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Doping Cases and Bans in 2024


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1 hour ago, Benolympique said:

Do you think she would be innocent?

no, she's not


definitely, she can't be innocent


Ostarine is basically the "new deal" of steroids, having the same effect on human body but with less consequences on people's health


some time ago, former Italin swimmer Di Giorgio (and a few more athletes) here got banned for 2 years because of that


many supplements sold in North america are not contaminated with that, but use that substance as the main component because of its effectivity


it means that pro athletes can't claim they don't know about that when WADA has been clear to stay away from those kind of supplements


if she get away with that, it's only because of politics

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Guatemala's new president Bernardo Arévalo met with IOC president Thomas Bach today to start the process of lifting the suspension on :GUA so our athletes can participate with our flag and represent our country. Finally, with this new government and trying to get rid of all the corruption left by last administration, things are working better.


more info here:


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Yeah, but who pay for the time lost by Simona? I have a message for Mouratoglou but is better to not write it here because Sindo will delete it:p I say only one thing: now we know why Serena was the best athlete in the Universe so much time:sick::sick::sick:

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