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  1. Wow! What about the Faroe Islands? They are part of the European Games, but not parte of the GSSE yet.
  2. Yes, it's all about Slovenia and Croatia. Slovenia was very unfairly treated by FIG, especially in 2007 when Pegan should have qualified to the Olympic Games, but the stupid rules didn't let him. At the World Championships, the only Serbian gymnast to win a medal was Tereza Kočiš, in 1950, but of course the medal was credited to Yugoslavia. After a quick research some time ago, I discovered that a website credited a medal for Serbia at the 1911 World Championships, but later I discovered that official FIG documents credit the medal as a medal for Yugoslavia. The nation did not even exist at the time, but FIG is so crazy they officially consider it did.
  3. Yes, you are right, but I'd say the level was still quite decent. Some of the World Cup events are not exactly stellar, but they're all official FIG events, so it's prestigious to earn a medal. Countries like Singapore, with medals at the Commonwealth Games, have never won a medal at the World Cup series, so this is still a big achievement for Paunovic.
  4. Milos Paunovic, on vault. You can check the results here.
  5. Now that the Faroe Islands can take part at the European Games, I hope they get accepted at the Small States too. If anything, this means more chances for gymnastics events. Surprisingly, the Faroe Islands do have a gymnastics team, and they even got a silver medal at the Northern European Gymnastics Championships once. Also, I'm a little bit disappointed because Montenegro decided not to host rhythmic gymnastics events, but I understand why. Montenegro sent a gymnast to the 2019 European Championships but she finished last in every piece of apparatus, unfortunately. Besides Montenegro, only Cyprus, Luxembourg and Andorra sent gymnasts to the Europeans. To top it off, RG has only been staged once at the GSSE: in 2009, when Cyprus, San Marino and, surprisingly, Andorra got medals.
  6. They definitely do. Scores in the last subdivision are usually a couple of tenths higher than they should be. In artistic gymnastics no one wants to go first.
  7. Hard to say until we have the nominative list. On the women's side, I believe Brazil, Canada and the US will take all the medals. The only exception could be on vault, where Alexa Moreno from Mexico has the potential to be a medalist. Maybe Cuba can be a surprise too, but they don't send their gymnasts to big competitions before the Pan Ams, so it's very hard to predict how they will perform. On the men's side things are a lot more unpredictable. Jossimar Calvo (Colombia) and Manrique Larduet (Cuba) did not look too hot last year, and there's a chance they have not recovered their best form. The Dominican Republic, Brazil, United States, Mexico, Canada, Cuba, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Chile and Argentina all have chances of earning medals. Even Peru and Uruguay have outside chances. Canada's best chance of a gold medal is on the balance beam, or maybe all-around. Padurariu is looking great! On vault, it will be a tight battle between Canada, Brazil and the US for gold, with Alexa Moreno as a dark horse, though I don't believe she will win a medal if everybody hits, unless she upgrades one of her vaults. I'm very excited about what the Brazilians can achieve. I might be a bit too optimistic, but I would say that Rebeca Andrade will walk away with at least one gold medal. Last time a Brazilian girl got a gold medal was in 2007, and before that only in 1991.
  8. Yes! I'm so excited! My top three wishes this year are: 1) a medal for Federico Molinari, 2) Brazil women's team with a gold medal (very hard, but not impossible), 3) at least one major upset, like Ana Sofia Porras winning beam in 2011 and Jorge Vega winning floor in 2015; my bet for 2019 is Audrys Nin Reyes winning vault, but let's see.
  9. Well, take 3D Dot Game Heroes: that is simplicity. Minecraft is just plain ugly.
  10. Exactly! The meeting is laughable and this is the final nail in the coffin of this series. It's like they had no other options: Jon was back to the Nightwatch, Arya decided to go away (maybe because they want to create a spin-off show about her, so of course she could not be the queen), Sansa ended up as the queen of the North, Robb is long dead, so... only Bran remains and they gave him the most important position in the end even though he did nothing the whole show.
  11. Great job! Congratulations! I didn't watch the TV series, but I've read some of the books and I decided to get all of the spoilers now. The conclusion is far from what I was expecting and my favorite character in the book series is now the character I hate the most. I'm not sure I'll be able to read the remaining books now, unless major changes are made to the conclusion of the plot.
  12. So, routines that were badly planned? Not a big surprise. Italy started to take part at the big events too late this year. Not as late as, say, Brazil, but still quite late. I hope they regain confidence for the next stages of the World Challenge Cup series and, especially, the World Championships.
  13. @Gianlu33, is there anything going on with Agiurgiuculese and Baldassarri? Are they injured? I'm happy the junior group got a medal, but I was expecting a better performance from the senior gymnasts, especially after strong showings at the latest World Cup and World Challenge Cup stages. Why did they mostly fumble?
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