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  1. Divij is out of the tournament after his partner withdraws due to blisters.
  2. What about Mirza's chances of reaching minimum requirements.
  3. Bopanna/Denis through to QF of Rome Masters defeating Top seed Cabal/Farah 6-3, 3-6, 10-5. Denis was great on tiebreaker.
  4. Bopanna/Shapovalov advance to R of 16 in Rome Masters. They will face Top Seeds Cabal/ Farah in the next round.
  5. Divij / Balaji will play men's doubles final at Czech Open(ATP Challenger 125).
  6. I don't know about Wta. But these two are very comfortable in qualifying.
  7. After the 24th it most probably will be singles players who have already qualified. The only situation in which more doubles players will get a chance is if the 86 spots for a gender are not filled. But since 64 spots will be filled by singles we should assume after 24 teams it will be singles players who will complete the draw.
  8. Could you please provide the link or website which has these info if you have them. I couldn't find it.
  9. Yeah I had the same view. The only thing people are gonna talk about is Covid.
  10. As quotas will be decided on the basis of 7th June rankings, does that mean accumulation of ranking points started at Western & Southern Open? Or will there be any other adjustment.
  11. Rohan Bopanna Qf match will be aired in Star Sports select 1 and hotstar at 1.30 am.
  12. Sorry but I disagree with your views. If you Novak broke his racquet a warning would be sufficient. If he hit the ball and it didn't hit anyone a warning maybe sufficient. But as it resulted in injuring a person the punishment was absolutely justified. Just imagine that being a ballboy, or it causing long term damage or even death. Everyone knows it was unintentional, but it could be serious for the person involved. The rules which is in place is absolutely right one because it puts the health and safety of its stakeholders above a game. If it was the other way around it would be just dis
  13. I think that is slippery slope if you start saying intentional and unintentional. In this case it is clear that it was unintentional. In some cases some people may look at an incident and say one or the other way. It would be more controversial. So it is a right rule.
  14. Denis Shapavalov / Rohan Bopanna win a tight game 4-6,6-4,6-4 against 6th seed Kraweitz/ Meis.
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