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  1. First of all im alive with broken heart .I lost a lot of friends . I dont know exact number. There are 12000 buildings collapsed. This region has one of the highest birth rates in Turkey. Estimated number of people trapped is 200000. Official number was 18000 deaths but unofficial figures was 60-70k at 99 izmit . Every Turkish people thinks it will be around 80-100k deaths. We dont know whether they count refugees in numbers or not, 700k syrian refugees live in hatay province alone. Every expert warned the government and people for a long time about this region. According to them next big one is Istanbul and marmara region where 25 million live and economic heartland of Turkey. I hope something will change in my country.
  2. 😬😬😬 it gets weirder dude . Kayak’s literal translation is sliding. But for sliding we use kızak 😂 and translation of canoe/kayak is kano/kayık. 😂😂
  3. There is no official sport in Turkey. But every Turkish person answer this question as oil wrestling. Back to the our central asia days it would be horse archery. But for popularity there is a article which counts which sports are the most covered in news. First 5 are football , basketball, volleyball, athletics and tennis. Wrestling is only 6th. Surprising one is skiing which is the 7th most popular. Another instresting point is among young population (u18) after 3 ball sports swimming is in 4th place. And gymnastics made 10th place.
  4. I think the weirdest part is they didn’t build it for full athletics programme. Instead of they choose mix of events. 😅
  5. After Almeira med games became ridiculously garbage. Yeah pescara had some quality. But Mersin and tarragona games were literally awful. And with Oran’s sport programs will be cream on top ? I think only way to save these games are including arab countries and all Balkan countries(BUL and ROU). I don’t count the two elephants in the room ? . Then have some kind of qualifications to these games. Even cac games have qualifications .
  6. Oh god ??‍♂️ so this games are basically becoming world game’s european version
  7. It is not a schock for me and i believe it is gonna increase more rapidly. Bc economic reasons Turkish govt cant impose nationwide lockdown. For now you cant go to national parks ,coasts on weekend and there is a curfew for 65+ people. They banned intercity busses and domestic flights too. But 5 big cities in Turkey has more than 1.5M population. Istanbul is a city about 16 million. Istanbul and Izmir is the worst affected parts of Turkey. Everyone in the opposition parties suggest curfew in both cities. But it is not gonna happen soon and we're gonna see 300-400 deaths per day imo.
  8. Nealy 10k tests were performed in Turkey and 1815 resulted positive. nearly %20 of people infected in here. About deaths ,personally I dont trust government's number. They said 23 deaths today but in Kilyos cemetery number was 21. (kilyos is the cemetery for positives in European Istanbul)
  9. Today i’ve lost 2 patients from coronavirus. There is no cardiology, infection disseases or surgery anymore. All hospitals are declared outbreak hospital right now. Don’t trust the official numbers from here. Istanbul is the worst affected part of country.
  10. Daily update from Turkey Total patient :359 (yesterday it was 191) 2 new death. Total death number is 4
  11. Im a 3rd year Cardiology resident. I have a lot patients who have high fever ,pneumonia and heart failure. There is a huge difference between Turkey and EU. We don’t have enough tests to perform. Our government doesn’t care about sharing information. We don’t know which regions or cities are the most affected. I’m in charge of 5 suspected patient and I have wait 48h for results. btw new number is 191 and multiplying everyday. Also there is 1 new death
  12. It is going to increase. I think it is gonna be 200 sth. tomorrow. I t was 47 yesterday. As a doctor I think im gonna be sick in 10 days too Turkey will be new hotspot after Italy imo.
  13. First death in Turkey 7days after first case. Total number is 98
  14. Turkey confirmed first COVID-19 patient. Also a german tourist tested positive in Northern Cyprus.
  15. M: 12 Ramil Guliyev ( 200m ) Yasmani Copello (400m H) Özkan Baltacı (Hammer Throw) Necati Er (Triple Jump) Polat Kemboi Arıkan, Mert Girmalegesse (Marathon) Salih Korkmaz (20 km walk) Jak Ali Harvey, Emre Zafer Barnes, Aykut Ay, Yiğitcan Hekimoğlu, Kayhan Özer (4×100) W: 8 Tuğba Güvenç, Özlem Kaya (3000m SC) Meryem Bekmez, Ayşe Tekdal (20 km walk) Elvan Abeylegesse, Fadime Suna-Çelik (Marathon) Emel Dereli (Shot put) Eda Tuğsuz (Hammer throw).
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