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  1. It is not a schock for me and i believe it is gonna increase more rapidly. Bc economic reasons Turkish govt cant impose nationwide lockdown. For now you cant go to national parks ,coasts on weekend and there is a curfew for 65+ people. They banned intercity busses and domestic flights too. But 5 big cities in Turkey has more than 1.5M population. Istanbul is a city about 16 million. Istanbul and Izmir is the worst affected parts of Turkey. Everyone in the opposition parties suggest curfew in both cities. But it is not gonna happen soon and we're gonna see 300-400 deaths per day imo.
  2. Nealy 10k tests were performed in Turkey and 1815 resulted positive. nearly %20 of people infected in here. About deaths ,personally I dont trust government's number. They said 23 deaths today but in Kilyos cemetery number was 21. (kilyos is the cemetery for positives in European Istanbul)
  3. Today i’ve lost 2 patients from coronavirus. There is no cardiology, infection disseases or surgery anymore. All hospitals are declared outbreak hospital right now. Don’t trust the official numbers from here. Istanbul is the worst affected part of country.
  4. Daily update from Turkey Total patient :359 (yesterday it was 191) 2 new death. Total death number is 4
  5. Im a 3rd year Cardiology resident. I have a lot patients who have high fever ,pneumonia and heart failure. There is a huge difference between Turkey and EU. We don’t have enough tests to perform. Our government doesn’t care about sharing information. We don’t know which regions or cities are the most affected. I’m in charge of 5 suspected patient and I have wait 48h for results. btw new number is 191 and multiplying everyday. Also there is 1 new death
  6. It is going to increase. I think it is gonna be 200 sth. tomorrow. I t was 47 yesterday. As a doctor I think im gonna be sick in 10 days too Turkey will be new hotspot after Italy imo.
  7. First death in Turkey 7days after first case. Total number is 98
  8. Turkey confirmed first COVID-19 patient. Also a german tourist tested positive in Northern Cyprus.
  9. M: 12 Ramil Guliyev ( 200m ) Yasmani Copello (400m H) Özkan Baltacı (Hammer Throw) Necati Er (Triple Jump) Polat Kemboi Arıkan, Mert Girmalegesse (Marathon) Salih Korkmaz (20 km walk) Jak Ali Harvey, Emre Zafer Barnes, Aykut Ay, Yiğitcan Hekimoğlu, Kayhan Özer (4×100) W: 8 Tuğba Güvenç, Özlem Kaya (3000m SC) Meryem Bekmez, Ayşe Tekdal (20 km walk) Elvan Abeylegesse, Fadime Suna-Çelik (Marathon) Emel Dereli (Shot put) Eda Tuğsuz (Hammer throw).
  10. Aquatics - Diving [6] -96 athletes 3m springboard (m/w) 10m Platform (m/w) High Diving Aquatics - Swimming [35] - 952 athletes 50m Freestyle (m/w) 100m Freestyle (m/w) 200m Freestyle (m/w) 400m Freestyle (m/w) 800m Freestyle (w) 1500m Freestyle (m) 4x100m Freestyle Relay (m/w/mixed) 4x200m Freestyle Relay (m/w) 100m Breaststroke (m/w) 200m Breaststroke (m/w) 100m Butterfly (m/w) 200m Butterfly (m/w) 100m Backstroke (m/w) 200m Backstroke (m/w) 200m Individual Medley (m/w) 400m Individual Medley (m/w) 4x100m Medley Relay (m/w) 10km Open Water (m/w) Aquatics - Synchronised Swimming [1] - 48 athletes Women's Duet (w) Aquatics - Water Polo [2] - 12 team tournement 254 athletes Tournament (m/w) Archery [8] - 168 athletes (56 for recurve and 28 for compound for each gender) Individual Recurve (m/w) Team Recurve (m/w/mixed) Individual Compound (m/w) Team Recurve (mixed) Athletics [47] - 2000 athletes 100m (m/w) 200m (m/w) 400m (m/w) 800m (m/w) 1500m (m/w) 5000m (m/w) 10,000m (m/w) 110m/100m Hurdles (m/w) 400m Hurdles (m/w) 3000m Steeplechase (m/w) 4x100m Relay (m/w) 4x400m Relay (m/w/mixed) Marathon (m/w) 20km Race Walk (m/w) Long Jump (m/w) Triple Jump (m/w) High Jump (m/w) Pole Vault (m/w) Shot Put (m/w) Discus Throw (m/w) Javelin Throw (m/w) Hammer Throw (m/w) Heptathlon (w) Decathlon (m) Badminton [5] -176 athletes Singles (m/w) Doubles (m/w/mixed) Baseball [1] - 8 team tournement - 192 athletes Tournament (m) Basketball [4] - 16 team tournement for each event 512 athletes 3x3 Tournament (m/w) Tournament (m/w) Boxing [13] - 230 athletes (20 for men's weights , 14 for women's) 8 Men's weights 5 Women's weights Canoeing - Slalom [4] - 80 athletes K-1 (m/w) C-1 (m/w) Canoeing - Sprint [14] - 260 athletes K-1 200m (m/w) K-1 500m (w) K-1 1000m (m) K-2 500m (w) K1 -5000m (m/w) K-2 1000m (m) K-4 500m (w) K4 1000m (m) C-1 200m (w) C-1 1000m (m) C-2 500m (w) C-2 1000m (m) Cycling - BMX [2] -48 athletes BMX Race (m/w) Cycling - Mountain Bike [2] - 74 athletes Men's/Women's Race (m/w) Cycling - Road [4] -189 athletes Road Race (m/w) Time Trial (m/w) Cycling - Track [14] - 189 athletes Individual Sprint (m/w) Team