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  1. Canada is missing (by my count they have 13 qualifiers)
  2. It would honestly be fantastic to have surfing be held in Tahiti, but Biarritz will almost certainly be chosen. Unless they go mad and decide to use a wave pool.
  3. It’s a pretty strong consensus among surfing fans that a wave pool should be a last resort for a competition like the Olympics.
  4. The thing that I found concerning is that I am only seeing coverage on ESPNU on their schedule. I hope they will have everything on ESPN3/ESPN+.
  5. Not sure how this is a disaster for France. There are two quotas available in the repêchage and both France and Russia will be the huge favourites given they will be the only two European teams involved.
  6. ...except it's actually one of the most popular sport in the world.
  7. ...they should really address how they break ties in cricket.
  8. 241 - 241 , 15-15 in the super over, England wins despite the match being a tie. Congrats?
  9. TBH I wouldn't be surprised at all to see artistic swimming axed in 2024 or for all the current events to be replaced by a mixed duet event.
  10. Shocking result: two time defending world champion Aurelie Muller misses the Olympics by 0.1 seconds after leading with about 200m to go. Since her teammate Lara Grangeon finished in the top 10 she won't be at the Olympics unless she drops out.
  11. Ah yes, cannabis. The well known performance enhancer for... sprint swimmers.
  12. Can we take a moment to mention that the camera work at the finish was terrible? They literally didn’t show the fight for second and third at all.
  13. I don’t think even the athletes like the idea if monobob tbh.
  14. The rest have 0.25 spots to fight for amongst themselves. How generous.
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