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  1. Hát ez gyenge volt. Bravúr lett volna a győzelem, de a játék is kevés
  2. Somebody scored no result in long jump. I don't know how that is possible. If somebody stepped in let's say 5cm after the line, their result is technically 5 cm. Can be decisive in case of a tiebreak or something :D the same goes for triple jump. Simply, the first jump is just very short. (Joking a little, extremely hard to imagine a scene where it matters if somebody stepped in 5 or 7 centis)
  3. Maybe not the best topic, but I wanted to tell this story. You read the scores correct, the matches ended with 91-1 and 0-95, both winning teams tried to achieve better goal difference than the other. There is a suspect of cheating.
  4. Some water polo teams are both at the world championship and at Mediterran games. How do they solve the issue?
  5. Why are China and Japan not there? I see they withdrew, but I don't know why
  6. What is "Oceanian selection" and "African selection" why not the winners of the continental championships? And Colombia has a wild card. Why they? No info, no info..
  7. I'm disappointed Latvia didn't progress, but some songs progressed that I don't even remember
  8. I didn't watch the stage today, but I read the results, it says 156 riders crossed the finish line at the same time, not even a second difference happened. I can't imagine this...
  9. If he doesn't care about the overall, why is he there at all? It's like swimming the first 100 meters of the 1500, sounds dumb
  10. Ewan fell meters from the finish line, and he was lying there for minutes. Just WHY? If you lay on the ground, you lose important seconds and positions, you must get up as fast as you can, and you can care about your wound after the finish line.
  11. I'm among those who say the team can do nothing about the war, disqualifying the football team would be too harsh.
  12. I already feel the emptiness inside me, now there is nothing live to watch. I need replays.
  13. Why do skiiers leave Beijing on saturday evening/sunday morning? The closing ceremony is on sunday evening, they should be there
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