stated that a candidate city can use some infrastructure located in another Country (they did it just to allow Stockholm and/or Helsinki to bid...the Fins didn't even try, but Stockholm was stopped only by a local poll...they already had an agreement with the IOC for 2026)... in any case, it's too early to say what's gonna happen with Milan (there's not a real project yet...it's just me thinking about St. Moritz as the less expensive idea for the sliding events...maybe they could even decide to build a new track inside our Borders)...it was just an interview with our Mayor that yesterday said that this would be an opportunity that deserves to be evaluated very carefully, because the Winter Games could be sustainable (meanwhile the Summer Games are too big to be hoseted in a relatively small town as Milan -even if the whole Metropolitan area is not that small)... by the way, the distance between Milan and Bormio (Valtellina's main resort) is 200km, meanwhile St. Moritz is 330km far away from here... the problem, however, at the moment are different...there are no large streets to go there from Milan...traffic is always a nightmare...if you're lucky, it takes at least 3/3and a half hours to cover the distance (not to mention St. Moritz, which is almost a half day trip to reach from Milan)...
  8. Doping Cases and Bans Thread

    Yevgeniya Kolodko (RUS) loses her medal (in women's Shot Put) from the 2013 Indoor European Championships in Gothemburg because of doping... the new podium places are: Gold: Christina Schwanitz, GER (19,25m) Silver: Alena Abramchuk, BLR (18,85m) Bronze: Chiara Rosa, ITA (18,37m) Source (in Italian only, unfortunately): https://www.oasport.it/2017/09/atletica-doping-per-la-russa-kolodko-arriva-il-bronzo-europeo-per-chiara-rosa/
  9. after being chosen as host of the 2019 IOC Session, Milan is thinking (maybe...you know, in Italy talking about something without knowing the issue and without having real perspective of what it means, it's absolutely normal) about the 2026 Winter Games, with the city hosting ceremonies and ice events and Valtellina (+ the St. Moritz track) hosting the snow and sliding events (don't trust those who already started talking of multi-location Olympics...they just dream of stealing some money with that excuse, but this should be excluded since the beginning)... who knows? I always thought that such a choice would have been better than Turin also in the past... probably I'd support such a candidature...
  10. I hope they don't add almost anything (maybe just Squash, taking mixed doubles and team events off table tennis, tennis and badminton to make room for it), but they make huge adjustments to the 2020 program...
  11. Ice Hockey 2017 - 2018 Discussion Thread

    http://www.cbc.ca/sports/olympics/winter/alex-ovechkin-olympics-nhl-russia-1.4291095 https://www.nhl.com/news/alex-ovechkin-releases-statement-regarding-olympics/c-291069080 shame...shame...and shame again on IOC, NHL and IIHF...
  12. Now it's official... congratulations to Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028... https://www.olympic.org/news/ioc-makes-historic-decision-by-simultaneously-awarding-olympic-games-2024-to-paris-and-2028-to-los-angeles
  13. Baseball 2017 Discussion Thread

