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  1. is the 12th and last team to qualify. Very happy for the team, Beating at home was a big bit of redemption given what happened four years ago. This time qualifying doesn't feel like a fluke.
  2. The Venezuelan team better send a case of Cava to the Chilean team. Chile had nothing to play for (they were already eliminated no matter what happened today). Huge missed opportunity for Colombia to qualify for the very first time in Volleyball. It would have been a huge upset.
  3. Turkey fights off five match points (some of them quite long and close points) to force a final set.
  4. I am just waiting to see which Italian will win gold in 2026.
  5. Is there a stream for this event anywhere?
  6. Ya, it’s a good track. They went a couple years before Sochi but they had to stop for a while because the Sochi track hired the La Plagne icemaster for the 2014 Olympics.
  7. Or, hear me out here: not scheduling a single distance championship over three days.
  8. Deciding what is and isn’t a political statement is itself a political statement.
  9. Sure seems like people were writing France’s eulogy prematurely.
  10. Kim Boutin has withdrawn due to injury, she is replaced by Danaé Blais.
  11. That was meant to go to the hockey hall of fame :O xD
  12. There sure is, first time too! As long as Canada, the US, Japan, China and South Korea send their A team it will still be more competitive than the European championships.
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