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  1. You didn't really explain why they leave out special national characters. If I can write them here, then it could appear on the screen too.
  2. And why do they write only English letters in names? Why do they ignore letters like á, é, ö, or ř, š, đ, and so on?
  3. I'm a bit upset about M4Sport's coverage, because they only show and talk about Hungarians. I care less about the 42nd Hungarian than a Simone Biles or a Novak Djokovic. I want to see the winners. I write here because I wonder if the same thing happens in other countries.
  4. In fact, following my logic, all sports should have 200+ teams trying to be world champions. That only happens in football, volleyball, and table tennis
  5. There are 55 countries in Africa, even a 16-team tournament can be held with qualifying. I understand water polo is not very popular, but I imagine there are more than 10 players in every country who can play this sport. Not on world class level of course, but if you can swim and throw a ball, you can already be a member of the national team. There are 12 countries and some more territories in Oceania. On those island contries, literally everyone can swim and throw a ball. So not on world class level, but they are able to form a team
  6. A little away from topic. I read South Africa and Australia qualified by "continental selection". Why not the winners of African Championships and Oceania Championships?
  7. Eurosport player is not free to watch. Or do you know a way?
  8. I could only find a stream without commentary. I don't know why Eurosport refuses to coverage this. Without commentary, I don't understand this sport at all.
  9. Hello! Where can I re-watch the final? I can't find it on torrent or video sharing sites
  10. Disqualifying these teams from CL and national championships is understandable, but I think the players should be allowed to participate in national teams.
  11. Sorry if this was posted earlier, I did not check. The perfect sport for the pandemic is fencing. You wear mask and gloves, and if someone comes closer than 1,5 meter to you, you stab them.
  12. Tibor Benedek, 3-time olympic champion in water polo, one of Hungary's greatest sportsman, died today, aged only 47. I'm shocked
  13. I find it really strange that out of 54 countries, only 1 can find 6 men who can swim and throw a ball. Even if they lose to South Africa, it is worth fighting for 2nd place.
  14. Why is South Africa qialified automatically? OK, I understand they need an african team, but there are 54 countries in Africa. Shouldn't the winner of the African Championship qualify?
  15. I know, but it's still wrong. If you win the second tier, like AA in baseball, you still stick there. If you win Bundesliga 2, like someone said, you are promoted. That's much better.
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