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  1. About gymnastics commentators, I have to say that my favorite Brazilian commentator is Andrea João. She is a former gymnast who never had much success, but as a commentator she is a standout. Her personality is over the top and she often makes funny remarks (sometimes unintentionally) that crack me up. Her one liners when gymnasts fail sound hilarious for us: "the witch broke loose" (something only old people would say), "he/she was not happy" (with a strong accent typical from people from Rio de Janeiro), "he/she is very bad" (very unorthodox for commentators in Brazil to speak their minds like this). She fits the "it's so bad it's good" category very well, and by now (she's been commenting for more than 15 years) we're all used to her style and craziness. Pure gold. Oh, and once she was asked to comment after an emotional piece of video recounting the hardships faced by canoeist Izaquias Queiroz. He was very poor and he lived in a stilt house over a swamp, or something like this, and the video was very touching. When Andrea João was asked to comment, she missed the mark completely: she smiled to the camera and said "Oh, he's a canoeist, so it is so good for him that he lived up there. He had plenty of space to train." The news anchor by her side was extremely embarrassed and she kept smiling like a crazy person afterward. Hilarious.
  2. Nope. I've never watched a biathlon event in my life, and I don't know who this commentator is. But since no one knows what biathlon is in Brazil, I believe they would choose their worst commentator to do the job and still no one would notice.
  3. I almost forgot: Carlos Yulo made history for the Philippines by earning a gold medal at the World Cup series for the first time ever.
  4. Nope. Extra gymnasts will not be considered part of the team and cannot take part in the team competition.
  5. I believe he has to win gold at the World Championships to qualify or become the best all-arounder in Netherlands and place high enough to qualify (around 40th place among all competitors, I believe, will be enough) or win the most points at the World Cup circuit in one apparatus or the Netherlands must place on the podium in the all-around at the 2020 European Championships. The message is clear: if you want to go to the Olympics, you either have to be the best of the best in one apparatus, or at least be a decent all-arounder. Zonderland is definitely not an all-arounder, so he has to be the best either at the World Cup or at the World Championships. I'm not too happy with this either, but I believe this issue should not be pegged on FIG because it was a choice of the Dutch program not to prepare him to be an all-arounder, despite all the signs in the last 15 years pointing out to FIG favoring all-arounders over specialists. Besides, the Olympic quotas favor the best and most complete programs, not the best gymnast in one apparatus. Yes, not many people like it, but programs affected by this have their coaches to blame as much as they want to blame FIG. About gymnasts not competing at Worlds, yes, this is true. Gymnasts from nations that hope to qualify a full team deliberately skipped the World Championships because if you compete at Worlds, you can only qualify for the Olympics if your team qualifies, or if you are the best all-arounder in your nation. Gymnasts who did not compete at the World Championships can compete at World Cup events and try to qualify as the best athlete in one apparatus, so even if the nation has qualified a team, up to two extra gymnasts can qualify at the World Cup. I can see only China, Japan, Russia and the US benefiting from this, actually. Yes, this is stupid and unnecessary.
  6. Well, if the US send their second rate team in women's artistic gymnastics, I wonder how much Canada and Brazil could benefit from it in 2019. I mean, no country in the world can stop the A-Team from the US, but the B-Team? There's a chance. A small chance, but a chance nevertheless.
  7. The first big event of the year, the Moscow Grand Prix, is over. To no one's surprise, Russian gymnasts dominated the individual competition, winning gold and silver in everything (and bronze in the all-around). The bronze medalists were fortunately from a wide range of nations: Japan, Bulgaria, Belarus and Georgia. Ukrainian and Italian gymnasts were not present, but at least it is very exciting to see Salome Pazhava of Georgia (my favorite gymnast) presenting competitive performances (and earning a medal!) after so many injuries. The group competition had weird results. On the first day, Russia received unbelievably high scores for a couple of half-baked routines with lots of tiny mistakes. Uzbekistan surprisingly won a bronze medal. This is probably the first time the country won a medal in a group competition with some of the best groups on the planet present. Very surprising. On the second day Japan killed it and earned two gold medals, and Russia finally received lower scores for the hot messes they showed (but still got two bronze medals, ugh). Israel won two silver medals.
  8. Thank you! I hope you guys had a great holiday. As a bonus note, Valentine's Day in Brazil is not celebrated today. It is celebrated on June 12.
  9. How come he's not banned for life after doing it? I know ice hockey is famous for brawls, but are these even allowed?
  10. So, more of the same: Finland, Russia, Kazakhstan and Sweden as the semifinalists. What a surprise. Yay.
  11. An Olympian in 2016, Polish gymnast Katarzyna Jurkowska-Kowalska retired. Her biggest achievement was earning a gold medal on beam at the 2016 Cottbus World Cup. She is also the originator of a skill on floor.
  12. I am somewhat bewildered about the existence of the Aurora Games Festival. Apparently, this will be a women-only competition with a whooping six-sport program (including two winter sports). The only reason why I'm slightly interested is because gymnastics is part of the program (though no discipline has been mentioned as of yet, even though I'm 99% sure it will be artistic gymnastics). My question is: does the world need a competition like this? Tennis, ice skating and artistic gymnastics are sports in which women are as successful and well-known as the men. Why even add these sports to the program? I don't get it at all. http://auroragamesfestival.com/
  13. Bestmen, I get it that you live in a country with no freedom of religion and very little freedom concerning how one lives one's life. I live in a country where I am free to practice any (or no) religion, where I can marry anybody (man or woman), where women are free to choose who they marry and where they can choose to work and have a career. When I go out in the morning, I see the streets brimming with multiracial people, and people live their lives to the fullest the best way they can. When one is able to see how beautiful diversity is, it is hard to go back to a miserable life where you have no freedom and where everyone is controlled by a greater force, may it be religion, or the state, or both. After this, you can never look back to a despicable life where everyone is the same and where you look in the mirror and see that you are just one more. Maybe this is why you spend so much time on this forum. For this reason, I do not wish you get banned anymore; I wish you stay here and contemplate diversity. There is always room for everyone.
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