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  1. thiago_simoes

    Curling 2018 - 2019 Discussion Thread

    Brazil lost the first match against Guyana, so they don't look so out of place now. Never underestimate the capacity of Brazilian athletes to fail hard when it comes to winter sports. They are practically nonexistent here, so if the athletes do not move out and train in other countries, they could lose to even a group of Totallympians.
  2. thiago_simoes

    Blind Judo IBSA World Championships 2018

    I love it that the website looks like something that was created in 2002.
  3. thiago_simoes

    [OFF TOPIC] Food & Drinks Thread

    You can have pastel anywhere in the state of São Paulo (I believe anywhere in Brazil, to be honest). There's also an option with veggies, and another option filled with heart of palm, so there are even more ways to make your belly bigger. In all honesty, if you like Japanese food, Liberdade is the one place to go. But maybe I'm pushing it too hard because I'm a Japanophile myself. I've taken 2 years and a half of Japanese lessons, so it's nice to go to the restaurants there and reply in Japanese when they greet me (much to their surprise, as I'm basically a black latino man).
  4. thiago_simoes

    [OFF TOPIC] Food & Drinks Thread

    It is! There's a very easy way to do it by putting a can of condensed milk in a pressure cooker and boil it for 35 minutes (link here with instructions in Portuguese). If you want to buy it pre-made, the best brand, in my opinion, is Uruguay's Lapataia. It's worth every cent. My favorite thing to do there is to visit a neighborhood called Liberdade. It has lots of stores that sell Japanese snacks, cookies, drinks and candies. You can buy packs of sushi, onigiri, lotus flower root snacks (they taste really good) and drinks like Calpis and Ramune. Also, there's a street fair where you can eat all sorts of food, like takoyaki, gyoza, tempura and nikuman. I recommend eating lamen in a restaurant, too. There's a very good one, but I can't remember the name (I'll look for it). You should also try Bolivian and Peruvian food if you haven't tried yet. I believe you've tried Mexican food as well, but if you haven't, there are some good restaurants there too. There are also nice Korean restaurants, though they are not my favorite, at all. You should also try Argentine empanadas. There's a fast food restaurant that serves some delicious ones, and I assume it will be easy to find its address online. If you want typical food from São Paulo, you have to go to the municipal market and ask for pastel (deep fried crust pie filled with either cheese, ground meat, chicken, ham or shrimps) and drink caldo de cana (sugarcane juice).
  5. thiago_simoes

    [OFF TOPIC] Food & Drinks Thread

    Looks like the paradise to me. I would love to live in a place like this. The closest place in Brazil would be the city of São Paulo. Not even Rio de Janeiro has such variety. I currently live in a "small" town with 500 thousand people. Since I was born and raised in Rio (6 million+ people), I am bored to death in a city with less than 1 million people. There's nothing to do here, and most of the families that settled here in the past came from Germany, so I'm even more bored by their style and especially their food. Yes, cinnamon rolls! How could I forget? I thought they were filled with dulce de leche, somehow, so I thought it was strange to use this filling in Italy.
  6. thiago_simoes

    [OFF TOPIC] Arts, Architectures and Landscapes Thread

    Oh, that makes sense. In Spanish it is huevo, in French oeuf, in Romanian ou, so I thought Italian would have had a unique word too, like oufo, or something like this, so it makes sense to be uovo. In Portuguese we write ovo, and I have to say the word looks quite weird, but I can't explain why. Nice! There's a Cirque du Soleil show called Ovo. It was created by a Brazilian choreographer, and she meant to make it sound different for people who speak other languages, because the word looks curious, but Croatians and Italians might not have been so enticed, after all.
  7. thiago_simoes

    [OFF TOPIC] Food & Drinks Thread

    Is there any reason for that? In Brazil it's not uncommon to find Japanese drinks in a number of select stores. Not really surprising, since the largest Japanese population outside Japan lives in Brazil. I'm especially fond of Calpis. This thing is delicious!
  8. thiago_simoes

    [OFF TOPIC] Arts, Architectures and Landscapes Thread

    I thought "ovo" was a word exclusive to the Portuguese language. You learn something new every day... And the pictures are really great. Congrats!
  9. thiago_simoes

    [OFF TOPIC] Food & Drinks Thread

    I want them all! Especially the watermelon, tamarind and guava variations. There are local brands in Brazil that market unusual flavors like pineapple and tangerine too. There's even a brand that created a soda made of leaves from a Brazilian plant called chapéu de couro, a rather bizarre choice for a soda variation. The funny thing is that this drink, called Mineirinho, is somewhat popular in the state of Rio de Janeiro. @heywoodu, have you drunk Mineirinho?
  10. thiago_simoes

    [OFF TOPIC] Food & Drinks Thread

    What are these? They look like Swiss rolls but they were baked in a very different way from what I'd expect them to be served (like we do in Brazil). By the way, we call Swiss rolls in Brazil "rocambole".
  11. thiago_simoes

    Artistic Gymnastics 2018 Discussion Thread

    I tried to focus on medals. If we add "first time in the final" there would be a lot more to discuss.
  12. thiago_simoes

    [OFF TOPIC] Food & Drinks Thread

    If Slovakia's idea of selling beer is having naked men on TV, I feel like moving there.
  13. thiago_simoes

    [OFF TOPIC] Food & Drinks Thread

    What's the best selling beverage (preferentially non-alcoholic) unique to your country? In Brazil we all drink guaraná, and even Fanta decided to create their own soda version of the drink.
  14. thiago_simoes

    [OFF TOPIC] E-Sports Thread

    I love Metroid Prime, even though it's not really a first-person shooter per se. Same thing with Deus Ex. Half-Life was good, though. I have to admit.
  15. thiago_simoes

    [OFF TOPIC] E-Sports Thread

    It was certainly different from what I would expect. Too bad I absolutely hate first-person shooters and I would never consider playing this game.