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Mediterranean Games 2018


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Mediterranean Games 2018


:ESP Tarragona (ESP) - 22 June 2018 - 1 July 2018 :ESP



Video Replays


Day 1


Opening Ceremony


Day 2


Canoe Sprint - SemiFinals

Artistic Gymnastics - Team Qualifications

Swimming - Finals

Artistic Gymnastics - Team Qualifications Afternoon Sessions

Triathlon - Women’s Final

Triathlon - Men’s Final


Day 3


Canoe Sprint - Finals

Archery - Individual and Team Finals

Karate - Finals 

Swimming - Finals

Artistic Gymnastics - Morning Session

Artistic Gymnastics - Afternoon Session

Fencing - Finals


Day 4


Fencing - Preliminaries

Fencing - Finals

Artistic Gymnastics - Men’ All Around Final

Artistic Gymnastics - Women’a All Around Final

Swimming - Finals


Day 5


Badminton - Individual Finals

Artistic Gymnastics - Apparatus Finals

Wrestling - Preliminaries

Wrestling - Finals


Day 6


Weightlifting - Men’s Final

Weightlifting - Women’s Final

Athletics - Finals


Day 7


Beach Volleyball - Morning Session

Athletics - Finals

Beach Volleyball - Afternoon Session

Taekwondo - Preliminaries

Taekwondo - Semifinals

Taekwondo - Finals


Day 8


Judo - Preliminaries

Judo - Finals

Beach Volleyball - Morning Session

Beach Volleyball - Afternoon Session

Table Tennis - Men’s and Women’s Finals

3x3 Basketball - Final Rounds

Athletics - Finals


Day 9


Football - Final

Combined Half Marathon and Cycling - Final

Rhythmic Gymnastics - Finals

Athletics - Finals

Beach Volleyball - Semifinals

Beach Volleyball - Medal Matches

Tennis - Women’s Final

Water Polo - Women’s Final

Handball - Women’s Final



Day 10


Volleyball - Women’s Final

Handball - Men’s Bronze Medal Match

Handball - Men’s Gold Medal Match

Water Polo - Men’s Final

Boxing - Finals

Tennis - Men’s Final

Closing Ceremony

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21 minutes ago, AlFHg said:

I was always wondering why Portugal was not invited xD 


They technically don't border the Mediterranean, but neither do Andorra nor San Marino. Macedonia and Serbia don't either, but they get a pass because they were all part of Yugoslavia when they joined. By adding Portugal you could make an argument for nations like Bulgaria or Jordan to join.


I imagine Israel and Palestine don't compete for political reasons. I guess the UK could technically compete because of Gibraltar, but I doubt Spain would want that (even if it was just a Gibraltar team)

Edited by JoshMartini007
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I read on Wikipedia that Israel and Palestine would like to join but they will only do it together. As far as concerns Portugal, technically it is not over Mediterranean, this is true, but its history is totally bind to it: this also is a factor that I considered in saying that. 


As regards Gibraltar, that would be nice to have a team from there: I suppose Spain would support them rather than oppose to it; honestly, however, I don't think Gibraltar is interested in it

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