    USA dominate gold medal game, win U-18 Baseball World Cup for fourth time in a row The USA make history as they become the first to win 4 U-18 Baseball World Cups in a row after Cuba did it between 1984 and 1987. USA dominated the gold medal game against Korea: 8-0, 12 hits to 4. Korea had an early chance to score, but perfect defense prevented runs and in the clutch Korea fell apart committing 5 defensive errors. Korea apparently are not allowing easy outs to USA starter Matt Liberatore. Bae Jihwan, the first batter, grounds to shortstop and tries to reach sliding head first. He’s the first out, but shows team spirit. With 2 outs, center fielder Jang Junhwan gets the first hit and designated hitter Kang Baekho takes Liberatore deep, off the wall in left field. Thomas comes up with a perfect play and relay on first bounce to prevent Jang from scoring and the at bat ends as first baseman Gwak Been grounds out to second. Korea starter Kim Young Jun gets 2 quick outs and then walks right fielder Kelenic. First baseman Casas scares Korea sending the first pitch he sees to the moon (but foul), then literally blows away first baseman Gwak Been glove on a line drive. He reaches on a base hit, but the inning ends on a deep fly ball to left by catcher Mc Nair Seigler, very well fielded by Yi In Hyok. In the top of the third Korea is dangerous again. Star shortstop Turang plays the wizard as he lines out Yi In Hyok on a bullet to his left. But there’s nothing second baseman Young can do on a roller to second base base bag by Bae Ji Hwan. With 2 outs and Bae at second, Liberatore walks Jang Junghwan but, after a coaching visit, retires Kang Baekho on a grounder to second to end the inning. USA take the lead in the bottom of the third baseman Gorman leads off the bottom of the third with a single to right. He’s then the first out at second on a hard chopper to first by center fielder Siani. Young singles up the middle and Siani runs all the way to third. After falling 3-0 in the count, Kim Young Jun strikes out Kelenic. On the play, Young steals second and Siani scores as catcher Cho Dae Hyun throws in the dirt and beyond the second base bag. Young reaches third on the error. Casas make it 2-0 as he slugs one in the gap to left center for a stand up double. The third run scores on a base hit to left by Mc Nair Seigler. The day is over for Kim Young when Thomas singles to the right and Mc Nair Seigler advances to third. Right hander Seo Jun Won takes the mound. The inning is over when Yi In Hyok flies out Turang on the warning track in left field. USA are back to business in the fourth, as designated hitter Delgado singles and Gorman walks. Gorman is forced out at second when Siani grounds to first base. Siani then steals second and Young walks to load the bases. Second baseman Choi Jun Woo gets to a grounder in the gap at right by Kelenic. He gets the force out at second as Delgado scores, but the throw by shortstop Bae Ji Hwan is in the dirt and off the first base bag. Siani scores and Kelenic reaches second. Casas follows with a mammoth shot to right center. The 2 run homer makes it 7-0 and sends Seo Jun Won to the showers. Korea gives the call to Ha Jun Young. Team USA pitchers have allowed so far 3 earned runs in the tournament and their defense executes everything at a high speed and with great accuracy, so the probability of a comeback by Korea is unlikely. There’s more: USA are not done and they in the bottom of the fifth USA they add a run. Turang leads off with a single. Korea has a chance to trap him on his steal attempt. The throw to second by first baseman Gwak Been is off the bag and Turang is off to third. He scores on a base hit by Gorman. Yang Changseop takes the mound for Korea in the seventh and falls into trouble as he loads the bases with 2 outs in the eighth. He gets out of the jam striking out Turang on an off speed pitch. Liberatore is done after 6 and USA send to the mound Mitchell Wilcox for the seventh (throws a perfect inning) and Mason Denaburg for the eighth (allows a walk). Hard throwing right hander John Ginn heads to the mound for the ninth, when the celebration is already on the go amongst USA fans. He completes the task facing only 3 batters and striking out 2. Han Donghui is the last out of the WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup 2017. Gold Medal Game Highlights Recap: BRONZE Medal Game: Japan b. Canada 8-1 GOLD Medal Game: United States b. South Korea 8-0 Men's Sub-18 Baseball World Championships 2017 Final Standings: Gold: United States Silver: South Korea Bronze: Japan 4th: Canada 5th: Australia 6th: Cuba 7th: Chinese Taipei 8th: Netherlands 9th: Italy 10th: Nicaragua 11th: Mexico 12th: South Africa
  14. Snowboarding FIS World Cup 2017 - 2018

    and Alex Pullin (AUS) finally doubled up yesterday's success... Today he ended up in front of Alessandro Haemmerle (AUT) and Mick Dierdoff (USA)... in the women's event, today it was the great Lindsay Jacobellis (USA), who won the race. Second was Eva Samkova (CZE) ahead of Chloe Trespeuch (FRA)... for Italy, decent 4th place for Michela Moioli among the girls, meanwhile the men's race was an absolute disaster, with all the guys already out in the early stages...
  15. Karate 2017 Discussion Thread

    Karate 1 Premier League, stage #5 (in Leipzig, GER) Back to usual business in the 5th stage of the K1PL, with Japan showing how good and far away from the rest of the world they are... at the end of the week, they won easily the Medal Table with 6 Gold Medals, meanwhile all the remaining Gold medals well spread between 8 different Countries (AZE, GEO, GER, ITA, RUS, ESP, UKR and VIE)... and, beyond the obvious happiness for Luigi Busà's new success, I'm particularly surprised and pleased by this last one... The 8 Olympic Classes have been won by Japan (4 Golds, among which both Kata events), Georgia, Italy, Ukraine and Vietnam (1 Gold Medal each)... Here are the full results of this K1PL stage: https://www.sportdata.org/wkf/set-online/popup_main.php?popup_action=results&vernr=113&active_menu=calendar
  16. Sailing 2017 Discussion Thread

