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  1. Bach should just not be allowed to speak in public ever again.
  2. Canada has announced that they will not send any athletes to the Olympics if the games are held during the summer of 2020.
  3. Also, in situations like this where multiple athletes from the same country coule have qualified the quota for their country the NOC should always be allowed to hold national trials IMO.
  4. The whole qualification system for Karate is a giant mess honestly.
  5. Chris Reed, a three time Olympian in ice dancing (2010 and 2014 with his sister Cathy Reed, and 2018 with Kana Muramoto) died suddenly from a heart attack at age 30.
  6. Steen really wanted to make sure that he won, got like four points in after the match was already over.
  7. Well this was a disaster for the Canadian team.
  8. It still didn't work and lead to a bunch of baffling decisions. Landing the greatest number of punches is also fundamentally not what Boxing as a sport is about.
  9. I feel like there is a pretty big asterisk next to that win...
  10. Because those rules are set by the individual sport federations, not the IOC.
  11. Depending on the draw Zhang and Wang actually have a decent shot at matching Canada's best ever result in Table Tennis (Wenguan Johnny Huang's fifth place finish in men's singles in 1996).
  12. Rounds 2 and 3 were one-sided. Either way, it makes no sense for one judge to give round 1 10-8 one way and for another judge to give it 9-10 the other way.
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