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2 minutes ago, heywoodu said:

Dutch team will be announced at 17.30 CET, live on TV :p 


The biggest question is which of these eleven names will be left out:




Personally I think Ntab and Snel.

Amazing team. Sad for the two out whoever they will be. :bowdown:

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42 minutes ago, heywoodu said:

It's 5 days, with 2 distances per day, and today was day 1! Full program can be found here:


Actual Dutch championships were close to two months ago by the way, but that's a detail :p 

Oooops. But thanks. Will follow this. :thumbup:

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3 minutes ago, dcro said:

Van der Poel will start in both distances and that's fine.


However, if another athlete who qualified in both 5/10k for example decides to start only in the 5k, then the qualification system allows the 10k starting place to be assigned to another athlete from the same nation, even if that other athlete was nowhere near qualifying by himself. That is my issue with the qualification system.

Ahh thank you!! Now I understand you. Well you clearly have a point. Tbh don’t see any reason for Sweden to keep quotas if Van der Poel can’t go for some reason. 

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9 minutes ago, Dennis said:

On December 13th we should be 99,9% certain as the final World Cup that counts towards the Olympic Qualification Rankings will finish on December 12th. Everything will be official by December 24th when the ISU will publish it's final provisional quota list. NOCs have to confirm these quotas by January 16th.


However, on the 10k Van der Poel is already 100% certain as the qualification works as follows:


  1. The top 8 in the combined World Cup standings over 5k and 10k after the first 4 World Cup weekends will qualify directly with a maximum of 2 per NOC 
  2. The remaining skaters can qualify by skating one of the 4 fastest times over 10k during one of the 4 first World Cup weekends (with no more than 2 quota in total through option 1 and 2 combined per NOC).

Nils will most likely qualify through option 1. However, the only 10k skated during the first 4 World Cup weekends was skated last week and he obliterated the competition by finishing more than 17 seconds in front of #2. So if some miracle happens and he will fall outside of the top 8 in the World Cup standings, he will always qualify based on time.


On the 5k, he is 99,9% certain as the top 14 in the World Cup standings as of mid December will qualify. He is currently ranked #1 with 120 points. In previous seasons, somewhere between 105 - 115 points was sufficient to be in the top 14 after 4 World Cup weekends. If a miracle happens and he falls outside of the top 14, he can still qualify based on time. Besides the top 14, 6 additional skaters will qualify based on season best times skated during a World Cup. Nils currently leads that time ranking, but a 5k will be skated in both Salt Lake City and Calgary, which are the fastest 2 tracks in the world.

Thank you for the explaination . This is hard to understand I think. But now so know better. :thumbup:

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