    In sailing sometimes mechanical accidents happen...I still remember the medal race of the 49er class in Beijing 2008...it was a real mess because of the strong wind...and it was unfair to many athletes, too... but in the end it was also very spectacular (despite Italy throwing away at least the silver, maybe even gold medal in that infamous day)... however, today also the Finn Gold Cup (the World Championships of that class) got to the end... Gold: Max Salminen (SWE), 47 Pts Silver: Jonathan Lobert (FRA), 48 Pts Bronze: Nicholas Heiner (NED), 50 Pts Full Results here: https://www.2017finngoldcup.org/results
  17. Sailing 2017 Discussion Thread

    Nacra 17 Foil World Championships 2017 Gold: Ben SAXTON/Katie DABSON (GBR), 92.0 Pts Silver: Fernando ECHAVARRI ERASUN/Tara PACHECO van RIJNSOEVER (ESP), 95.0 Pts Bronze: Ruggero TITA/Caterina BANTI (ITA), 109.0 Pts Full Results (and News) here: http://nacra17.org/events/2017-world-championship/
  18. Shooting ISSF Shotgun World Championships 2017

    naaa...you don't have to look at the Olympic Games only (OG that are always something "special" and different from the everyday routine of any sport discipline )... by the way, also the last event of this year's Worlds has just ended: Mixed Skeet Team Event, Final Results Semifinal #1 1st Russia 1 (Nadezda Konovalova/Nikolay Teplyy) 2nd Italy 2 (Katiuscia Spada/Tammaro Cassandro) 3rd Slovakia 1 (Danka Bartekova/Stefan Zemko) Semifinal #2 1st United States 2 (Dania Jo Vizzi/ Hayden Stewart) 2nd China 2 (Zhang Fan/Wei Meng) 3rd United States 1 (Kimberly Rhode/Christian Elliott) 5th/6th Place Match United States 1 (Kimberly Rhode/Christian Elliott) b. Slovakia 1 (Danka Bartekova/Stefan Zemko) BRONZE Medal Match Italy 2 (Katiuscia Spada/Tammaro Cassandro) b. China 2 (Zhang Fan/Wei Meng) GOLD Medal Match Russia 1 (Nadezda Konovalova/Nikolay Teplyy) b. United States 2 (Dania Jo Vizzi/ Hayden Stewart) Final Medal Table 1st Italy, 9-6-2 2nd United States, 5-1-6 3rd Russia, 2-4-2 4th Australia, 2-1-1 5th India, 1-2-0 6th Great Britain, 1-1-0 7th Denmark & France, 1-0-0 9th Czech Republic, 0-2-2 10th China, 0-1-3 11th Germany & Spain, 0-1-1 13th Finland & Turkey, 0-1-0 15th Cyprus, 0-0-3 16th Slovakia, 0-0-1
  19. Shooting ISSF Shotgun World Championships 2017 Moscow (RUS) - 1 September 2017 - 10 September 2017 Totallympics Results Thread
  20. Baseball 2017 Discussion Thread

    Men's Sub-18 Baseball World Championships Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (September 1st through September, 10th 2017) Full Recap: Preliminary Round Group A, Final Standings 1st KOR 5W-0L 2nd CAN 3W-2L 3rd AUS 3W-2L 4th TPE 3W-2L 5th ITA 1W-4L 6th NCA 0W-5L Group B, Final Standings 1st USA 5W-0L 2nd JPN 4W-1L 3rd CUB 3W-2L 4th NED 2W-3L 5th MEX 1W-4L 6th RSA 0W-5L Consolation Round, Final Standings 7th TPE 5W-0L 8th NED 4W-1L 9th ITA 2W-3L 10th MEX 2W-3L 11th NCA 2W-3L 12th RSA 0W-5L Super Round, Final Standings 1st USA 5W-0L 2nd KOR 4W-1L 3rd JPN 2W-3L 4th CAN 3W-2L 5th AUS 1W-4L 6th CUB 0W-5L BRONZE Medal Game Japan @ Canada (Today, h.18.00 CET) Live Streaming here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1sZrQ_YyGk GOLD Medal Game South Korea @ United States (Today, h.23.00 CET) Live Streaming here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qruzfeVRMms
  21. Shooting ISSF Shotgun World Championships 2017

