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Cross-Country Skiing 2020 - 2021 Discussion Thread

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Just finished my last training before going into the competition season. On Monday I will be traveling to Austria   This week we decided that I will have the first World Cup races of my care

And that's another Brazilian Rollerski Circuit victory for @brunamoura   Surprisingly close though, Duda

Totallympics has got another Brazilian Rollerski Circuit win     The 5k freestyle, as announced yesterday: revenge! @brunamoura crossed the line with a victory scream in what was a massive n

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4 minutes ago, heywoodu said:

Meanwhile, the South American season has apparently been cancelled. Some confusing about exactly what the situation is: Brazilians decided they're not going even if it's possible, which at the moment it's not? Argentinians and Chileans decided to cancel their races? It's South American winter sports, nobody knows what the plan is until after the finish, but probably the races won't happen.

Given the situation in Latin America, that's really the last place where international sport will restart.

All King Victor Emmanuel's Show Horses Can Make Really Beautiful People Fall

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3 minutes ago, dcro said:

Given the situation in Latin America, that's really the last place where international sport will restart.

You'd think that'd be obvious, but the Brazilian federation has only yesterday sent out a message that FIS rollerski races in July are cancelled, until then they were still acting under the impression there would be no problem in holding them.

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Hmm, got me to wondering....


....and in fact I find out that the Visma Ski Classics app is on a free trial till June 30th, which means that we can catch up with last season’s races, none of which I have seen!  OK, I grant you sometimes the racing is more like some avant garde art movie with a small group of figures slowly making their way over an all-white landscape for five hours, but at least it is something to watch!


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