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  1. The Slovenian gymnast competed for Russia a few years ago. She has always been among the top 8 Russians, so it's only natural she will qualify representing Slovenia (this year she won a bronze medal at the World Cup circuit and a silver medal at the Grand Prix circuit... She's fantastic). Serbia has no chance at all, unfortunately.
  2. So Lebanon is not eligible? Bummer. I don't think the tripartite invitation would go to Europe, so I'm crossing out North Macedonia from this list. Sri Lanka will probably qualify instead, and one Arabic-speaking nation (Egypt) will qualify through the African Championships next year, so there's a bit of happiness for everybody.
  3. Very poorly, unfortunately. Indeed. Among all nations, she is the one that deserves the invitation the most. Much improved over anything her country has shown in the past The Lebanese girl is not so far behind the Sri Lankan. Maybe we'll get to see an upset, who knows?
  4. Random thoughts so far: 1) The tiaras worn by the Russians are tacky, overly pretentious and add nothing to their routines. 2) I'm not a fan of Ashram, but she deserved gold over Selezneva in hoop. But of course "weird" things always happen so Russians end up with the gold medal. 3) Israel in second so far in the team event is a big surprise. They still have their "weakest" performances to come with Telegina and Voronkov, but so does Italy with Maffei and Russo. Bulgaria and especially Belarus could benefit from this. Granted, Bulgaria has Vladinova to come (and she has been nothing but disappointing in the last few months) and Belarus has a team of three excellent gymnasts, so Belarus definitely has the edge over Italy in my opinion, provided they hit every single routine. But it will be close. 4) Griskenas ahead of Zeng? What? Griskenas even made it to a final! Very unexpected! 5) I am very surprised with Barbara Domingos from Brazil. 19.100 and 18.450 are huge scores for her level, and if she's lucky (like, extremely lucky) she could finish 24th and qualify for the final for the first time. Unlikely, but definitely not impossible at this point. 6) Angola, of all nations, has a competent gymnast: Luana Gomes. Nice to see their level has risen considerably. 7) Canadian competing for Sri Lanka, Anna-Marie Ondaatje, is doing pretty well. She is on the right track for the tripartite Olympic qualification. 8) Alissa Sadek from Lebanon is also posting very decent scores, and I honestly never heard about her. Is Lebanon even allowed to apply for a tripartite invitation? 9) There's an Egyptian gymnast also posting good scores. She's currently in 55th place, ahead of both Portuguese gymnasts, and Portugal invests considerable money in rhythmic gymnastics (they even hold one of the World Cup events), so it's surprising to see Egypt ahead of Portugal. 10) Even Australia now has a good gymnast sitting in 58th position! Rhythmics has truly become a global sport by now. I'm amazed!
  5. Hard to say. In my opinion, she is really ill because her performance in Portimão was baffling (even though she won AA gold). But of course we can expect anything from Viner. Truth be told, she had no chance to reach the Olympics, and even her participation at the 2019 Worlds would have been nothing but a footnote for the Russian team. I don't think she would even be able to earn an individual medal. She should have gone the Vedeneeva route by choosing another country to represent (but to be honest I'm not sure Viner would allow her to do this).
  6. Unbelievable. I'm at loss for words. He was such a nice guy. May he rest in peace.
  7. Expected individual Olympic qualifiers: Dark horses for individual qualification: Expected group Olympic qualifiers: Dark horses for group qualification: Groups already qualified: Expected tripartite invitation:
  8. Things are not so simple. I am a lot of different things: male, Brazilian, overweight, mixed race, agnostic, professor/teacher... being gay is one of these things. It's not the most important thing in my life, but it is something I'm very comfortable about being. Let's suppose we engage in a conversation and I decide to tell you about something my students did, or about one specific subject from a class I've taught. You'll immediately understand I am a teacher, and hopefully the conversation will go on without me explaining that I am a teacher; you will understand from the context and hopefully will not be pissed off by this specific information. Now, let's suppose you tell me about something your wife did, and then I tell you "my boyfriend did the same thing". You will probably understand at this point that I am a gay man, and if you live in a muslim nation, this will probably trigger someone who is eavesdropping (or maybe even you). However, since there's nothing wrong about me being a teacher, why must it be wrong when I say (or imply) that I am gay? Why should I suppress this information in a conversation when I would never omit from a conversation the fact that I am a teacher, if I believe this is relevant. It's brutal, but in order to be safe, I have to take extra care, especially when I am in a foreign country. When you are gay, you learn to be afraid of even the most trivial conversations in unknown territories whenever you feel threatened. You either have to 1) omit any information about your significant other, or your sexuality; or 2) be vigilant and completely rephrase your sentences on your mind before you speak them, if your sentence somehow refers to your (or one's sexuality or significant other). It sucks to speak about my former relationships by saying "person" or "significant other". I'm sure straight people would never be afraid to openly speak about their wives and husbands, but gay people always feel threatened whenever they have to speak up. There's another thing: not being "effeminate" doesn't make me any less gay. And I 100% support effeminate men, or butch women. Anybody lives however they want to live, and if this is how they chose to present themselves to the world, so be it. They should never ever be afraid of even walking outside on the sidewalk, and unfortunately these people are the number one targets, especially in ultra conservative societies. As a final point, why would I ever spend my hard earned money in a country full of conservative people who have specific laws against gay people and clearly do not like people like me? I would never.
  9. Huge score for Egypt's Ali Zahran on rings. He could even win a medal at the World Championships with this score! Also, Japan is on fire. They sent a bunch of unknown gymnasts and even so, some scores were well over 15. Fantastic!
  10. I still don't get why you create suck a link between pedophilia and young girls competing. I know it may be harsh on their bodies both physically and emotionally, and that they may be forced to pursue other people's dreams, but pedophilia refers to sexual excitement towards children, and this has nothing to do with young girls competing in a sport. I mean, I understand your point, but if one wants to protect children from potential predators, one would lock children at home until they reach 18. It's important to discuss the effects of being a world champion at 11 on her mind, but maybe worrying about sexual predators being attracted to this sport is a bit too much.
  11. With all due respect, I'm never ever going to visit a muslim nation. Not a chance. I know many muslims are nice people, but all it takes is one conservative muslim to make my life a nightmare once they discover I'm gay, and I fear for my life, so nope. Nope, nope, nope. I have my fair share of shitty protestants to deal with in Brazil. (PS: not all protestants are bad towards gay people, but in Brazil 90% of them are, and dealing with them is unbearable.)
  12. Wait, what? While I agree that there should be an age limit for every sport, or no age restrictions at all (what pretty much makes the Youth Olympics an useless event, even more than it already is), what's the point between young girls competing and pedophilia?
  13. Come to think about it, yeah, this could work if it's not taken too seriously as a sports event. I mean, drone racing and e-sports are a perfect fit for this kind of event, and if you add 3x3 basketball and parkour then there's a semblance of physical effort and it could gather fans from the best of both worlds.
  14. Exciting finish for the World Challenge Cup circuit. I still had no chance to watch the routines because I've been dealing with the loss of a beloved relative, but once I manage to gather enough strength, I hope to watch the routines. Amazing results for Italy. I'm very curious about the routines now.
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