    well, it once was so... in the last few years the sport has developed with rules and competition formats that lowered the average age of the best shooters... thinking only about men's skeet, Vincent Hancock first and now Gabriele Rossetti just demonstrated that even teenagers can win medals in the most important global events... but also in the other events we've had very young champions in recent years... only in this World Champ in Moscow we've seen Jessica Rossi (who's only 25, despite being on top of the Trap discipline since 2009) winning the Women's Trap and Dania Jo Vizzi (only 22 years young) winning the Women's Skeet... it's like in Golf...until a few years ago, experience was the main feature required to win and we only had not so young champions...meanwhile the development of the game in the last 10/15 years has changed things dramatically and now we're used to younger and more athletic champions even in sports where athletic ability wasn't considered a factor until a while ago... by the way, today the last event of the World Championships 2017 is scheduled: the Mixed Skeet Team Competition and those are the 6 pairs qualified for the Semifinal Stage: Slovakia 1 (Danka Bartekova/Stefan Zemko) China 2 (Zhang Fan/Wei Meng) United States 2 (Dania Jo Vizzi/Hayden Stewart) Russia 1 (Nadezda Konovalova/Nikolay Teplyy) United States 2 (Kimberly Rhode/Christian Elliott) Italy 2 (Katiuscia Spada/Tammaro Cassandro) Italy 1, with their 2 Olympic Champions (Diana Bacosi and Gabriele Rossetti) has been unbelievably eliminated with a score of just 95/100 (9th place at the end)...
  22. World Roller Games 2017

    Men's Rink Hockey World Championships Spain back on top of World Rink Hockey The craziest final ever closes the Rink Hockey World Roller Games. Argentina got the bronze against Italy. France wins the Firs Cup and Israel triumphs in the Confederation Cup. After 4 years from the last title won in Luanda in 2013, Spain won again the World Championship winning 5-4 after penalties an incredible game against Portugal, It's the 17th title for Spain. Spain-Portugal has been one of the most balanced World Championship Final of the last years. And even one of the most intense; really an amazing game with a dramatic end. During the first half, Spain prevailed and scored twice with two similar goals. The first after 6 minutes with a shot by Raul Marin and the second 2 minutes before halftime with a shot diverted by Jordi Adroher. Xavi Malian, the Spanish goalkeeper, saved all the shots and the opportunities created by Portugal. The match changed at the beginning of the 2nd half. Portugal entered the rink very determined and draw in less than 5 minutes. A great shot by Helder Nunes halved the gap and a perfect power-play action led Gonçalo Alves to tie the match after a blue card to Jordi Adroher and the error of Helder Nunes on the direct free shot. The referees showed a second blue card to Reinaldo Ventura, but Raul Marin failed the direct free shot and Spain didn't score during the 2-minutes power play. Spain went ahead thanks to a goal scored by Edu Lamas who shoot twice towards Girao, scoring the 3-2 goal. In the last 10 seconds many things happened. Girao, the Portugues goalkeeper was suspended with a blue card because he went on a player outside his penalty zone. Raul Marin failed the direct free shot and went to the corner to get the ball committing a foul on Diogo Rafael that the referees punished with a blue card. With 4 seconds still to play, Helder Nunes failed the direct free shot and the first rebound, but scored on the second in the last second of the game, leading the final to the extra time. At the beginning of the extra time, Spain didn't score in power play. Portugal reached 9 fouls without committing the 10th and the last shot by Diogo Rafael hitched the post at the last second. At the penalties, Portugal scored first with Joao Rodrigues, but in the last two penalties Spain came back and won: first Edu Lamas tied and Albert Casanovas scored the penalty that gave the title to Spain. Before the Final, Argentina got the third place and bronze medal winning against Italy 4-2. This final too was very balanced: the result was 2-2 until the last two minutes, when Argentina completed the come back (Italy was ahead 2-1 at halftime) and won the game and the bronze medal. The Firs Cup went to France that won the final against Germany 6-4. Israel won the Confederation Cup. 7th/8th Place Match Chile - Mozambique 9-7 5th/6th Place Match Angola - Colombia 5-1 Bronze Medal Match Argentina - Italy 4-2 Gold Medal Match Spain - Portugal 5-4 (on Penalty Shots, 3-3 after Regulation and Overtime)