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  1. Hello! Where can I re-watch the final? I can't find it on torrent or video sharing sites
  2. Disqualifying these teams from CL and national championships is understandable, but I think the players should be allowed to participate in national teams.
  3. Sorry if this was posted earlier, I did not check. The perfect sport for the pandemic is fencing. You wear mask and gloves, and if someone comes closer than 1,5 meter to you, you stab them.
  4. Tibor Benedek, 3-time olympic champion in water polo, one of Hungary's greatest sportsman, died today, aged only 47. I'm shocked
  5. I find it really strange that out of 54 countries, only 1 can find 6 men who can swim and throw a ball. Even if they lose to South Africa, it is worth fighting for 2nd place.
  6. Why is South Africa qialified automatically? OK, I understand they need an african team, but there are 54 countries in Africa. Shouldn't the winner of the African Championship qualify?
  7. I know, but it's still wrong. If you win the second tier, like AA in baseball, you still stick there. If you win Bundesliga 2, like someone said, you are promoted. That's much better.
  8. Why I am not a fan of this HANDEGG (becuase in football, you kick a ball with your foot): - They run 5 yards (how many meters? Stop using retarded units!) then they stop and talk for 20 minutes. BORING. - So boring that the half-time show is more exciting for many. - The commentators are like: "Oh, he managed to catch the ball! Incredible!!!" Let me tell you about the sport HANDBALL, where you are expected to catch the ball, you are a weak player if you don't. - There is no promotion and relegation, even if a team loses all their matches, they are still there next season. T
  9. Hungary had to defeat Malta by 20 goals, hence the big gap. Is it the first match at the Europeans where a team failed tó score a goal?
  10. It's not only about water polo. We can say the same about cricket or netball or ... I think no other sport other than football has 200 teams trying to quality for the world cup. If you can find a handful of people who know the rules, you can already play matches. The players don't have to be professionals, even I could be there. Perfect example was the Oceanian Weightlifting championship. 1st Australia, 2nd New Zealand and noone else. There is nobody in the rest of the 12 countries who can lift at least 5 kg? That automaticly means a bronze.
  11. There are 6 automatic qualifiers. plus 12 teams played in qualifying. that's only 18 teams. There are 55 countries in Europe. The others (like Great Britain, Sweden, Belgium, etc) aren't even allowed to qualify? I never understood this, sometimes I see Asian or African championships (in any sports) with 9 teams, without qualifying. Why not 8 or 10? And the other 40+ don't even have a chance to be there.
  12. Yeah, happy new year wishes are fine, but instead bring me cake or compliment on my look, or whatever
  13. I wanted to look for the greatest comebacks of the decade. On the web, I mostly found American sports, like baseball or handegg, that I do not follow. I think this is the best topic to ask. One example in my mind is Formula 1, 2011 Canadian GP, when Jenson Button was in the pits 5 times, hit Alonso, hit teammate Hamilton, got a penalty, with 30 laps to go, he was dead last. Aaaand in the last lap he overtook Vettel for the win. Can you mention examples of comebacks where a sportsperson dropped back to last, but miracously managed to win?
  14. In an off-topic, I admitted I like chubby men. So while you watch women's beach volleyball, I watch darts for the same reason There are some big-bellied guys here, Michael Smith is my favourite player.
  15. Even my profile picture is the gay bear flag. Not as many people recognise this as the rainbow flag, but this also exist. What's a "bear"?, you ask now. A bear is a big, hairy, masculine gay man. Let's organise a beauty contest for fat men, I could judge them Sorry if my comment offended the members who don't like gay people. You don't have to. Mostly we talk about sports here, so wheater I have a blond girlfriend or a chubby boyfriend doesn't matter at all.
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