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  1. I still feel it won't get in. Melbourne maybe the option because Australia might support it.
  2. In india they are uploading athletics finals one by one on youtube.
  3. I face the problem where video gets stuck but audio keeps on playing. I experienced this during euros. Hope don't happen this time.
  4. I believe yes. I heard joydeep Karmakar speaking regarding it in a discussion.
  5. No I don't think so. The Spanish pair you are talking is of singles players. If you see that wiki you can see it is TBD. Their qualifications depend on other singles players not wanting to participate in doubles. So no they are not confirmed.
  6. Men's shot put Tajinderpal Singh Toor 21.49. Indian grand prix -4.
  7. I don't think they will qualify as per recent ranking. They will have a chance if people pull out do to fear. There are More than 24 pairs ahead of them.
  8. Just had a question. Does indoor events count for world rankings in high jump?
  9. Racquet sports will disappoint us. Tennis is tough as both Divij and Rohan are not doing well. In badminton I can probably see only each in singles and men's doubles qualifying. I would give Ashwini/Sathwik the best chance. I don't see others. I am not being pessimistic but it is a uphill battle.
  10. I only see Manvir as a player who could play as a striker. But he is not a regular for his team and plays wide.
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