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  1. 1: Next qualification event in November 2: Not yet decided most likely January 3: Nur Sultan World Championship in September
  2. It has already telecasted a tournament maybe Bulgaria Open a week ago
  3. Sumit Nagal into main draw of US open He will face Roger Federer
  4. Yes they will avoid each other until the semis.
  5. I don't think they know it either. They may try to convince their NOC.
  6. Yeah excellent by him. Hope he becomes Top15 in Seniors
  7. It was posted by Prashant in WhatsApp. As he didn't post it here I just posted
  8. List of National Sports Award Winners Cr: Prashant
  9. Sathwik/ Chirag won't participate in World Championship due to injury.
  10. Esow wins bronze in Men's keiren at World Junior Championship for Cycling
  11. If it was so why were the athletes made to swim.
  12. Yeah the federation gets to pick and choose when to use photo finish. In this case they chose not to use it because of the rules stating manipulation of finish is a DQ. So I don't see anyone scratching their heads in Olympics about photo finish when there is a DQ as in this situation.
  13. The photo finish is there to determine the winner in case of a tight finish. It is not there for this reason. It was right to DQ them because FYI there were other athletes who participated in the race and they also had teammates who they had worked alongside for a long period. But they raced each other because they trained to do so.
  14. It is not 1st and 2nd it is 1st &1st. That is what they intended. May not be malicious for you but others may think so. FYI: I don't think malicious but I don't think it is right
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