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  1. Now I have no excuses not to train with my bike 😄 From mostly trash... Homemade adjustable equipment for 26 and 29er bikes
  2. That's kind of you 🙈 But I can imagine that my name isn't there for two reasons: 1- no World Cups for me yet; 2- my federation didn't take my name off IBU's system yet so, for IBU, I am still an active athlete. CBDN wants me to do some races for them next season even if my focus is on cross country from now on because every start of mine will give them money and equipments from IBU. First they put only one stage in my schedule (Orsblie), as I don't want to do Biathlon next season for "x" reasons, we were negotiation to remove it (maybe I would have no choice, otherwise they wouldn't support me for the cross country season) but a few days later they also added the Open Europeu in my schedule! I already said that I am not going to start, but still they didn't remove it. There will be a meeting at CBDN next week to talk about the next season and its needed changes due to coronavirus and after that someone will call me so we can talk about my schedule.
  3. Unfortunately, yes, what you said about americans very much describe brazilians. Things are just getting worse here
  4. Which, by the way, I won
  5. He did!!! 😱😱 and believe me, that looked weird! I am completely in love with him, but I am happy that eventually he shaved it all 😅
  6. No beard 🙄😅🤗 P.S.: but I love you the same - with/without/half-half 🙃😘❤️
  7. Thank you, meu amor @heywoodu! ❤️❤️😘
  8. There are two ways to get qualified specifically for the 30km event: 1- by FIS points - the "normal way" - as well as the top athletes do. I am not sure if it is <120 or <100 FIS points for women, but I believe someone here can make it clear for us 2- by being Top10 (and not more than 20% behind the winner) in the qualifying race (the race before the Sprint - 5km for women and 10km for men). This is the one I am gonna try.
  9. Every nation/federation gets a list of equipments, clothes and an amount of money from IBU according to the position of the country in the Nations ranking. The highest the country is in this ranking, the more it gets. That includes boxes of ammunitions. Brazil gets around 10.000 ammunitions every season, so we can imagine Sweden gets a lot more (just like Germany, Norway, Italy...). Apart from the boxes of ammunition, the swedish federation (as well as the other high level national federations as from the countries mentioned above) gets good money from its sponsors and IBU, which provides the possibility to afford a very good structure to its athletes (meaning, they can buy as many amnunitions as they need). Apart from being financially able to provide this to the athletes, the swedish federation is very serious when it's about methodology of trainings. I remember when Brazilian federation and swedish federation had a partnership, we could train with them and that was our best period - many shots per day, very specific shooting trainings... So, we can say that the swedish federation plays hard and with great focus, giving their athletes, in all possible ways, all the structure that they need.
  10. If she is training 6 days a week (which most of the athletes do), then it means an average of 200 shots a day, meaning she stops at the shooting range about 40x per training 😲 (or possibly she is training twice a day, which is more likely, and that give us an average of 2x 20x per day) My God, that's really, reeeeally a lot! My former Biathlon coach used to let us shoot an average of 8x per training (within ≤1h30min), only once a day. She does in one single training what I was allowed to do in 5! That sounds like a dream! 😅 If she doesn't blow up (shooting is fun, but can make your mind very tired as well), no doubt she will bring biathlon to a next, very interesting, level.
  11. That's more than what I used to shoot per season! 😲😅 *I was keeping a track of that and the total for trainings + zeroings + races per season, was under 1.000 🙄
  12. 😍 I would say "I did not retire from Biathlon, that was a joke! Let me start!!!" 😅
  13. Thank you, @Olympian1010. Unfortunately, as @heywoodu said, it was confirmed by the federation. Now, complete focus on the preparation for the XC World Championships, which main goal for me is to get qualified for the 30km race.
  14. Probably... I really was not expecting for medals in all races this time
  15. Mostly likely pneumatic than Corona Bruna (I hope 😅) 😘
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