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Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2023


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First of all... congrats, Italy! What a great song.


5th place for Team USA. I know Matt wanted more, but for me I'm good. We had 14 songs in the running and this caught my attention on the first listen.


Also, @Olympian1010 I didn't know there's a shhh remix


I'll give my thanks to the countries for the points later, but first, here are the personal votes from me and my team.


owenp_23 dezbee2008 Olympian1010
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4 minutes ago, Werloc said:

@Wanderer you're a changed man...


You can't just go and decide to give 12 points to the winner just like that.


and USA too, they finally got you.


Blink twice if you're kidnapped. 

We all float down here (in New Zealand)


pennywise it 2017 GIF

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair” - Nelson Mandela

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54 minutes ago, Wanderer said:

My reserves were


Reserve 1 :LTU Jessica Shy - Dėl Tavęs

Reserve 2 :FIN Bess - Ram pam pam

Reserve 3 :GRE Amanda Tenfjord, Evangelia - AMAN So, even Greece (yeah, I forgot, Greece also haven't scored from me like ever)

I'm sad that Greece got one of their worst results the first time I ranked them, and even with 11 points.


I have no clue at all how that even happened, it was a very radio friendly song, should've been up there with the likes of Germany.


User voting is absolutely unpredictable, like New Zealand also always sends songs that curate a similar vibe, one contest you're up there, the other they decide it's bottom 5... It's also one of my favourite NZ entries, made it to my indie/folk playlist together with Blaue Blume this year. 


It's always weird to me, how songs that have bad vocal mixing or average/bad vocals in general just crush it and get valued better than music that has a lot of thought put in it. I guess I should learn to be happy with small victories, like Italian twelve points and ten from Hungary, but I am so darn competitive and when you mix that with me being absolutely depressed today, TISC was tough to get through this time for me :lol: 


Really happy that Denmark didn't suffer NZ's fate this year, I really didn't think much of their chances when I gave them those 12 points, so really happy for them, especially for the wild first session that they had this morning. 


And happy for Italy as well, my third place and my winner prediction rang true. It really helps if you're coming from Eurovision selection (as was shown by Spain and previous entries in the past) and stylistically the song was somewhat similar to the previous Italian win, so I logically assumed Ciao Ciao would be well-accepted too. 

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46 minutes ago, kungshamra71 said:

16 place in a year contest, wonder when was the last time Portugal ended up in the first half of an annual TISC.


Nowadays living in the Netherlands it gets quite difficult to get Portuguese songs to share, I barely listen to new Portuguese songs now

Check out Maro if you have the time, she's been releasing awesome stuff. 

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1 hour ago, Wanderer said:

This is the first time I gave 12 to the winning song!

Somehow my 12 points are stuck between the 4th and the 10th place, with the exception of two songs that were barely in the Top20. At this point I would be happy if one of my 12 points winners finish on the podium. :d


12 points given by Hungary since I joined


Open 2019 - :POR - 10th place

Annual 2020 - :NZL - 20th place

Open 2020 - :IRL  - 4th place

Annual 2021 - :USA - 6th place

Open 2021 - :DEN - 4th place

Annual 2022 - :POL - 7th place

Open 2022 - :ISR - 17th place

Annual 2023 - :UKR - 10th place



And, um, let's just say that if you are fighting for the win and you don't get any points from me, you are one step towards victory.


Open 2019 - :NED - 2 points

Annual 2020 - :CAN - 0 points

Open 2020 - :SRB - 0 pints

Annual 2021 - :CAN - 10 points

Open 2021 - :CZE - 0 points

Annual 2022 - :ESP - 0 points

Open 2022 - :FRA - 0 points

Annual 2023 - :ITA - 0 points


Yeah... 2/8 so far. :d You can say that the Weeknd is the only TISC winner in the past 4 years that I truly supported. 


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I'm just catching up on the last session now so I want to hand out a final few thank yous to those who gave some votes to the Irish song in the evening session:

:SVK @hckošice thank you so much for the 5 points, a lovely surprise to start the session :)

:CZE @Hipooo wow, thank you for the 9 points from Czech Republic! Another lovely surprise from Czechoslovakia after the points from Slovakia :)

:ROU @IoNuTzZ yay! Thank you for the 10 points from Romania to give us a full set of medals! :bowdown: So glad you liked the song :)

:ESP @Cobi thank you to our wonderful host for finding a place for the Irish song in the Spanish points :)




Congratulations to Italy on another TISC win, very well done! Enjoy the celebtrations!! :ITA  :champion::champion::champion: @Henry_Leon@SteveParker@Pablita 

I want to also wish a huge well done to our silver medal winners :FIN on a first ever TISC podium finish, how exciting for @Finnator123 :) :bowdown:

And congratulations to @catgamer on bagging another medal for :GER at our contest! Well done :) 



I didn't get to spend as much time as usual watching the contest unfold. It was a big day between celebrating my parent's 52nd wedding anniversary and an Irish Grand Slam victory in the 6 Nations tournament :)


But even in what I did manage to catch I can tell this has been an outstanding edition of the contest and one with lots of drama and excitement. I want to say a huge thank you to our wonderful host @Cobi for delivering a fantastic Grand Final and for welcoming us so to his beloved Spain :ESP

Go and have some well earned rest now, you deserve it! :bowdown:


And finally thanks again to everyone for joining the TISC family once again and continuing to make this contest great and something to look forward to. No matter where you have finished today, you have played a part in making this contest a success and I am grateful for your continued support.


See all later in the year for the TISC Open 2023!! :toast:


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