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Poll 75/100 | If you could replace 3 existing sports with 3 new sports what would you choose? *


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Out: Modern Pentathlon

In: Squash


If forced to pick 3:

Out: boxing, weightlifting

In: cricket, softball


I also think Climbing, Skateboarding and Surfing should be permanent additions. They are low cost, require few athletes, have very well developed professional circuits, have high participation numbers and have the potential to reach a new audience.

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For me :


Skateboarding- Sepaktakraw (Men's and Women's Regu, Mixed Doubles) easy pick since skateboarding is played by lesser nations and is very booooring . I might turn off my TV if it appears anyhow I'm confident such nonsense won't be shown even if 4 channels will be live with 4 sports. 



Modern Pentathlon - Kabaddi. Both are very old sports with the latter more exciting. 


Artistic Swimming - Cricket 

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3 is just too few...


my list is way bigger...


OUT: Artistic Swimming, Trampoline & Rhythmic Gymnastics, Equestrian Dressage, Boxing, Weightlifting (only because of doping issues), 3X3 Basketball, Skateboarding, BMX Cycling (at least the freestyle events)...


IN: Squash, T20 Cricket, Water Ski (Slalom & Jumping only) & Wakeboard (Tricks only)...and the remaining quota places to increase the traditional sports, which have been cut so much to become a farce with no more than 6/7 starters...

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20 minutes ago, OlympicIRL said:



  • Basketball 3x3
  • Karate
  • Skateboarding




  • Darts (same format as World Cup or similar to that)
  • Bowls
  • Bowling



Would love to see squash and snooker there too but I think I would be genuinely more excited by the other 3.

Do you enjoy a pint while you're playing your sport by any chance?

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8 minutes ago, Giovanni Gianni Cattaneo said:

Out, only 3?
- Rubgy7
- Skateboard
- Artistic swimming

- Rugby 15
no others. 

Given the physical nature of the sport how would you fit a 15 man a side rugby competition into the 16 days of the OG? Also it comes up against the issue that golf and tennis face that the OG would not be regarded as the peak of the sport as it is in Sevens.

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