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  1. I hope so too. I'm also happy that now every one of the six continents has a medal at the Winter Youth Olympics. I didn't think this would happen anytime soon, to be honest, but here it is!
  2. I can't believe I've lived to see Colombia earning a medal at the Winter (Youth) Olympics while Canada hasn't earned one yet.
  3. As I mentioned, I'm not aware of the scoring system but it's great that there's an electronic system where the technical points are displayed right after the skaters perform the skills. This would have been amazing in gymnastics, since it's actually pretty simple to keep track of what each gymnast is doing once you learn how to count twists and saltos properly. Gymnastics is amazing but FIG is really, really bad.
  4. Men's artistic gymnastics is very fair overall. I can't even remember the last time I completely disagreed with a major medal result, but women's artistic gymnastics is a joke nowadays. Daiane dos Santos lost an Olympic medal on floor because she stepped out of bounds with one foot in 2004, but in 2019 Biles basically messed her routine with several steps out of bounds and uncontrolled landing, but still won gold comfortably. This would never have happened in men's artistic gymnastics. Uchimura had the best floor routine of the competition in 2016, but he stepped out of bounds and finished out of the podium. The women's technical committee in artistic gymnastics, led by Nellie Kim, is a complete disgrace. They just can't pull their heads out of their asses.
  5. Even in rhythmic gymnastics things have changed substantially (Kapranova had big mistakes in 2008 and didn't get a medal), but I have to say I'm completely unaware of the rules of figure skating. It's a sport I find unbearably boring. The jumps all look the same, the long program is, well, too long to keep my interest and most of the performances are over the top and tacky.
  6. Trump made me think the unthinkable: I'll side with Iran this time.
  7. This looks a lot like galinha, hen in Portuguese, so it's a big no in Brazil.
  8. I didn't even know about that. Thanks for teaching me something new.
  9. It could be a loaned expression too. I know it's considered a Romance language, but many langues take loan words as if there's no tomorrow, like Japanese, for example: iyaringu (ear ring), aisukuriimu (ice cream), both from English; arubaito (arbeit) from German; pan (pão), sarada (salada), both from Portuguese; resutoran (restaurant) from French.
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