Sprint (m/w) Team Pursuit (m/w) Keirin (m/w) Omnium (m/w) Madison (m/w) Individual Pursuit (m/w) Equestrian [6] -188 athletes Individual Endurance (mixed) Team Endurance (mixed) - more medal chances for non-European nations Individual Jumping (mixed) Team Jumping (mixed) Individual Eventing (mixed) Team Eventing (mixed) Fencing [12] - 240 athletes Individual Foil (m/w) Team Foil (m/w) Individual Épée (m/w) Team Épée (m/w) Individual Sabre (m/w) Team Sabre (m/w) Field Hockey [2] - 10 teams tournement - 320 athletes Tournament (m/w) Football [2] - 12 teams tournement for women 216 athletes and 16 teams tournement for futsal tournement 192 athletes Tournament (w) Futsal (m) Golf [3] - 112 athletes Individual Stroke Play (m/w) Mixed team Gymnastics - Acrobatic [1] - 32 athletes Pairs All-Around (mixed) Gymnastics - Artistic [14] - 196 athletes Individual All-Around (m/w) Team All-Around (m/w) Floor (m/w) Vault (m/w) Pommel Horse (m) Rings (m) Parallel Bars (m) Horizontal Bar (m) Balance Beam (w) Uneven Bars (w) Gymnastics - Rhythmic [2] - 88 athletes Individual All-Around (w) Group All-Around (w) Gymnastics - Trampoline [2] - 32 athletes Individual (m/w) Handball [2] - 12 teams tournement - 336 athletes Tournament (m/w) Judo [15] -336 athletes 7 Men's weights 7 women's weights Team Event (mixed) Karate [10] -120 athletes 4 Men's Kumite weights 4 Women's Kumite weights Individual Kata (m/w) Modern Pentathlon [2] - 64 athletes Individual (m/w) Rowing [16] - 500 athletes Single Sculls (m/w) Double Sculls (m/w) Lightweight Single Sculls (m/w) Lightweight Double Sculls (m/w) Quadruple Sculls (m/w) Pairs (m/w) Fours (m/w) Eights (m/w) Rugby Sevens [2] - 12 teams tournement - 288 athletes Tournament (m/w) Sailing [12] 300 athletes RS:X (m/w) Laser (m) Laser Radial (w) Finn (m) 470 (m/w) 49er (m) 49er FX (w) Nacra 17 (mixed) Kiteboard (m/w) Shooting [17] - 356 athletes 10m Air Rifle (m/w) 300m Rifle prone (m/w) 50m Rifle Three Positions (m/w) 10m Air Pistol (m/w) 25m Pistol (m/w) 25m Rapid Fire Pistol (m/w) Trap (m/w) Double Trap (open) Skeet (m/w) Skateboarding [4] -80 athletes Park (m/w) Street (m/w) Softball [1] - 8 team tournement - 120 athletes Tournament (w) Sport Climbing [6] - 96 athletes Speed (m/w) Lead (m/w) Bouldering (m/w) Surfing [2] - 40 athletes Shortboard (m/w) Table Tennis [5] - 176 athletes Singles (m/w) Doubles (m/w/mixed) Taekwondo [10] - 160 athletes 5 Men's weights 5 Women's weights Tennis [5] - 160 athletes Singles (m/w) Doubles (m/w/mixed) Triathlon [3] - 110 athletes Individual Race (m/w) Mixed Team Relay (mixed) Volleyball - Beach [2] - 32 teams event for each gender - 128 athletes Tournament (m/w) Volleyball - Indoor [2] - 16 teams tournement - 384 athletes Tournament (m/w) Weightlifting [14] - 224 athletes 7 Men's weights 7 Women's weights Wrestling [18] - 324 athletes 6 Men's Freestyle weights 6 Men's Greco-Roman weights 6 Women's Freestyle weights Additional Sport [x] Squash (m/w) 48 athletes Roller speed skating (3 men/3 women) -64 athletes Fin Swimming (4 men / 4 women ) -96 athletes Bowling (m/w) - 56 athletes Total medel events: 372 in 36 sports Total athletes: 11650 Days of competition: 19 (including Day -2, Day -1 and Day 0 before the Opening Ceremony)
  11. Yeah , I wish Beach Taekwondo could make it to final list.
  12. Team Turkey consists 13 athletes in 3 diciplines. 3 in Karate , 2 in Kite and 8 in Beach wrestling.
  13. My guesses are Archery 2 Athletics 19 Badminton 1 Boxing - 4 Canoe 1 Cycling-Mtb 1 Cycling-Road 2 Fencing 1 Gymnastics- artistic 2 Judo - 4 Karate - 4 Modern Pentathlon - 1 Rowing -2 Sailing - 5 Shooting - 5 Swimming - 6 Table Tennis - 1 Taekwondo- 3 Tennis - 1 Weightlifting - 2 Wrestling - 9 It will be around 70- 90 athletes for Turkey. Fingers crossed for Women’a volleyball team 🤞🏻
  14. Every country in the world has at least one enemy. (whatever you called) If all countries decide they don’t compete their nemesis, there will be no competition. I live in Turkey which is 95percent Muslim. Thank god we don’t have such policy. Yeah we’re not the brightest sport country (buying athletes , dopes, etc) at least we don’t act like spoiled child. We compete with Cyprus- a country we don’t even recognize- . If Iranian federations keep their discrimination against any nation’s athlete. Yeah they should be banned too. If my country do same thing , they should be banned. Sorry for Iranian judo. But it’s the right thing to do . About med games I think ISR and PLE should participate. But it is impossible with 7 Arabic nations.
  15. Turkish Team for Tarragona. A Team in almost all sports. 1 Turkish Cypriot and a lot of African athletes in athletics. Btw ; WTF
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