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  1. Hey! Thanks for asking 😊 I am doing well, recovering a little day by day. Arm, ribs, abdomen, shoulder and lungs still hurt but much less nowadays (painkillers are making their miracle everyday) My foot is the main thing for now, but the doctor said we will have to be patient with it, which means it will take time to recover. Not much about the broken bones, but the wounds (it still looks like a zombie foot 😬😅). But it will get better I need to keep it high as much as possible during the day and do not put any pressure on it. So, wheelchair it recovers. For sure, no trainings for me in a soon future. First goal is to get on my feet again. Watching the Olympics was painful in some moments (including today) but mostly I enjoyed seeing some friends doing well. I enjoy this reply to thank everyone who sent their good wishes since the accident happened. I wasn't able to reply at the moment, but I read everything and @heywoodu kept me updated too. Thank you so much for all kindness 💙💙💙 I am a totallyimpian not Olympian yet, but the word "yet" will drop off in 2026 😉 thank you all!
  2. Is there a way to send a direct "thank you" to this commentator? Do you know his name?
  3. This hidden content made my day 😄❤️🙏🏻 thank you for your wishes!
  4. Muito obrigada por todo suporte e carinho, @Laraja! Estou muito ansiosa por esse momento e imensamente grata por todo carinho que tenho recebido nessa caminhada e após a nomeação. Vamos que ainda há uma pequena batalha no caminho e essa é a última que preciso vencer antes de embarcar para os Jogos. Obrigada de coração!
  5. In the end it was all about Serbians decision to allow everyone to start not to make problems
  6. I don't have much, but I will pay what is needed to have a legal fight against CBDN if I am affect for their decisions.
  7. I am!!! The problem is that the race director here said that CBDN did not send the entry form for our athletes and deadline was Sunday night because on Monday morning she would send everything to FIS. But, as I was here early Monday before she sends the entry, she allowed to sign for myself and this way I could compete. I swear I asked to sign for others, at least for Jaque as she was already on her way and as Duda and Mika were in Zakopane with Caio and it was not sure they would come, Jaque was priority because she was already in the plane to Serbia. But I was not allowed, I kept asking but I was told I could sign just for myself. I contact CBDN right away to try to get the forms on time before the race director closes it, but it was still pretty early in Brazil, so I got an answer when it was already too late. I called them to explain the situation and the guy said that he sent the entries on 4 January. But, the race director said she did not get anything and now it was too late. Now, everyone is blaming on me, saying that I should have registered everyone. But I tried! And now I was told that if nobody can compete, I can't either.
  8. I am devastated... This can be deciding for the ticket and it's unfair if I lose the ticket in the last moment for a mistake that was not mine after all the effort to come her alone because the team's coach had decide he would no come for distance races as the other athlete needed sprint races. I had to choose between going to Zakopane with them or coming to Serbia alone. I even considered going to Zakopane just for the sprint race and then coming by flight for the races here in Zlatibor, but it would not work with times and I would depend on luck to make it on time for Serbia so as distance races were more important for me when balancing both, I decided to come to Serbia. And of course as soon as I made it to Serbia the head coach decided to do this crazy trip right after sprint in Zakopane and come on time for the races here. If it was his plan before I would have join them, but it was not (of course, distance races are advantage for me, not so much for them) and now they come with that "if nobody can start, also Bruna can't". Point is that Duda just had a sprint good enough to overtake me in the ranking and now I need the distance races, but most likely I won't be allowed to start here anymore because of this decision, meaning she has a good advantage on me and my only chance will be if I make it to Switzerland in the weekend, having good races there (ah yeah, and going all the way alone again because I am not part of the team!). We are going to have a great fight, I go through laws if I can not race or even if I race they do not count my points!
  9. One strong point that really does not help Ceci is that the coach of the young girls has a huge involvement with FASA and one of her athletes going to the Olympics means that she can finally make her debut in the Olympics too (as a coach), which won't happen if Ceci goes. I like this coach, but seeing this happening for personal benefits, this is so unfair with Ceci that makes me 🤢
  10. I've seen plenty unfair situations with federations. But this one is on top of a ridiculous ranking. She is the only Argentinian paying full costs in the fight for the ticket. Zero support (and it's not like a season is cheap ☝🏻). THAT without mentioning that she was the only Argentinian trying to get an Olympic quota for her country in the previous World Championship. No one else wanted to go to Oberstdorf. She did it! Only Argentinian, without any support, and still good enough to stay under 300 points by 2 seconds or so and get a quota to have someone representing her country at the Olympics. And now, this bulshit from FASA all because this federation wants to send someone younger at any costs. If the youngest girls were better than her, fine! BUT THEY ARE NOT!
  11. Yep, "Iara" 😁 2 years old next month. This meaning is exactly the reason why my brother and his girlfriend chose this name for her. They both love surf and they say Iara is their little mermaid (mermaid Iaiá)
  12. We could keep on calling him "NoName" 🤷🏻‍♀️😅
  13. My Godson is called Enzo, and his cousin who is just a few months younger than him is called Valentina. They are both 3 years old (almost 4 for Enzo) 😅
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