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  1. 😁 I will for sure pay attention to the landscapes! You know, always when I am here in Europe for the season, I have a "mania" for every trip with the team: nobody is allowed to sit on the seat next door in the back side. It's mine, because it's the closest to the door... 😅 I travel with a pocket attached to my body and inside it I have my passport, train card and residence permit (from NED since this season) and some money, for in case anything happens on the dangerous mountains I can quickly jump out the van/car and have what I need with me to stay alive/people find me/get my way back home. And yeah, phone always in my hands 😅 With that I also get to see well the landscapes, so, that's what I am going to do 😊 *I know it sounds crazy, but we already had some episodes which were scary enough so it was an easy decision for me to start acting like that 🤷🏻‍♀️😬 In advance, thank you again!
  2. Sorry, I had to laugh... Are you Brazil in Europe? 😅😂 Thank you SO much!! The plan is to go on 13 December. We will drive from Seefeld one day after our last race there. It's going to be a long trip 😬 We stay in Slovakia till 20 December (hopefully, because leaving on 19 to Obertilliach, right after the race would be really tiring 😬)
  3. Thank you so much for your help, @hckošice I appreciate it very much! As mentioned before by @heywoodu my federation is not so worried about the restrictions so they are not trying to find out the development of it in Austria and Slovakia 😬
  4. Obrigada pela torcida, @Laraja, isso é importante para mim 🥰 Farei meu melhor para merecer essa vaga!
  5. I would love to be there to help building it and to be "playing with tools"! But when we are living together, at some point we can have a garage like your dad's and all the fixing part can be done by me ??❤️
  6. My final team: JT Boe (c), Jacquelin, Hofer, Fak, Samuelsson Eckhoff (c), Chevalier-Bouchet, Hanna Oeberg, Alimbekava and Charvatova (replacing Lunder in the last transfer window so I could get one extra point to pick Hofer) Hofer replaced Krcmar in the last transfer window They were also in my team at some point: Lena Haecki, Bescond (if I am not mistaken), Leitner and I don't remember the rest ?
  7. Haha that's so cool!! Thank you so much, @Wumo for providing us a lot of fun in this crazy season! @toulousain, that was an exciting fight! I was updating the page every hour yesterday to see if the final results had already been posted. Congratulations for the second place and thanks for the fight ? Hopefully next season we have this game again ?
  8. @toulousain exactly same difference on this new score as compared to yesterday. Do we have the same team by now? ??
  9. So we didn't get any difference on that. He was one of my transfers too. But the one I made for the women's team to get the extra point I needed for Hofer, messed up with my game and I am afraid I am not going to score enough in the last two women's race ???‍♀️??‍♀️? That's an exciting and worrying final sprint against you. Now it feels like when Tatah was overtaking me 3mts before the finish line on the sprint n São Carlos last year ?
  10. Danger! danger! It's not a cool feeling being overtaken 3mts away from the finish line ? (again) Not cool, @toulousain stay behind
  11. [hide] Nation Captains NOR T. Eckhoff NOR J. Boe Nation Women SWE H. Oeberg FRA A. Chevalier BLR D. Alimbekava CZE L. Charvatova Nation Men FRA E. Jacquelin SLO J. Fak ITA L. Hofer SWE S. Samuelsson [/hide]
  12. Thank you! I found that too, but was still wondering what was that about the limit of FIS points that someone told me. Anyhow, if there is anything, we will get to know latest on Saturday ??‍♀️?
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