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  1. 9 points
    Greetings all! My name is John and I live in San Francisco but was born in Canada and am still a Canadian citizen. Happy to be here. I am producing an Olympian documentary series featuring short stories about Olympians with inspiring and compelling stories. I am about to enter post-production on my first two stories and have a website with all the info. The documentary series is titled "Beyond Bronze, Silver and Gold" and here is the link; https://www.beyondbronzesilverandgold.com I hope to be spending more time here and contributing what I can. Cheers!
  2. 9 points
    Good, I hope for surfing in Tahiti, skateboarding in Guadeloupe, breakdancing in French Guiana...so we can forget that they're part of the Olympics.
  3. 5 points
    Ladies, Gentlemen, timetravlers, and bestmen; I present to you the following new and exciting project: https://games24.totallympics.com/
  4. 5 points
    Semenya is a completely different situation. She was born the way she is. Sun chose to cheat (and destroy evidence). On top of that, Semenya is not disrespectful to her competitors.
  5. 5 points
    I don't criticize people for celebrating aggressively, as Sun always does. But doing it when someone else gets DQ'd is classless. Not surprised, though.
  6. 5 points
    Thank you for the welcome and thanks for checking out my site. Greatly appreciated! We weren't happy about the 9th place. In the overall standings we actually tied with the Soviet Union but they were awarded the 8th spot based on goal differential. A few highlights/lowlights; - We lost to West Germany in the opening game, 5-0. We choked! We had beaten them in West Germany about a month prior to the Games. - We had never defeated or tied Mexico. We tied 4-4. - We had never defeated or tied the Soviet Union. We tied 6-6. - We lost to the gold medal Hungarian team but only by a score of 4-2. - We were ranked 16th in the world 2 years prior, so we did improve. In addition to defeating West Germany in their home pool, one additional non-Olympic highlight is; in the spring of 1976, we traveled to Long Beach CA to play an exhibition game against the US National team (which didn't qualify for Montreal). For the first time, we defeated the USA and did so quite convincingly. To answer your question, it was an honor, a thrill and a lifelong dream to compete in the Olympics and represent my country. There were many highs and lows throughout the journey. I remember saying to myself many times, "this is the big one, give every single ounce of effort you have, stay focused and do what will help the team". Looking back, this is exactly what I did. Do I have regrets about how I and the team executed our play? Yes but I have none regarding the efforts we all put forward. We left it all in the pool. Thank you again for asking and I'm happy to answer questions or share experiences...
  7. 5 points
    Yes, Sun Yang has always been a piece of trash. Hopefully he gets taken down in this doping investigation
  8. 5 points
    Horton more and more my idol!!!! refusing to jump on the same podium as Sun Yang... great...well done, Mick...
  9. 5 points
    Love reaction has been added. Is there any other occasion we would need to use Taipei Universiade flag before the next Universiade ?
  10. 4 points
  11. 4 points
    I agree, but for a different reason. Let's say that in this specific case, I wish the dress code was the same one adopted by Tonga.
  12. 4 points
    That was a nice message by the butterfly ladies. Canada, Sweden and Australia: Nice people.
  13. 4 points
    I will top that one, I myself will not be working the Pan Am Games, which is a bittersweet feeling. I got to live these games for four months in 2015 and tbh it was life changing!
  14. 4 points
    To continue the announcements, I myself will NOT be attending the Pan American Games to repeat my appearance at the 2015 Games.
  15. 4 points
    Everyone who considers himself as a sports fan must get sick seeing that cheater winning and celebrating like that. What a shame! 10 of 10 points on the Efimova scale! Hopefully they'll send them into a lifetime ban in September, so that we don't have to witness such a disgrace in Tokyo.
  16. 4 points
    around 10000 peoples attended today the gay pride in Bratislava, an absolute record in the country.
  17. 4 points
  18. 4 points
    I made this nice list of multi-sports games Broadcast Intros. I think it’s the most extensive collection on YouTube. Enjoy! Playlist: Here
  19. 3 points
    I have never seen people complaining when a Japanese swimmer wins gold. Fu Yuanhui has become sort of an international phenomenon thanks to her personality and many "Western" people root for her. I have seen people questioning Ireland's Michelle Smith's Olympic gold medals, and she is from Europe, not Asia. You are trying too hard to make this a "West vs. East" issue when in fact it's a "doper vs. clean swimmers" issue.
  20. 3 points
    No, it was started by Yang being a drug cheat, destroying evidence and being ridiculously over the top after winning on a technicality. Some other competitors are protesting silently and peacefully, that doesn't give Sun the right to be aggressive and insulting. Maybe he's getting his cues from the thugs in HK right now, but I'll leave that to the politics page. Just to be clear, I lived and worked in China for 3 years. I loved it, and the people. The pollution and weather is what drove me away.
  21. 3 points
  22. 3 points
  23. 3 points
    Old enough to remember the London Olympics....yeah, I think apart from @Olympian1010 we all are
  24. 3 points
    Hopefully Rapšys will get his bronze in September.
