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  1. Also, Israel might as well be the USA’s B team. Over half the roster is from the US.
  2. Second final score of the tournament: 3 - 0 Spain’s offense never really goy going. Israel now faces Italy and the Netherlands on back to back days.
  3. It’s kind of ridiculous that Israel and Palestine don’t compete.
  4. This should have happened like two decades ago.
  5. Extremely deserved. He was the last surfer to not qualify for the WSL this year, and he's had some good results when he's come in as an injury replacement this season.
  6. Some irony: Humphries alleges that the abuse comes from Todd Hays, the Canadian coach. He previously coached the women’s US teams and apparently two athletes in the US filled harassment claims against him.
  7. No. In running target the target moves, not the shooter.
  8. Kaillie Humphries is leaving Canada and wants to compete for Team USA due to feeling unsafe in team Canada. She claims that she has been harassed and that her concerns have not been taken seriously.
  9. Also the venue of the inaugural Olympic Judo tournament in 1964, which is what it was built for.
  10. On current form the US is probably the most overrated team by the world rankings tbh.
  11. Good to know I'm not the only biathlon fan that is less than enthusiastic about the Modern Pentathlon laser run.
  12. It''s the laser gun run from Modern Pentathlon, minus the other three sports. I kind of dislike the laser gun run because it just doesn't have as much drama as biathlon (which is, as you know, basically the best sport).
  13. This event is nonsense. There is just no through-line in the events selected, and there are some glaring omissions. On a personal level the only events included that I enjoy are BMX freestyle and Roller Freestyle. I guess Parkour, Breakdancing and 3x3 are “urban”, but what the heck is frisbee, watered down summer biathlon and *indoor rowing* doing here? How are those urban sports? Where is skateboarding or climbing? I’m just really skeptical of the concept. The X Games work because there is a clear throughline in the events that are selected. Nobody in the world is a fan of “urban” sports. It’s not that I dislike any of the events, I just don’t understand what they have in common. Edit: oh, and ya, the X Games are great and I think stealing a bunch of their events is the only good “fellow kids” thing the IOC has ever done.
  14. Well, China will probably end up being the biggest victim of this nonsense qualification system. I'm happy that this nonsense backfired on FIBA. Edit: to clarify, I am not happy that China got robbed because I have anything against the Chinese team. I am happy China got robbed because this is clearly a worst case scenario for FIBA, and they deserve it after designing such a stupid and unfair qualification system.
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