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  1. Any player who doesn’t show up for this can just be written off by the national team forever.
  2. I do think they are on their way to eventually getting IOC recognition, though. Nice to see it isn’t just a Red Bull made for TV sport anymore.
  3. Judenburg is actually an order of magnitude bigger than Percé, and way less remote. Believe me, I've been to Percé a couple time. It is far from civilization.
  4. Percé has a race, really? Lol that’s a small village in the middle of nowhere xD
  5. men's 5000m Relay Gold: Hungary and South Korea Bronze: Russia Yes, we had a tie to the thousandth of a second!
  6. qualifies for the Olympics after beating 33-0. First half was close, second half not so much. joins in the repêchage.
  7. So Hong Kong beat Kazakhastan in the semis, so... probably China :P
  8. Yes. Kazakhstan is historically the better team in Union but I don't think they have much of a tradition in 7s. Given the pool play results I don't see anyone other than China or Kazakhstan qualifying.
  9. The livestream is available on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asia.rugby/
  10. Wow, that's impressive! ...okay, maybe not that impressive.
  11. France is the favourite, but the French team seems to be very uneven from one tournament to another. Honestly any of France, Ireland or Samoa could win an Olympic medal on a good week.
  12. qualifies to Tokyo after beating 19-12. Samoa essentially gave the game away with a red card with three minutes to go and an ill advised clearance kick that was easily blocked and returned for a converted try.
  13. qualifies for the Olympics after beating 36-0.
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