  25. 3 points
    Alex Rose threw a new personal best of 66.31m in Kutztown, PA, USA last Friday and achieved the Olympic standard in Men's Discus. https://www.iaaf.org/athletes/samoa/alex-rose-257501
  26. 3 points
  27. 3 points
  28. 3 points
    @Olympian1010 better not watch the skateboarding though
  29. 3 points
    Bronze medal for Nicholas Santos at 39 years-old. Finally I can say someone older than me is still earning medals. Maybe I should watch equestrian and shooting competitions a little more.
  30. 3 points
    But what is the connection? "Almost 18 years after the tragic attacks in New York, Ledecky had her own tragedy and lost her title."
  31. 3 points
    This is an amazing moment for Irish sport.... Shane Lowry wins the Open!!! 4 different Irish players won the Open since 2007 (Harrington winning twice, 2007 and 2008, Darren Clarke 2011, Rory McIlroy 2014 and now Shane Lowry 2019).
  32. 3 points
    With IAAF changing to World Athletics any moment basically, are we gonna get 'Athletics World Athletics World Championships 2021' as thread name?
  33. 3 points
    Waking up around midnight to start the day off with an epic (and last, fuck you IAAF, fuck you bad) 50k race walk
  34. 3 points
    One of the few times I find it cool to see the US win though, only because of Adrian - freshly recovered from testicular cancer - being the last swimmer.
  35. 3 points
  36. 3 points
    I support the idea of this thread, but the bright blue colour is kinda impossible to read without having a migraine
  37. 3 points
    Ja bas nisam ocekivao ovako dobro juniorsko EP u atletici za nas Milos Malesevic za koga sada prvi put cujem uzeo je srebro na 3000m sa odlicnom trkom i u PF i u finalu, Bosko Kijanovic u finalu na 400m i Tica Djordjevic konacno ispod 52s i to je bas popravio LR 51.66 i finale
  38. 3 points
    Looks like I’m in good company at least.
  39. 3 points
    Oh god, bestmen has absolutely drowned himself in Red Bull apparently
  40. 3 points
    As expected, Totallympics' server couldn't handle the AFCON hype.
  41. 3 points
    That hurts man. If only there was something that could numb the pain...
  42. 3 points
    I'm no doctor, but the colour suggests you're healthy.
  43. 3 points
    Yes, because removing the doors is usually the way to open them.
  44. 3 points
    What heywoodu is wondering right now: "What's with the guy's tongue to the right in the white shirt?"
  45. 3 points
    Meeting: LONDON Transfers Status OPEN until Tomorrow, July 20th at 9:30 (UTC) @tuniscof @ady48 @africaboy @heywoodu @wumo26 @Olympian1010 @Dunadan @Vojthas @toulousain @SteveParker @rybak @Dragon @OlympicIRL The "Totallympics Fantasy Diamond" for meeting Monaco, goes to: heywoodu with 243 pts Combined Ranking (*between both leagues) after 9/14 Meetings (League "Totallympics Club" - code 4123014) Rank User Nat Pts TotallyWin 1 Dunadan 1442 1 2 Henry.Leon 1441 2 3 wumo26 1409 1 4 Dragon 1326 5 SteveParker 1277 3 6 heywoodu 1228 1 7 ady48 1204 1 8 africaboy 1044 9 toulousain 937 10 Vojthas 874 11 rybak 588 12 OlympicIRL 567 13 Olympian1010 373 14 tuniscof 277
  46. 3 points
    I'm beginning to wonder. Will we ever see @hckosice in the cycling comments again the day that Sagan retires?
  47. 3 points
    Yes, no one cares about fencing in Brazil and, yes, she was born in Italy, but I hope this medals puts fencing on the map in Brazil and boosts the confidence of future fencers. You are from Romania, so you must know how much bad results can impact the future of any sport, especially your women's artistic gymnastics team.
  48. 3 points
    yeah I know but the word Persia is confusing, as it confused some of you guys here already Persia/Persian is the name for the country, the race and the language !!! but ironically the word "Persian" is not Persian . it's English and it probably comes from "Parsi" which is the old version of Farsi. we call the language "Farsi" and the race as just "Fars" and as I said the name Persia for the country is a bit problematic. other races here don't prefer to use that word for the whole country. for example when they picked the slogan "Princes of Persia" for our football NT for one of the World Cups (2014 if I'm not wrong), some people here didn't like it AT ALL. PS: by using an example from previous World Cups I just tried to make it a bit on-topic
  49. 3 points
    After the prelims I think the following divers will get the quotas for Tokyo: CAO; XIE; LAUGHER; HAUSDING; DINGLEY; WOO; PACHECO; KUZNETSOV; SHLEIKHER; KOLODIY BOUDIA; HIXON; Dark Horses: CARTER & IMBEAU-DULAC
  50. 3 points
    ESPN will offer major coverage (maybe even full?) of the games!!! I’m so excited that they’re finally taking this event seriously. I can’t wait to watch with my fellow American fans @bmo @dezbee2008 @catgamer @Rdbc @Maxim Fastovsky
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